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Special Contact (spurious)

5 January 1964 - 0200 EST

"Orii-Val from Base Control, Bob. You will recall that in our contact on December 7 of last year, we told you of a new plan for eliminating the necessity of directly preventing you from landing on local worlds.

"Since that announcement, we have been in conference with the scientists and leaders of local planets, and we have decided that such a plan as we outlined would be untenable. We are therefore giving you our notice of cancellation of that program. If you have not revealed Point 1, then do not do so. If you have, please report this decision to Mr. Green at once to prevent possible publication of the Point 1.

"There are several reasons for this action.

"First: it would prove uneconomical from a standpoint of not being able to switch off the Transplanar Projector once you established bases on these worlds. This device uses phenomenal amounts or energy that would possibly overstress the power facilities in some areas.

"Second: in the event that you did build a base on Mars, for example, any sudden circuit malfunction might be disastrous should this base happen to occupy an inhabited area in the normal plane.

"Third: the local planets have not developed a suitable shield to protect them from the effects of this field, and they would also find themselves transported to the parallel plane, much to their distress and inconvenience. Our Korendian crafts carry Field Negators that cancel out the effects of this Transplanar Generator, but the local planets' crafts are not so equipped and would be subject to this translocation.

"Therefore, we, along with your local worlds, have returned to the original policy of preventing landings. This time we have obtained the full sanction of the Conclave of Masters, so that we do not feel as though we are going against the Universal Law of Non-Interference.

"In other words, point 20 of our 30 December 1961 contact is still in effect subject to further notice. Orii-Val clearing foam Massachusetts Base Control. Va i luce, Aden Bob."

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