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Project Terra's primary purpose has always been Alliance involvement in Earth's scientific, cultural and ethical advancement. However, its direction and focus changed drastically following the discovery of the Omegan presence on Earth in the early 1970s. As our research into it continued, we learned that they had been here since the middle of the 18th century and therefore had a prodigious "head start" and had gathered a lot of momentum.

The purpose of the Omegan presence was outlined in two messages posted by Bob to an online bulletin board, after we provided the information without saying too much. The posts are apparently no longer available online. The italicized text represents questions asked by a board member.

Message date: 1/28/2005

Q: I don't know a lot so please forgive any ignorant questions I may ask, but I would to hear as much as I can! I was wondering if the intruders are what we call demons...

What is to follow has been cleared.

The intruders are not demons. The Alliance designates them as "Omegans", which is a reasonably close translation of the Galinguan word, which can't be posted directly because of the lack of a Galinguan font. As for their nature, they are "rebels" from the Confederation.

One commonality everywhere is that there are those who lust for power and control. Because of the Confederation's strict, inflexible policies of non-interference, there have been "splinter groups" within it who rebelled against its authority. The Confederation's policies worked against it in this case, because its non-interference directive and its hesitation to use military force allowed the rebels to act with little opposition and no interference.

Over time, the rebels began to organize and unite their limited forces until they became a significant presence. However, they lacked an effective military force, and thus did not engage in active attacks on the Confederation. Rather, they spread out throughout this arm of the galaxy in search of non-aligned planets with a history of violence and militarism, coupled with fairly advanced scientific and technological capabilities. The intention is to shape and direct the civilizations' advancement so as to create powerful fighting machines. They have been quite successful on several of the worlds where they infiltrated.

Their methodology is always stealth and subterfuge. By infiltrating governments at the highest levels, they create friction and distrust that keeps the people in a constant state of tension and wariness. Simultaneously they work within the sci-tech circles to "invent" new and more efficient weapons and systems to enhance the world's military power and efficiency.

When the time is right, the technologies for interstellar travel are introduced. The Omegans then stage an attack, allegedly from Confederation forces, on the premise that the world's military power and space-travel capability are viewed as a threat to the Confederation. The attacks always results in major but non-critical damage and a significant loss of life. The Omegans then introduce themselves and enlist the world's aid in combating the Confederation attackers. The world of course is eager to unite its forces with theirs.

Over the centuries, this tactic has created a formidable military force that has become fearless and aggressive. And it is easy to see the process going on here on our little blue marble. The difference in our case is that this is the first targeted world that is in a system under Confederation jurisdiction. The Omegans have become so bold that they are in effect thumbing their noses and daring the Confederation to do anything. Since Earth is the only inhabited planet (despite what has been claimed by others), this system is not a high-priority consideration within the ruling bodies of the Confederation. They posture and protest, but they have offered only token resistance.

Q: Have they infiltrated our society so much that they can influence the wars around us so that we are killing ourselves instead of them having to do it?

Their control is generalized. They don't direct specific wars or aspects of war, since their purpose is to create another efficient, highly-trained and highly motivated war machine for their future purposes. However, they do manipulate international and internal conditions to maintain the atmosphere necessary to provoke war and enhance the preparations for it.

We will never engage in all-out nuclear war. That's not in the program. They need us alive and eager to fight, ergo they won't let us exterminate ourselves and waste a couple of centuries of effort.

Message date: 1/29/2005

Q: It all makes very good sense, the worse part is, how do we fight this...

To be blunt, we can't fight them directly. It would akin to children playing cops and robbers trying to take on a big-city gang. They have the advantages of technology and indifference to life. We would lose.

However, we can impede their efforts indirectly by working to create mindset changes in the people, by what used to be called "passive resistance". In the meantime, Alliance operatives have infiltrated the infiltrators, and are working "behind the scenes" to undermine and ultimately destroy their control. It's not a cold war. There are deaths on both sides. And if even Alliance agents are dying, we stand no chance.

"Resistance groups" might work in Hollywood films and TV shows, but in the real world, fighting against an enemy that is vastly superior in power and unhindered by morality is suicidal.

Q: the way they are doing it we won't know it till it happens...

Exactly, That's the M.O. However, Earth is the first world on which they have encountered opposition that is fully aware of their identity, and that is even more advanced than they are. It's their "test case", if you will. As such, they are expending great effort to maintain and strengthen their hold, without revealing themselves in a way that would lead to massive resistance from humanity. That, unfortunately, would lead to Earth being sent back to the stone age, using our own weapons against us.

It would be a last-ditch move, and an admission of defeat, since it would result in our usefulness to them being erased, and their 200-plus years of operations being rendered null and void. Ergo they are restrained by their need for secrecy. This provides the Alliance with an edge, because they can push harder than would be the case if that consideration were not a factor.

The Omegans are also constrained by the knowledge that should they decide on a direct confrontation with the Alliance here or anywhere, it would result in their being annihilated in a war "out there" on a scale that we cannot begin to imagine. The Alliance is by nature peace-loving and hesitant to engage in war, but unlike the Confederation, they have a formidable military force and the will to use it if becomes necessary. They have done so.

Q: I don't doubt a bit that our government isn't working with the intruders.

That requires a qualification. All governments of international importance are working "for" the Omegans, but they are unaware of it. They are being controlled, but with no knowledge of the existence of the controllers. They truly believe in what they are doing because they are being manipulated with great sophistication.

History has shown that a few persuasive individuals can incite whole nations to hatred and violence. One infamous example comes immediately to mind. Imagine how effective that can be when the inciters have been doing it for a thousand years on many worlds. They have had a lot of practice.

A long time ago, the Roman orator, Cicero, made an observation that is still 100% applicable in our day.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."
-- Marcus Tullius Cicero 42 B.C

The Omegans did not exist in his era, but the principles that he cited are timeless. The enemy within is always more dangerous than the enemy outside the gates.

Q: ...we have become the most powerful nation in the world.

We would have anyway. There have always been nations and empires that dominated others, from the Babylonians to the Romans to the Mongols to the British Empire to the Soviet Union. The US is at the moment THE world superpower, but China is emerging as a strong force in world politics. This will become a significant factor in maintaining the state of tension that the Omegan operations require. The aware person can see the guiding hands in the arising of the Chinese to world prominence.

Q: We are taking over countries with lies saying we are there to save them..funny..just like what your describing the intruders do when they take over.!!!

Again, they don't direct specific actions. They just maintain the state of affairs that leads to actions.

Q: It give me the chills to think about it...It is the Armageddon..!! This is the final battle and no one see's it coming !!

It's all according to the script. The difference is that we have a counterforce in operation here that is upsetting the timetable, so to speak. It is forcing the bad guys to invest far more time, resources and manpower than was necessary on other worlds. It's costing them dearly. And the Alliance is also in very high places around the world, working against the Omegan control.

The problem is that the Omegans have been here since the 18th century, whereas the Alliance began their operations in earnest in the early 1970s. Ergo, the "dark forces" have a lot of momentum built up, and they are deeply entrenched in the important nations. This makes the task considerably more difficult.

As can be seen, the Omegan presence is long-term, and it is deeply entrenched in Earth's culture. Project Terra's core function is infiltration into every level of human activity that has been in any way compromised or directed by Omegan activity. The primary areas of interest are of course military and scientific, since the Omegans are using them to build a formidable force for future assaults on all-but-defenseless Confederation worlds.

The Alliance has achieved a substantial level of penetration, but because the Omegans are acutely aware of our activity, their opposition is unrelenting and savage. They kill their opponents when they are found, usually in brutal ways. We are at a disadvantage in that our implant network is still far from comprehensive on Earth, and our operatives are quite often out of its range. At those times, they are, as you say, on their own.

By unknown means, they have a rough map of the areas where the implant net is effective. The Omegans take advantage of that limitation by waiting until their targeted agents are beyond the coverage of the network, and thus cannot be rescued by emergency PTP teleportation. We have lost many good and brave men and women to the Omegans because of the "leak" of information about the net's effectiveness.

Fortunately, although the implant net transponders are often in unsecured areas, they are undetectable by electronic means, and they have thus far remained free of damage or destruction. One major thrust of PT activity is expanding the network to include all areas where our operatives are active. At this writing, we have completed about 47% of the desired system.

One drawback is that although they are unaffected by most materials, and can work in urban areas with little more problem than in a rural setting, they are limited in their effective range to a radius of just under three miles. You might compare them to your cellular phone network. Because of the range limit, a grid of transponders is required to extend coverage to encompass the entirety of an urban operation center.

They are self-powered and can operate for over ten years before requiring replacement. This allows us to site them in places that are seldom or never visited by humans, such as embedding them in the outer walls of buildings. If uncovered by unauthorized personnel, they self-destruct, ergo they remain a mystery. We have lost a few over the years to innocent human activity such as demolition, but typically that cause is public knowledge, and is compensated for in advance by siting a new unit in the immediate area.

In response to an anticipated question, there was one in the outer wall of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The loss caused an uncovered area in Manhattan for several months, until activity had subsided sufficiently to permit siting two new units to fill the gap.

There is no evidence that the Omegans were in any way involved in the events of that tragic day. In fact, they lost several high-level personnel and a vast store of data in the collapse of the South Tower.

Returning to our topic, the Alliance has managed to become a major obstacle to efficient Omegan operations. We have impeded or stopped Omegan activities involving "new" non-chemical propulsion systems for space-traveling vehicles. Our information sources revealed that preliminary work had begun on what, on your world, would be called an exotic technology, i.e., "anti-gravity". Through our operatives, we managed to plant some disinformation in high-level military circles. It was effective in instilling doubt in the minds of the officers who would have the final say in approving funding for the research.

When the day arrived for the demonstration of the prototype, a few subtle but disastrous changes were made by a deep-cover operative in the computer programs that controlled the system. As a result, the test went totally wrong and the unit ultimately destroyed itself. It wasted $150 million in research funding. The project was mocked and quickly canceled.

To this day, none of the involved people have the slightest idea what happened, although they are well aware that the Alliance was behind the failure. It was one small victory, but it gives some insight into the sort of activity that the Alliance is using against the Omegans. While we accept that we're not going to drive them off the planet, we can be unrelenting thorns in their side.

Oftentimes, hitting the enemy with delays, setbacks and unexpected expenses is as effective as outright victory, especially when they upset a timetable that has very little "wiggle room". The Omegans are very methodical and inflexible, and they are unaccustomed to what amounts to guerilla warfare.

If we were to make a historical comparison with America's Revolutionary War, the Omegans would be the Redcoats, marching and fighting according to their long-established procedures. The Alliance would be the revolutionaries, waging war by devious, unpredictable tactics that the British had never encountered. In war, the side that cannot adapt to unforeseen circumstances always loses.

One thing that is in our favor is that the Omegan leadership has been forced to divert time, manpower and financing to Earth that they had not anticipated, and it is negatively impacting their operations elsewhere. While we won't offer any specific examples, since the involved systems are unknown to you, we will say that an encounter between the Omegans and the Alliance that should have been at worst a stalemate became an Alliance victory because of reduced forces due to the situation here.

Wearing down the enemy's resolve and hitting them on many fronts is an old standard in the art of warfare.


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