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Saturn Conference (spurious)

15 November 1961

"Orii-Val again. We wish to outline the meeting on Saturn, which concerns your world.

"First, it has been decided that no military vehicles will be allowed in space for use as such. Any attempts to orbit atomic weapons will fail. Any attempts to test atomic weapons in space will also fail.

"No great success will be noted in space probes of Mars and Venus, as you will receive conflicting data from various flights.

"Plans to initiate a program of psychprobes were initiated and approved.

"We have decided to use you personally as a medium of scientific education for your world. You will receive information far in excess of anything ever given previous contacts, in type and quantity. It will be your discretion to release it as you see fit. We want to give you full responsibility for this, since you are in a better position than are we to judge the potential reception of such data, and the use to which it will be put.

"Signoff now is necessary. We will contact again on January 6 of next year, or perhaps sooner with special communications. For now, va i luce. Orii-Val for RK-11 clearing."

2008 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved