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Questions From A Correspondent

18 October 2008

The information on this page has been taken from emails to a correspondent in response to his questions. For reasons of privacy, the correspondent will remain unidentified. The questions from him are indented.

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June 6, 2008

This section is from an emailed response from Arta-Dorrec dated 20080605, responding to a forwarded email of 20080527.

Dear sir:

Bob Renaud has forwarded your email to the MassCom base for our attention. I have elected to provide whatever information we consider to be of interest. In order to maintain security, I have recommended that he convert my return email to a text file so that the header information of the email will not compromise us.

Thank you.


Mr. Bob Renaud,

I want to thank you and your Korendian contacts for the information that you provided Wendelle, and subsequently myself. I reviewed all of the entries, and the following entries were most fascinating. Any additional information that you can provide would be of enormous interest:

Bob is not in possession of information of the depth that you request.

1.(Sirius) Halver (headquarters for Omegans)

Mr. S****** has the information about the Omegans that we have released to date.

4.(Vega) Kalranda (home system of Kalran Empire)

The Kalrans are a highly advanced but hostile and militaristic civilization. No information on them was released in the accounts published by Mr. Green. They have engaged in warfare with the Alliance in the past, and have discovered that unlike the Confederation, the Alliance will respond in kind.

I have suggested to Bob that he compile revealed information about the Kalrans and add it to his "e-book" folder. He has agreed to that.

8.(Procyon) Kraderor Artimel (library; world of knowledge)

At the time the Alitra and Vadnak facilities were established, Procyon was a fairly centralized system in the Alliance as it existed then. Since then it has become but one of about 200 such worlds, although it is still honored as being the first of its kind.

11.(Altair) Suldur (Confederation)

There is nothing notable about this system. It was included because it fits the parameters for the list.

21.(Acrux) Golkamm (13 races whose home world is uninhabitable)

Actually, the correct word is "worlds". Bob has corrected the HTML for this entry in the list. There are three worlds involved, one Alliance and two Confederation. Golkamma is a neutral planet . It was "terraformed" by a joint Alliance-Confederation effort. It possessed an atmosphere and vast amounts of water, which greatly simplified the task.

Of the two Confederation planets that are involved, one faced a nuclear conflict of global proportions, resulting in four uninvolved but endangered people groups being "airlifted". The second involved an entire planet's population of 3.87 billion people being removed over a period of 12 years. An approaching black hole led to that one. The result of its encounter with the star will be seen in your skies in 1730 years.

The Alliance world was made incapable of supporting its population by a mutated viral strain that contaminated the plant life and rendered it fatal to certain higher animal species. Unfortunately its people were one of them. This occured about twenty years ago. It's hoped that in time it will die out, permitting the population's return.

24.(Adhara) Choonir (Confederation)

It has value as a scientific curiosity. It is otherwise unremarkable.

27.(Shaula) Segelin (Alliance and Confederation)

This is from the "Wikipedia" website. It is accurate enough for most purposes. Please excuse the ?s in the text. They replace non-English alphabet characters that can be seen on the webpage.

"Lambda Scorpii (? Sco / ? Scorpii) is the second brightest star system in the constellation Scorpius, and one of the brightest stars in the nighttime sky. It has the Bayer designation ? despite being the second brightest in its constellation. It also has the traditional name Shaula, which comes from the Arabic ??????? al-šawla´ meaning the raised [tail], as it is found in the tail of the scorpion (Scorpius). It is known as ??? (the Eighth Star of the Tail) in Chinese.

"Lambda Scorpii is a multiple star with three visible components. The first, Lambda Scorpii A, is classified as a B-type subgiant. The 15th magnitude Lambda Scorpii B has a separation of 42 arcseconds from component A, while the 12th magnitude Lambda Scorpii C is 95 arcseconds from A. It is not known whether or not these components are physically associated with component A. If they both were, B would be approximately 7500 Astronomical Units and C approximately 17,000 AU (0.27 light years) from A.

"Spectroscopic and interferometric observations have shown that A is actually a triple system consisting of two B-type stars and a pre-main sequence star. The primary star is also a beta Cephei variable star.[1] [2] The pre-main sequence star has an orbital period of 6 days and the B companion has a period of 1053 days. The three stars lie in the same orbital plane, strongly suggesting that they were formed at the same time. The masses of the primary, pre-main sequence star and the B companion are 10.4±1.3, 1.8±0.2 and 8.1±1.0 solar masses, respectively. The age of the system is estimated to be in the range 10-13 million years."


It appeals to our scientific curiosity

31.(Alnath) Choomari (five planets with life)

The Choomarins are a fairly advanced people. They are humanoid. They have been approached by both the Alliance and the Confederation. Despite their cordiality toward their visitors, they have shown no inclination to join either body. They engage in trade with both groups.

32.(Miaplacidus) Yavaar (indigent life, colonized two other planets)

The Matelkans are at a scientific level of perhaps 100 years beyond Earth, although they have existed in their present form for at least half a million years. Despite their technological advances, they are fairly primitive sociologically, culturally, ethically and morally. This dichotomy suggests that the planet is being "helped" by outside forces in a manner similar to that of the Omegans on Earth. The Alliance has operatives at work in their society to determine whether it is in fact being manipulated by outsiders, although no information thusfar obtained has supported a conclusion with a high degree of confidence.

35.(Alkaid) Ro Danni (Confederation, assisted by Alliance)

The description in the text is ample. It's an example of coöperation for mutual benefit.

No expansion is required. The system is useful to the Confederation for its mineral deposits. Although it's not commonly known, metal-bearing planets are a minority in the galaxy and doubtless throughout the cosmos.

44.(Beta Aurigae) Maramari (Confederation colony)

It's of scientific interest because of the unusual orbits of the planets due to the double star and the third star at about 6.6 times the distance of Pluto from the sun. They appear to be stable, but they are far from normal.

The base is primarily to study the interactions of the parent stars. Other functions are unknown.

47.(Polaris) Charin (Confederation "terraforming")

New habitable worlds are always welcome. This one could well become another Earth.

49.(Nunki) Ambras (Alliance robotic mining)

Apart from the given description, there is little of interest to say about it beyond that it is another example of intergroup cooperation.

50.(Alpheratz) Adra Alidar (Alliance artificial planet)

Calling Andromedae AA6 a planet is perhaps exaggerating the matter. It isn't a planet by any traditional description. Rather, it's an enormous space station, disc-shaped, 1108 miles across at its widest point and 116 miles through its central axis. It is largely open space, with thousands of modules connected by a framework of supports, and a network of interconnecting tubes for power, services and human travel between the modules.

The living area is a cylindrical section of the central axis, 3.5 miles long and two miles in diameter. It serves as the main access point for the tube network, and the primary control point for the facility.

53.(Alnair) Limerea (Colonized)

There is little of interest beyond what was described.

61.(Beta Gruis) Andreana (20 to 25 ancient Andreanan civilizations)

What we know of them was cited in the text. They are not open with information about their history, although nothing indicates a rationale for concealing it.

64.(Aspidiske) Kalemesta (Confederation scientific facility)

We have no knowledge of the purpose of the scientific station. The Confederation has such "classified" facilities in many locations throughout its expanse. We don't ask and they don't tell. That works both ways, since we have many of them as well.

70.(Epsilon Scorpii) Uran Olra (non-described)

It's an inhabited, non-aligned system, on a level perhaps 200-300 years ahead of Earth. They do not possess interstellar capabilities and pose no danger to anyone, including themselves. Trade was offered and rejected. Ergo they are left to their own lives. When they achieve interstellar travel, we will approach them again.

74.(Caph) Indremir (non-described)

It's a Confederation candidate for admission. There is nothing about it that causes it to stand out.

75. Korena

It's my home star sytem. Although I would not have included it in this list based on its parameters, I defer to those who compiled it.

The group of entries below disappointed me with regard to other information that I have gathered. Are there ETS that live in these star systems but not on planets? Are any of these star systems of historic interest as to ancient ET civilizations?

5.(Capella) Goranmal
6.(Arcturus) Elderon
7.(Rigel) Tatrak
12.(Betelgeuse) Vaedural
13.(Aldebaran) Warnova
18.(Deneb) name missing
34.(Mirphak) Dhulla
57.(Algol) Varianda
67.(Almach) Tara Liana
71.(Mirach) Naritam

We presented common knowledge about these entries. If there are non-planetary inhabitants, we have not encountered them. This is not to rule them out, but only to indicate that they are unknown to us. We don't seek them out.

Request ONE:
Are there among these 75 brightest stars motherships or artificial bodies which shelter beings in star systems with no planets?

Although such things are possible, we see no real value in that practice, since there are many suitable worlds fit for colonization. The Confederation, of course, has different perspectives on many things.

Request TWO:
If "this list is but a minuscule sampling of inhabited worlds in our galaxy," then can you provide a list of the top 100 most (interesting/highly populated/influential/spiritually advanced and/or technically advanced) star systems and their planets with summaries?

That will be considered at a future date.

Request THREE:
A very special request for The TOP THIRTY or more ET races in terms of their PRESENT TIME interactivity/interference/inter-relatedness with Earth human beings ...

I can speak only for the Alliance in this regard. Inasmuch as the people of Korendor initiated operations on Earth, we are the overwhelming majority of the Alliance contingent here. There are two other Alliance worlds that have agents here, but they are under Korendian authority and are serving in highly specialized capacities.

We do not cooperate with any other groups or unaligned operations. Our activities are a constant source of conflict with the involved Sector Command of the Confederation. The parent body of the Confederation has remained carefully neutral in this matter. They see no benefit in taking sides in what amounts to a "local" issue, since the Alliance and the Confederation have a generally peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship, and the Sector Command's activities here have been less than stellar.

The Alliance will neither confirm nor deny any other group's or world's operations on Earth. This has been our policy since we arrived. We are aware that the Confederation's Sector Command does have operatives on Earth, but they have not identified them or their place(s) of origin, and we have not pressed them for the information.

They do not interfere with Alliance operations, knowing that we will slap their hands if they touch things that are off limits. Similarly, we avoid any interference with their activities. Aside from limited, basic data sharing, the Alliance and the Confederation are fully independent entities on Earth. There is no overlap in our functions, and therefore no cause for conflicts and cross-purposes.

... to include data on:

• Affiliation (Alliance, Confederation, Omegan, specific other)
• Home Star, Home Planet, largest Mothership and location, Major colonies
• General location of bases on Earth, Moon, Mars, other locales in solar system
• Working with or against any other ET groups appearing on this list
• Brief Summary of type of social structure
• Names of top leaders and top human associates
• Brief Summary of Agenda regarding Earth and/or Earth humanity

That information must be obtained from those who possess it. We know of the activites of the Omegans, since they are our primary reason for being on Earth. Beyond that, we cannot (or will not, for security reasons) offer anything useful.

I will address your list only for my own people.

• Affiliation (Alliance, Confederation, Omegan, specific other)

United Worlds Alliance

• Home Star, Home Planet ...

Korena; Korendor;

• largest Mothership and location ...

There are presently three Hyper-Class "mother ships" assigned to Earth. They are kept in the Plato base hangar that was built for them. This is from Bob's account of his Plato base tour of 11-12 July 1987.

I looked about to see if there were any larger ships in this mammoth chamber. Suddenly, when the carrier moved away from its hovering point, I saw beyond it to the far side, and out came a whispered, unprintable epithet. I knew then what that hole in the roof was for.

       Those who've seen the TV film called "V" have some concept of the three ships that simply hung there in space at the opposite side of the hangar. They were circular, with an elliptical cross-section. To say that they were huge is to call the Pacific Ocean a pond.

Kalen looked at them with me for a moment, then said, "Those are the reasons for this hangar. They arrived at about 3 AM of your Eastern Time yesterday. Until they came through that port, none of us here had ever seen one in person. To be sure, we saw visiscreen images and the full package of tech material, but one can't appreciate something like this based on the view on a small screen or the drawings on a construction print. We didn't really know what to expect. Needless to say, they were the center of attention for the rest of the day."

"Just how large are they, and what the hell's something that big used for?" My curiosity was now beyond control.

"They're called Hyper-Class carriers, an entirely new concept and design. You've heard of mother ships. These are grandmother ships. Their diameter is 1.92 miles with a central axis of 1.27 miles. The iris is 1.98 miles, which leaves about 160 feet of clearance. We regret not making it bigger, but Korendor sent the specs and we followed them. I just hope that the Alliance doesn't have anything bigger in the works.


"Two of them will be loaded with the obsolete ships, and will launch in about thirty hours to return them to Korendor for scrap and salvage. The old girl SPC-12 will be on one of them. I think I'll miss that big beautiful ball. But, progress doesn't stop for sentimental old fools.

"The remaining ship will stay here in its original function, in reserve, so to speak, until needed. When the others have unloaded, one will come back with another 5,000 scouts. It will then remain here as well. The third will join the Alliance fleet elsewhere. It will be replaced by one being specially outfitted as a mobile base, to be hangared here but manned by a permanent crew of 12,000 carrying on all the functions of a full base on a smaller scale."

• Major colonies

None on Earth, many around the Alliance.

• General location of bases on Earth, Moon, Mars, other locales in solar system

Two on Earth: one under Massachusetts, and one under the Pacific off the California coast; coordinates will not be supplied for obvious reasons.

Three on the moon: the Plato base and the Copernicus base, both underground; and a communication base on the "far side" to maintain contact when the moon blocks direct access.

All bases are under military control.

• Working with or against any other ET groups appearing on this list

Working only with the Alliance; no interface or cooperation with others.

• Brief Summary of type of social structure

Described in Bob's published accounts.

• Names of top leaders and top human associates

We will not divulge our human "contacts", other than Bob, for the reason that they do not know of our identity. That status must be maintained

• Brief Summary of Agenda regarding Earth and/or Earth humanity

Described in detail in information possessed by Mr. Stevens.

I know that gathering what I am asking you to provide will take some considerable work. You are in a very special position in that you can go right to your Korendian contacts. This information is ESSENTIAL in apprehending our relativeness and relationship to our fellow beings in our own galaxy.

At the moment, Earth's "relationship" with the Alliance is as an unknowing protectorate. With respect to the purposes and viewpoints of any other groups or worlds, that is for them to state. We don't speak for them, nor they for us.

Va i luce eno nol si unir, bren.

September 28, 2008

This section is from an email of 20080927, which I forwarded to MassCom. They in turn forwarded it to Darrin-Sen, one of their resident agents in western Massachusetts. The reply was received on 20080928.

I have a few questions I would like you or your Korendian contacts to clarify, when you have the time:

1) Is this currently accurate? Are the only inhabitants on the moon Korendians?

(from "UFO Review," 9 May 88):

"Indeed, there is a conflict of literally interstellar proportions being waged at this very moment. It is not, as suggested by the book, "Danger On The Moon", which is occupied exclusively by the Alliance via its two sub-lunar bases ("entire underground cities" is apt, as my hours in the Plato Complex in July of 1987 drove home most forcefully)."

The Alliance has the only permanent bases on your moon. There are several small semi-mobile Confederation facilities scattered about the surface, but the Confederation's very limited direct operations on Earth do not require an extensive support infrastructure. Any significant activities that they do perform are based in the underground facility on Mars, or on carrier crafts.

The moon is considered neutral territory, and no attempt is made to monitor the comings and goings of non-Alliance crafts.

2) What is the nature of their relationship (Omegans, Kalrans) in relation to the game plan spoken of below:

With this (for lack of a better term) "gentleman's agreement", the Omegan forces are the focus of the conflict. They have in the last year accepted the aid of a second "dark force" known as Kalrans (a long-term foe of the Alliance with even fewer redeeming characteristics than the Omegans). This has created a new and exceedingly dangerous variation in the "game plan".

The relationship between the Omegans and the Kalrans is best described by your proverb, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." There is no camaraderie or respect between them, but they are both inimical toward the Alliance and the Confederation. The cooperation between them is purely pragmatic, based on the premise of strength in numbers.

Inasmuch as they are both resolutely hostile to us, we have no direct way of knowing more than the most basic information about them. A few agents have infiltrated the groups, but their effectiveness was limited and the incursions were usually short-lived, always resulting in death.

We no longer engage in that form of espionage. We have committed substantial resources to monitoring their communications. In this we have been moderately successful. However, they remain largely a mystery. We know them mostly by their observable activities.

3) How does light, love, brotherhood, peace, and spiritual awareness relate in terms of journalistic exposure of negative human activities which may in fact be Omegan operations? (This question is specific to myself, and others like me.)

Without knowing the specifics of your case-and not wishing to know because of our utmost respect for privacy-I cannot offer more than a generic response.

"Light, love, brotherhood, peace, spiritual awareness. These are things that other beings from higher planes and other worlds have impressed upon us countless times, and indeed these communications are delivered with the profound blessings of the Alliance."

I will say that the ideals that govern the Alliance, the Confederation, and other socially and ethically advanced groups have proven to be inapplicable in the present state of affairs on Earth. Although not formally declared so by the Alliance, it is increasingly being recognized that "business as usual" will not work here because of the hundreds of years of Omegan activity that have shaped and guided your development.

Many years ago, Friedrich von Schiller wrote in Wilhelm Tell, "Es kann der Frömmste nicht im Frieden bleiben, Wenn es dem bösen Nachbar nicht gefällt." This is translated to, "The gentlest man cannot live in peace if it does not please his wicked neighbor." Light, love, brotherhood, peace, and spiritual awareness can apply only when the prevailing conditions are not intractably hostile to them. The reality of Earth is that you have been thoroughly conditioned against them.

You can see it across your world. Hatred, violence, killing and constant warfare are "SOP" on Earth. You are among those who are aware of the forces that maintain this status quo for their own ends, and of the purpose behind it.

The eternal ideals of light, love, brotherhood, peace, and spiritual awareness will never change or fade away, but like seeds, they require fertile soil in which to take root, grow and blossom. As long as your world is not in charge of its own destiny, the seeds will be strewn on rocks.

The Alliance is here to bring about the changes that are required in order to free you from the malign influence. We do not expect a rapid end to that influence, nor should you. We are committed to the long struggle, knowing that we WILL be victorious because we must. As past messages have revealed, there is more at stake here than Earth's fate.

This is not to say that your future is not of itself a more than sufficient reason, but it is not the only reason.


"The New Age is our one weapon against the "dark forces". Success is vital. Failure is doom. There's no middle ground."

The concept of the New Age, an era of enlightenment, growth and societal evolution, was in the beginning a noble idea. However, in the 20 years since those words were written, it has become apparent that what began as a bold adventure has been co-opted and corrupted by fanatics, charlatans, profiteers and lunatics. The term "New Age" is now synonymous with the far fringe of society, with the Shirley Maclaines and Raelians and 2012 cultists. Whatever good it might have brought has been permanently lost.

It is time to move on. There is nothing equivalent to replace the New Age, but the likelihood that anything similar would be effective is indeed remote. The only advice we can offer at this time to the people of your world is to strive for goodness and excellence in your own lives, and leave the "big picture" to those equipped to deal with it.

By all means keep light, love, brotherhood, peace, and spiritual awareness in mind, but understand that your world is under the control of a force to whom those things are antithetical. You can apply them in your own lives to the extent that is possible, but don't expect your people to embrace them until they are free of the iron grip of Omegan tyranny.

Va i luce.


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