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Untitled 1 Dec 1962 (spurious)

1 December 1962

This was not published. Refer to the Notes file.

"Lin-Erri here. We are relaying from Alvestina-12. Over now... "

"Greetings in Peace, Terran Brother. I am Elder Master Vorim-Quel HANN, and at this time I should like to discuss religions, yours and ours. You have my advice not to reveal this.

"First, I want to discuss what amounts to the most influential sects, which is Christianity. Let us begin by discussing their basis, the Master Jesus Christ.

"Present theory on your world, based on a lot of superstition and fables, has it that Christ was born on Christmas, in a stable near Bethlehem; and that his life was one of holiness, preaching, and miracles after his debut at Canaa.

"Here are the facts. To begin with, Master Christ was an Alpha Psychologist, the highest degree attainable. His parents, Mary and Joseph, were both experts in Terran culture and life.

"They were brought to Earth by fetal possession, by which means the unborn child's body is taken over by the mind of the agent. This happens usually about two weeks before birth.

"Mary and Joseph were both sent to earth this way and their lives were so arranged as to preclude any possibility of their separation. Their eventual espousal was also arranged.

"This child was born of a virgin but only insofar as the parents had no actual sexual relations. The ova were inseminated artificially. About two weeks before this child was due, Christ transferred.

"Now, contrary to the popular notion, the birth DID NOT take place in a stable. It occurred in a fully equipped med-ship hovering nearby, and the child was brought to the stable later in the day.

"This was done in order to give him an image as a man of the common people, and was his own innovation since it would have been as easy to provide a warm home for this. We can see that this had a tremendous impact, and was a stroke of pure genius.

"While they were there, all medical assistance was provided by the med ship, as well as food and clothing.

"The hosts of angels were a fleet of space crafts, and their 'singing' was due to the mingled hums of the power equipment wafting downward on air currents. The 'star' was a saucer set up to fulfill a bit of the 'prophecy' in the holy books.

"The various miracles which he performed are all explainable by science. His first, the changing of water into wine, was a gravy job, as you say. The people in attendance, having already indulged in more than prudent amounts of the beverage, were very suggestible anyway, and all it took was a little vial of artificial color and flavoring to convince them of the transmutation.

"The transfiguration was sheer hypnosis and Psych Imprinting of a power sufficient to override both the eyes' and the ears' impulses to the brain.

"Walking on water was accomplished by child-simple usage of a levibelt.

"The loaves and fishes came via teleportation. When the net was pulled in chock full of fish, it was a special chemical sprinkled into the water that attracted them. When he calmed the storm, it was a storm created by the saucers overhead, and was very easy to switch off.

"When he 'died', and was entombed, he teleported out to a saucer, and went home for the few days. When he came back later, after the business with the women, the stone, and the 'angel' - an agent - he entered the locked room wherein were the apostles. Again, simple teleporting.

"Finally, his ascending into heaven was via saucer, as will be his return.

"However, he DID NOT want to be called God. The rumor was started independently, and rather than risk possible disaster and an abrupt discontinuance of his planned work, he silently consented. This, he feels, may have been the one great mistake.

"It is the gross misconceptions brought about by inaccuracy in reporting, ignorance of the forces involved, and the basic need to have such a faith, that resulted in the present cult of Christianity.

"Judaism is even more absurd, since it denies that Christ even existed. This, and their ritualism, do little to enhance their faith.

"The others, such as Buddhism, Mohammedanism (note: Islam), Confucianism, etcetera, result from similar mistakes and misunderstandings.

"Next, let us get right to the big wig himself, God. Very simply, THERE IS NO GOD.

"The being which you have fabricated does not exist. But, do not misunderstand. We have told you about the All-Mind which is the unifying element of the universe. THIS is GOD.

"What you have done is to create your own personal type of God, an extension into the aetherial realms of what you consider to the desirable attributes which you yourselves would cultivate if you were not so wrapped up in violence, hatred, and indifference.

"In order that you might believe that all is not bad, you have conveniently brought forth from the misty depths of your imaginations a spiritual personification of those qualities which you do not choose to develop within your own person.

"This God is a crutch to you. He is a means of pawning off those responsibilities that you cannot accept, such as peace, love, and betterment. 'God will save us,' they say, and do nothing.

"You have often heard the expressions like, 'If it is God's will,' or, 'Thank God!' or, 'We are helpless before God.' Sheer pap.

"YOU are the masters of your destiny. If you let your own creations run your life, and do nothing of yourself, you are doomed to failure before you begin. It is they who stand up and face their problems squarely and unswaying that will reap the rewards of life.

"Those who pretend to be groveling sheep at the iron hand of a huge mysterious tyrant of a shepherd are sorry sights for us to see. They represent human lives gone to waste. This hurts us very deeply, since we are brothers to you.

"You call the ancient peoples - the Romans, the Greeks, the Norse, the Chinese, etc - pagans with their multiplicity of gods with their very human faults. My friends, they were many times closer to reality than your present-day religions.

"Continuing onward, we can safely say that there is no form of predestination governing us, except insofar as we make it ourselves by the way we handle our affairs.

"Reincarnation is plain scientific FACT, and don't be misled by the harangues of the religious about 'heresy'.

"Heaven is a unique phenomenon. It seems to be a projection of your conceptions of an ideal world much as God is the personal end of it. This heaven with its golden streets, thrones, psalm singing, and plucking the harp, is of course utter nonsense. Heaven is by your definition the place where all good boys, angelic girls, and general do-gooders go when they die. In reality there are other worlds, and you get there by reincarnation.

"The notion of hell is not only ridiculous, but actually dangerous. It has a very depressing and destructive effect on men and women if they are given to the rigid dogma of the churches that anybody who dares to defy them will become an eternal barbecue. It seems to have stemmed from belief in the devil, since of course he had to have a place to reside once you created him.

"This devil, Squire Moloch, Satan, or what have you, is the antithesis of God, and is a convenient place to shove the blame for all your faults, to save face. However can you live with yourself if you have to admit that you are incapable of evil purely on your own?

"The fantastic manufacturings of the mind that have taken place to 'prove' his existence almost stagger the imagination. Witchcraft is the most notorious. How many thousands of women and men were killed because some deluded individual with an inordinate amount of nonsense running through his depraved brain claimed he had seen these poor, innocent folk practicing the black arts? The worst part of all this was that the subhuman, sadistic delight that the people of the day got from watching a human being die in agony had the complete sanction and actually the encouragement of the religions. This is the greatest argument against God and religion, that such horrors could actually be approved by them.

"Angels are merely spacecrafts and the inhabitants thereof.

"Let us now investigate one of the silliest ideas to ever 'come down the pike', namely Adam and Eve, the Garden, and the forbidden fruit. This, friends, is pure fairy tale and fabrication. In the first place, the well-known and well-proved evolutionary theories demolish that fantasy. This in fact is the major reason for the Church's opposition to evolution, that they would rather believe in this tomfoolery than in scientifically-based theories that are for all purposes facts.

"First, how can anyone seriously consider that Eve actually was created from Adam's rib? Since the Bible said 'rib' in the singular, then Adam must have been slightly lopsided either before or after this clever piece of prehistoric surgery, depending on whether this spare rib evened up the odds or broke up a matched set.

"Next, there was the command not to eat the fruit. It is human - or at least Terran - nature to do things specifically forbidden. Surely God could see this. If this weren't silly enough in itself, it was a snake that talked her into it. I wonder if God provided liquor in the Garden?

"Returning to seriousness, we must now consider the Books of the Bible. This book, taken as is without giving it any religious overtones, is a documentary of events in the time of Christ, written by men with an interest in recording for posterity.

"These men, many of whom had seen or talked with Christ, related as best they could in words based on the science and culture of the day and the knowledge they possessed, things which they had seen to occur. It would not be easy for an aborigine to describe to his peers a Boeing 707 jet. Neither was it easy to describe in the language of the times our spacecrafts, the scientific mysteries and Master Christ's words.

"Read the Bible as a history book, not as a holy charter.

"Now we shall divert completely from this line of thought and discuss several problems which seem common to your time. This will center about sex and obscenity.

"There seems to be in the world today a trend toward a debasing commercialism of sex, that wonderful human function. We are not now speaking of Playboy or Cavalier or their like. This is very healthy and desirable, since it provides heterosexual stimuli that tend to alleviate the more abnormal types of sex, such as homosexuality, masochism, and autoerotism. We ourselves have publications of this type, with photos of well-endowed young ladies in delightful costumes or a challenging absence of them.

"The type of which I speak is in the form of prostitution and literature meant to appeal to the baser emotions. Naturally there is a right to write or act as you please, and not be subject to anyone else's censure, but it seems only reasonable that sheer self respect, if nothing else, would make this type of debauchery a basically repulsive thing.

"For a woman to sell her body for money is impossible to understand here. She has violated all rules of self-decency and human nature. She is but a piece of property.

"What we consider practical sex consists of a good education in the physical end mental aspects of sex, instructions in how to achieve maximum satisfaction from it, and before marriage, a course in post-marital relationships, often including actual intercourse under the guiding of an approved instructor whose purpose is to show how to best position oneself, how to relax, and how to enjoy it.

"Since contraceptives are commercially available, and since the problems of venereal diseases have been wiped out, we find no need to suppress premarital sex. Actually, it is very rare, since most of the time, we are occupied with other things.

"We do not find nudity to be obscene and resorts for the purpose, which are similar to your nudist establishments' are many, and more are appearing as time goes on. Public beaches often witness nude swimmers or bathers, or just folks relaxing in the sun. No one has ever made any remarks in any way opposing this, and our wholesome attitude toward sex makes any such protest a bit far-fetched.

"Is it different in our entertainment media? No. If a scene calls for nudity, then nudity is displayed. This is not to say that there is gratuitous nakedness. Scripts are not written specifically to call for nudity. But, there are occasions that involve it. There are no prudes among us, and there is always that little switch marked On-Off in the event that one might find a scene a bit salacious.

"What is disturbing to you is the notion of sin that you associate with it or with many things. This is a not very subtle way to switch topics, but... The idea of sin is of course based on the principle that one can go against the will of God. If you assume a perfect God, you cannot sin, since he is both omniscient and omnipotent. This means that his will is incontrovertible, and his will is of course the result of his knowledge of the future. Even he, God, could not change the future if he knew what it would be.

"This tends to rule out a perfect God, for if so much as one lonely Hydrogen atom were to "sin "by wandering a trillionth of an inch off the course Cod knew it would take, then God would not have known its course. And, since to be perfect God must know everything, then God would cease to exist, along with his creations.

"Either there is absolute predestination or there is no God. We choose the latter.

"The soul is another name for the intellect. It is the id, the mind, that portion of the total man of a nonphysical nature.

"In closing, we want to state that our religious beliefs are in the nature of Atheistic Humanism. We work for man's benefit, and expect no help or hindrance from beyond. Our faith is in mans his greatness, his progress, his knowledge, his life.

"This should be yours as well. Good day, Brother."

"Lin-Erri here. Our next contact will be in person, on the 29th of this month. For now, va i luce. RK-11 clearing. "

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