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The following is a summary of the ongoing operations on Earth of the Alliance's Project Terra. It is by no means thorough, and much data and information remains classified. Its function is to provide a basic understanding of the project for those people who are approved by the directors of Project Terra. In the text, Project Terra will be referred to as PT when appropriate.

18 June 2008

Note: the raw data was provided to me by the Korendians. The format for presenting it was left to me to decide. Aside from the message quotes on page 4, italicized text represents notes added by me.

22 June 2008


A Brief History of Project Terra

The first mention of PT was in the report of 25 August 1964. This is a copy of the relevant text:

"This meeting is the first of a series, to be held at regular intervals, for the purpose of discussing the progress of our newly-instituted Project Terra. As you all know, up to now, we have concentrated our efforts on completing our underground facilities, rather than on actual work with the Earth people, such that we have not been able to devote our full energies to them. Now that our bases are all in operation, we can begin with the business at hand. This conference will establish a format for Phase One of Project Terra, namely the organization of all the separate divisions in a comprehensive way, and to provide everyone involved with some idea of what is in store.

"This conference is being telescreened to all key personnel in the various bases around the world, and they will be able to join us via the telescreen network.

"Briefly, let me state our purpose in Project Terra. It is of a three-fold nature:

1: scientific and sociological research;
2: education of the Terrans in the Universal Laws;
3: prevention of worldwide warfare, which will invariably be nuclear.

"I'll now turn the floor over to the venerable Akrim-Vesta, the Terra Project Coordinator."

The Elder Master commenced. "Thank you. During the past three months, our bases have processed, educated, and turned out into Terran society literally thousands of operatives, into every endeavor that is of importance to Terran life and culture. These men and women are part of a multi-point program, the first four of which I will list at this time:

  • Point 1: infiltration of all Earth governments and agencies connected with the governments, including military operations;
  • Point 2: infiltration of the various public professions, such as religion, entertainment, commerce, industry, education, finance, advertising, etcetera. These operatives are presently dormant, sleepers, as the Terrans might call them, and merely on standby.
  • Point 3: strategic placement in the various communities of operatives who will work quietly to bring about increased interest in the movement.
  • Point 4: placement of operatives in scientific circles to instill this same type of increased interest.

The full details are available in the aforementioned report. The actual initiation date for PT was 10 August 1964. Other meetings occurred prior to the one cited above, but it was the first "all hands" meeting. Bob Renaud was invited to attend at the request of Elder Master KALEN-LI RETAN. Inasmuch as he was and is our sole open contact with your people, and he had by then clearly demonstrated his trustworthiness, the Master deemed it advisable to include him in many of our meetings and conferences re PT.

We point out that the information re PT in the cited report is largely inapplicable at this time. The meeting occurred before we discovered the Omegan presence on Earth. That discovery required us to discard almost all of our objectives and to formulate an entirely new program for PT.

The information to follow is based on the PT of today. No further data will be provided on previous "ups and downs". There have been successes and setbacks, including one "false start" in 1976 where the Alliance was deceived into believing that we had successfully routed the Omegan presence on Earth and elsewhere. It resulted in the decommissioning of most of our Terran and lunar bases and personnel reassignments.

We recommitted to Earth in 1984 after discovering that our "success" eight years earlier had been an illusion. Project Terra was resumed at that time and again changed to account for the latest developments.

No further information on that will be provided, since it is primarily of historical value. PT is now operated with great flexibility and its focus is on rapid response to a situation in constant flux. Therefore any information on specific operations or policies could be rendered inaccurate or meaningless in a matter of hours.

This report will be confined to broad policies and activities that are not subject to "on the fly" changes to address new issues or findings.


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