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The ArKay Files

Over a period of three years, a Korendian gentleman who chooses to be called ArKay provided a series of 21 informative and detailed communications on subjects ranging from United Worlds Alliance government to Korendian history to many problems facing our little blue marble in space. While some of the information in them is no longer applicable in today's world, they serve as an introduction to the Korendians and the United Worlds Alliance. The majority of the content is as relevant in the 21st century as it was when it was received, and in some cases even more so. Two other files are included that were received much later.

Va i luce! Go in light!

Index of ArKay communications, Series One

The messages included in Series One were received in October and November of 1988. They were released on "floppies" (remember those?), which explains the reference to erasing the diskette in message G.

  1. Introduction - Part 1
  2. Introduction - Part 2
  3. Alliance Government
  4. Alliance Technology
  5. A Tour of Korendor - Part 1
  6. A Tour of Korendor - Part 2
  7. Earth - A World In Peril
  8. Toward Your Tomorrows
  9. Many Worlds United
  10. An Afterword by Bob Renaud

Index of ArKay communications, Series Two

The messages in Series Two were received in May through July of 1989. They continue the introduction to Korendor and its people, and deal further with matters on our own world.

  1. Questions and Answers
              Q1: Korendian Names
              Q2: Non-Human Alliance Races
              Q3: Love and Marriage on Korendor
              Q4: Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
  2. Korendian Religion
  3. Korendian History 1
              The Primary Era
              The Era of Man
              The Social Era
              The Mechanical Era
  4. Korendian History 2
              The Scientific Era
              The Cold Death
              The Rebuilding
              The Early Space Era
              The Early Interstellar Era
              A Fearsome Discovery
              The Galactic Era
              The Universal Era
              The Birth Of The Alliance
  5. Three Nights of Hell
  6. Potpourri
              The Chinese Dilemma
              Of Race And Man
              On The Vagaries of Language
  7. A Mission To Earth
  8. Politics As Usual

Index of ArKay communications, Series Three

Series Three began with a message relayed in September of 1989, and then was suspended until January of 1991. After the second message, the Alliance's growing awareness of the extent of the Omegan operations here resulted in the series being terminated.

  1. On the "New Age"
              The Non-Interference Directive
              Same Time, Same Channel
              On God And Religion
  2. Universal Economics

The final official message relayed by ArKay was sent on June 6, 2004. It was a test to determine whether it would be appropriate to resume this form of communication. After due consideration, it was decided that no further direct public communication of this type would be carried out. This is therefore the last message from ArKay that will be released unless a change of plans is approved at the Elder Master level.

That notwithstanding, Brother ArKay will occasionally contribute unofficial information, and brief responses to questions posed on the site. Ergo, he is not going "cold turkey".

      Message of June 6, 2004

This last link is to a long page containing several communications from ArKay, some of considerable length, sent directly to Gabriel Green in my correspondence with him.

      Arkay to Gabriel Green, 1989 & 1990

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