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Alliance Units of Measurement


This page defines the most common measurement units in use in the Alliance. Where there are equivalents in our system, they will be included. Rounding will be done to the fifth significant decimal place when exact figures cannot be calculated. The letter "m" in any table refers to meters.

Distance computations are based on the speed of light = 299,792,458 meters/second, in SI meters.

Unit Multiplier Prefixes
Positive ExpValueNegative ExpValue

If a prefix results in a double vowel, a "t" is added to the pronunciation. Ex: saexora is pronounced "satexora".

Units of Time Measurement
Unit of timeValue of unit
Rhek (reck)43.19583144 seconds exact
Karhek (kah-reck)100 rhek = 71.9930524 minutes exact
Galun (gah-lun)1 Kakrek (GALactic UNit, for use in English)
Redaar (red-ahr)20 Karheks = 23.9976841333... hours = 1 Galactic Day
Cendrol (sen-droll)100 Redaars
Ardrol (ahr-droll)500 Redaars or 5 Cendrols = 1 Galactic Year
Mildrol (mill-droll)100 Cendrols or 20 Ardrols
Drolen (droll-en)1000 Cendrols or 200 Ardrols

Note: the above units are the Alliance standard values. Individual planets have their own time systems based on their day length. For example, Korendor's "local" time is based on the day length of 24h 19m 31.0632s. When referring to the planetary timekeeping system, if the same terms are used, they are given a suffix to differentiate them from the standards.

Units of Length, Area and Volume
Unit of measure3-dimensional4-dimensional
LengthThali (thah-lee)Thali-karta
AreaThalu (thah-loo)Thalu-karta
VolumeThalo (thal-oh)Thalo-karta
Thali = Wavelength of a frequency of 1 savibar (23,150,380 Hz or 23.150380 MHz) = 12.95 meters
Thali = 12.95 meters = 42.48675 feet
Thalu = 167.7025 meters˛ = 1805.135 feet˛
Thalo = 2171.747375 metersł = 76,694.53 feetł

Note: 4-D computations are far beyond the scope of this page. The units are mentioned only for reference purposes.

Units of Speed
Thalir (thah-leer)Thali per kirhek = 29.97924 m/s = 98.35681 f/s
Kithalir (key-thah-leer)Kithali per kirhek = 0.29979 m/s = 0.98357 f/s

Units of Acceleration
Thalari (that-lahr-ee) Thali/kirhek/kirhek = 29.97924 m/s/s = 98.35681 f/s/s
Thaliri (thah-leer-ee) Kithali/kirhek/kirhek = 0.29979 m/s/s = 0.98357 f/s/s

Unit of Mass
Lara (lah-rah)Lara = Mass of 1 nithalo of pure water at 462.8424 saden (39.2°F or 4°C) = 2.17164 grams

Units of Force
Exora (ek-sor-ah)Force to accelerate 1 lara of mass at 1 Thaliri
= 65.10412 dynes
Saexora (sah-tek-sor-ahOne million exora or 146.35988 pounds of force (lbf)
(pronounced with the 't' to avoid double vowel)

Units of Pressure
Thalex (thah-lex)1 Saexora of force on an area of 1 Lithalu
= 1.23330 psf = 0.0085646 psi
Vathalex (vah-thah-lex)1000 Thalex = 1233.30 psf = 8.5646 psi (common use)

Unit of Circular Measure
Vaeri (vay-ree)1/1000 of a circle = 0.36 degree

Unit of Temperature
Saden (sah-den)1 Saden = 0.5988 °C; 1°C = 1.67 Saden
Temperature is measured beginning at 0 saden = absolute zero. It increases at a rate based on the thermal expansion of the element Copper. It is the increase in temperature that results in a coefficient of expansion of 10.0 ppm in pure copper at about 27°C.

The Terran value for copper = 16.7 ppm per degree C at about 20°C, from this page.

In comparison to the Kelvin scale, 1 Saden = 0.5988°K. The freezing point of pure water at Earth sea level is 0°C or 273.15°K. This would be 456.1605 Saden.

Unit of Heat Quantity
Sadenol (sah-den-awl)Heat required to raise 1 lara of pure water 1 saden
1 Sadenol = 1.60144 calories = 0.006355 BTU

Units of Electrical Measurement
Measured parameterUnitValue
Electrical chargeTalom (tahl-om)Equiv to coulomb
VoltageDani (dah-nee)Equiv to volt
CurrentSecri (seh-cree)Equiv to amp
ResistanceLaten (lah-ten)Equiv to ohm
PowerVittyr (vit-eer)1 Dani x 1 Secri
CapacitanceLexa (lex-ah)Equiv to farad
InductanceAthu (ah-thoo)Equiv to henry
ConductanceRenn (ren)Equiv to siemens
ImpedanceLaton (lay-ton)Equiv to ohm
Reactance (cap)Klaten (clay-ten)Equiv to ohm
Reactance (ind)Illaten (ill-ay-ten)Equiv to ohm
FrequencyVibar (vee-bar)Cycles/virhek = 23.15038 hertz
AmplificationSarren (sah-wren)1 sarren = unity gain
SensitivityTranDetection of 1 sidani signal

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