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Terran Base Reactivations – 20090718

The information below was provided by Elder Master KALEN-LI RETAN on July 18, 2009, via encrypted email from PlatoCom. He directed that it be posted as an addition to the Project Terra Status Report.

The following underground facilities were approved for reactivation, and were recommissioned in 2008. This decision was in response to increased tension in the regions that they cover, which our analyses determined to be the result of intensified Omegan operations. The sole function of the facilities is to provide communications, logistical support and materiel services for the Field Operatives assigned to those regions. EuroCom is under the authority of MassCom. AsiaCom and MECom are under the authority of CalCom.

The Field Operatives count is based on these numbers from the previous page, plus added personnel as approved by the Project Terra team, listed as Other:

  • AsiaCom:
    • China (PRC) – 6812
    • India – 1384
    • China (Taiwan) – 1182
    • Japan – 1075
    • Other – 1120
  • EuroCom:
    • United Kingdom – 3280
    • France – 2050
    • Germany – 1516
    • Other – 970
  • MECom
    • Israel & Mideast – 5733
    • Other – 1830

Terran RegionAsia
Base ID CodeAsiaCom
Recommission date2008/03/22
LocationChina east of Beijing
Base personnel3,200
Field operatives11,573
ControllerMaster Elak Moras

Terran RegionEurope
Base ID CodeEuroCom
Recommission date2008/07/15
LocationSwitzerland southeast of Bern
Base personnel2,100
Field operatives7,816
ControllerMaster Redan-Treli

Terran RegionMiddle East
Base ID CodeMECom
Recommission date2008/10/24
LocationEgypt south of Cairo
Base personnel1,900
Field operatives7,563
ControllerMaster Avar-Marek

Approved for release on July 18, 2009.

Project Terra Controller


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