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7 August 2008

The following series of questions and answers was conducted on the evening of September 7, 2008, via a variation of what we call "instant messaging" via the MassCom's Internet connection. It was completely informal and unscripted. Elder Master KALEN-LI RETAN was the Korendian spokesman.

Q: Master, you've had an opportunity to look over the TerraKor website. What is your impression?

A: We think that it is an excellent effort. And to be frank, given some of the websites devoted to the topic of UFOs and alien visitors, its deliberately understated appearance is a relief. There is much to be said for simplicity and minimalism.

Q: Have you found anything that requires correction or editing?

A: No. There might be a few misspellings due to the method of converting your old files to computer text, but thusfar we have found nothing.

Q: Thank you. Let's begin. Have the Korendians and/or the Alliance changed the long-standing noncommittal policy toward other contactees?

A: That policy remains unaltered. It is not our intent to validate or discredit any other contactee. We know which ones are at least partially truthful and which ones are, as you say, as phony as three-dollar bills. Their own deceit will be their undoing. More disturbing is that certain parties from beyond your world are exploiting some of them as unwitting disinformation agents.

Q: Are you referring to Omegans?

A: In two cases, yes. In several other cases, the Confederation itself is misinforming its contacts on Earth, either by giving them false information during actual contacts, or by using what your computer-adept world would call "virtual reality", using direct impression of imagery and information into the brain. The Confederation's rigid adherence to the non-interference directives by its nature requires the enlisting of natives of the involved planets. This, unfortunately, provides opportunities for using methods that we of the Alliance would forbid as intolerable.

We are unable to grasp the intentions of those involved in this duplicity. It is possible, I suppose, that the Sector Command of the Confederation has a valid purpose in employing this tactic, but that purpose escapes us.

Q: Is the disinformation dangerous?

A: Not that we have discerned to date. If anything, it is serving to discredit the Confederation by creating an image of incredibility and nonsense. It is at the very least counterproductive.

Q: Since the Omegans began as a group of disaffected Confederation activists, could they be misrepresenting themselves in order to bring dishonor and distrust to the Confederation?

A: That premise has been considered. It is possible, although it is improbable. The Alliance is giving them an unending series of what your TV ads call "Excedrin headaches". For that reason it would be a waste of their resources to indulge in such meaningless activities. The Confederation is in no way endangering their operations on Earth.

I will say only that we don't know if the Confederation is aware of the practice. That is of little interest to us. We are not here to "babysit" their Sector Command.

Q: Are there ever members of the Alliance team in attendance at the various UFO conferences around the world?

A: This has occured many times, but in most cases it is by field agents in the immediate areas attending more out of curiosity than for specific reasons. The exceptions are the disclosure conferences. We monitor them fairly closely for reasons that we choose not to reveal at this time.

Q: You've been here since the late 1950s. Have Alliance personnel ever attended the Giant Rock conventions?

A: From 1963 until 1971, we had people in attendance. We ceased to send agents when the events became a shadow of what they once were. This is not to say that they served any great purpose even in their prime, but they were quite fascinating. I attended the 1968 convention, which was not especially memorable except for a short private talk with George Van Tassel.

He was one of a group of contactees who actually had communications with Confederation agents, and who were then deliberately abandoned when they had achieved a degree of fame. Why the Sector Command treated them so callously is anyone's guess, but it lent weight to our conclusion that the SC's performance left much to be desired.

Q: Switching gears, what's your opinion of the 2012 issue?

A: It's much ado about nothing. I place it on a par with the egregious nonsense and hyperbole surrounding the predicted disaster of "Y2K". January 1, 2000 came and went uneventfully, and many people felt very foolish indeed. December 21, 2012 will likewise pass, winter will begin, and life will go on.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the more ominous the predictions are about a coming event, the less likely it will be to have any consequences.

Q: Do you see any possibility of the US government opening its UFO files?

A: The FBI released some of its files years ago. [Note: see the addendum at the end of this page for links to the FBI files.] However, the likelihood of full disclosure is very low. We know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of pages and thousands of photos in storage in facilities that are inaccessible to anyone outside of the personnel directly involved in their safekeeping. The level of secrecy and security surpasses any other government agencies and functions, and those involved are not under the jurisdiction of any military or intelligence operation.

Our deep-cover agents have seen the files. Their contents would cause a major upheaval.

Q: What is your opinion of the concept of man-caused global warming?

A: You have a fitting term for it: junk science. Thirty years ago, "scientists" were issuing alarms about an imminent ice age. That never came to pass. And the fearsome scenarios invented by the global-warming alarmists will also fail to come. Your world and your people have "weathered" previous extremes, and they will continue to do so.

Is your climate changing? Of course. It has been changing for as long as there has been climate on Earth. There have been ice ages and hot periods, and these will continue indefinitely. They are the result of purely natural phenomena, major contributors being solar activity and ocean currents.

To assert that man's activity is responsible is an example of unbridled human arrogance. Why do your people assume that they have the power to affect global climate? The forces at work are so mighty that to compare man's efforts to them is sheer folly. And what degree of scientific ignorance is required to assert that unplugging a cell-phone charger will make any difference whatever in changes of global climate?

Know this: the "global warming" scaremongering is 0% science and 100% politics. And ask yourself why you should trust the ominous predictions about Earth's climate decades or centuries in the future when a five-day weather forecast is never correct.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom to share with our world?

A: I would be hard-pressed to find anything to say that has not been said many times before and ignored many times before. My only advice is to look at world events from the perspective of a long-term operation on your world by forces that are grooming your people to become a formidable power in space, but not in the way you would wish.

We of the Alliance are working within your nations to drive out those who would turn the people of Earth into cold-blooded warriors for the expansion of the Omegan presence in Confederation-controlled sectors. This is an ongoing commitment, and the Alliance does not accept defeat. The victory is not soon forthcoming, but we will prevail. That is our promise.

Va i luce!

The following links are for 16 large PDF files on the FBI's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) website. They were added after the Master directed me to a page that contained them.

FBI UFO File #1
FBI UFO File #2
FBI UFO File #3
FBI UFO File #4
FBI UFO File #5
FBI UFO File #6
FBI UFO File #7
FBI UFO File #8
FBI UFO File #9
FBI UFO File #10
FBI UFO File #11
FBI UFO File #12
FBI UFO File #13
FBI UFO File #14
FBI UFO File #15
FBI UFO File #16

They require the Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program in order to view them. The Adobe reader can be downloaded at no cost here:

Acrobat Reader Download

Warning: it is a large download (43,083,040 bytes as of 20090320).

An excellent alternative is Foxit Reader. It's much smaller than Acrobat, because it doesn't have the bells and whistles that most people will never use. The free version doesn't allow copying text, but for reading PDF files, it's more than ample.

Whichever reader is used, the best way to obtain the files is to right-click on the links and select "Save link as", "Save target as", or whatever your browser's equivalent might be. Reading PDF files in a browser window can cause the browser to "freeze" until the file is fully loaded.

Also be aware that they are copies of very old documents, and the image quality is therefore far from ideal.

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