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Changing your dialup number in Windows95/98

To perform this task, you will have to edit the properties of the Dial Up Networking session that connects you to BerkshireNet. In this document, right-click means to click on something once with your right mouse button, left-click means to click once with your left button, and double-click means to click twice (quickly) on something with your left button. 

To change the dialup number, double-click on your My Computer icon which located on the upper left portion of your desktop.  


Once in My Computer, look for a Dial Up Networking icon.  


Double-click on your Dial Up Networking icon, and it should present you with a window that contains your BerkshireNet dialup connection icon. 


Right-click on your BerkshireNet icon. You will see a small menu appear near your mouse icon. Left-click on Properties in that menu. This will present you with a window that has some dialup settings.  


Locate the area where the phone number is entered, and replace it with the new telephone number. When finished, left-click on OK.  

From this point on, any new connection you establish with BerkshireNet should dial that new number. 


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