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21 October 2006

The reports included in this section represent contacts that the Korendians who were working with me on compiling these files have determined to be partly or wholly the result of the Omegan disinformation program that was mentioned in the Notes file.

In general, references to "local planets" such as Venus and Saturn are spurious. As our science has clearly demonstrated, none of the planets have indigent life, and they are utterly hostile to life in any recognizable form.

The exception is Mars, which has a significant underground facility that can sustain up to one million people, manned by a permanent population of about 135,000 people. They are not native to Mars. The facility is primarily for scientific research and Confederation conferences. The Alliance also uses it at irregular intervals, and it is considered "neutral ground", where the interests and needs of science supercede political and ideological differences.

The contacts in this group are included purely for historical purposes, but they are not reliable as sources of information.

28 August 1961
11 November 1961
1 December 1962
7 December 1963
5 January 1964

Bob Renaud

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