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An Overview of The Omegan Situation


In order to provide an introduction to perhaps the greatest crisis that has ever faced the planet Earth, my associates from the United Worlds Alliance and specifically the planet Korendor have authorized me to provide a summation of their activities on Earth and elsewhere in this present day.

There is a conflict of literally interstellar proportions being waged at this very moment. This confrontation is on 23 planets (there were 17 when the info was presented in 1988; 6 have been added since then) within this quadrant of our galaxy. One of them is Earth. The "dark forces" are known as "Omegans", a somewhat inaccurate but adequate translation of the Galinguan name used by this force. They use the English term themselves, and it is therefore the official Alliance designation for them.

The Omegans are under the watchful eye and limited aegis of an organization of worlds of vast power and resources, known to the Alliance as "The Syndicate". They adopted the term from English to represent this body (otherwise unidentified), which operates in an organizational manner suggestive of our world's criminal superstructure.

The Syndicate is not per se criminal, but rather is coldly, relentlessly opportunistic. Their driving force is the acquisition of wealth and control. However, they have no moral code to prevent them from using means that we would define as criminal. They offer support to other groups if they see in it an opportunity for gain, whether short- or long-term. Their backing of the Omegans is seen as a means to gain footholds within the Confederation sectors. The Confederation's strict, inflexible adherence to non-interference directives leaves them "ripe for plucking". The Syndicate does not provide direct military support, but they underwrite military forces as required in the pursuit of their goals.

The Omegans are rarely found in Alliance sectors, inasmuch as the UWA is not bound by a strict interpretation of the Non-Interference Directive, and their incursions would be forcefully repulsed.

The ongoing conflict is not, in our terms, a "hot" war on these 23 unaligned worlds. Rather, it is a protracted test being conducted by the Syndicate to determine if the Omegan forces can wrest control from the Alliance, which, while not officially representing any of these planets, has infiltrated them en masse to repulse the incursions of the Omegan influence. If the Omegans succeed, full Syndicate support is assured, and the results are fearsome to contemplate.

This activity is, per the rigid guidelines established by the Syndicate, to be covert on the 23 planets, although open hostility outside these arenas is sanctioned, and has resulted in a number of "firefights" on a scale that beggars our myopic, parochial understanding of warfare. Should the confrontations on any of these planets become actual war, the Syndicate will withdraw its support, and the Omegans know this would result in immediate extermination at the hands of Alliance military might.

It is problematical whether the Alliance could defeat the Syndicate in full warfare, but the best estimates of Alliance tacticians, and the scant information filtering out of the Syndicate from a small group of agents, suggest that they have no more desire than the Alliance to test their worth in combat. In itself this is considered a plus for the Alliance, because reservation on the part of the "dark forces" is usually interpreted as awareness of internal inadequacies that render a sure victory unlikely.

The Alliance presence on Earth is of heroic proportions, with literally tens of thousands of agents and an enormous expenditure of materiel and resources. Their approach, unlike that of other visiting groups, is not to communicate with us but rather to work "underground", so to speak, in clandestine counteraction against the existing Omegan power base.

Indeed, our lack of awareness of their actions is critical to the success of their operations, and they have cautioned repeatedly that any overt large-scale resistance to Omegan control by Terrans would almost certainly initiate a nuclear holocaust that would leave little on Earth worth having.

It is only recently that the Alliance has cleared for publication even this much information about their activities and the Omegan peril. They feel that there is no longer any significant merit in continuing to conceal this menace, if the information is disseminated with the strong warning that under no circumstances is it to engender any form of "resistance movement" on our part.

1: We would have no way of determining what in fact constituted an Omegan operation;
2: If we did inadvertently happen upon one of their "hornets' nests", we have no capacity whatever to oppose them, and it would result in instant death to all involved.

The Omegans are many things. They are not merciful.

The extended conflict must therefore be waged outside of the knowledge of our world. The Alliance has the power to do this. Their goal is to drive the Omegan influence away from these 23 worlds so definitively that the Syndicate must conclude that their support is unwarranted. This is an understanding that has been reached by the Alliance and the Syndicate. The Syndicate has indicated disinterest in backing the Omegans with military power during the course of this testing process; the Alliance, while expressing its extreme distaste for the Syndicate's presence and policies, has stated that their interest is in erasing the Omegan power structure, not in combatting the Syndicate.

With this (for lack of a better term) "gentleman's agreement", the Omegan forces are the core of the conflict. In 1987, they accepted the aid of a second "dark force" known as Kalrans (a long-term, obsessively militaristic foe of the Alliance with even fewer redeeming qualities than the Omegans). This has created a new and exceedingly dangerous variation in the "game plan". The Kalrans are not averse to attacking any planet openly and overwhelmingly if they find it militarily justifiable. It was this unholy allegiance that precipitated the bloody battles mentioned earlier. By themselves, the Omegans would probably have avoided the confrontations.

Now, the crucial question: what can we of Earth do to aid in this struggle? Although we cannot hope to defeat the Omegans openly, we have non-violent weapons of irresistible power. Light, love, brotherhood, peace, spiritual awareness. These are things that vistors from other worlds have impressed upon us countless times, and indeed these communications are delivered with the profound blessings of the Alliance.

This may seem strange from an organization whose presence here is directed toward driving out the Omegans by force, yet it is eminently logical. The Omegans have prospered on Earth by maintaining our people in a constant state of readiness for war, by instilling in us the suspicion and hatred that renders all but impossible an enlightened society committed to peace and love. They manipulate our warrior instincts. Take them away and the Omegan influence loses one of its critical tools. Whom they cannot control, they cannot conquer.

This cultural and societal change is the one weapon that we of Earth can wield against the "dark forces". Success is vital. Failure is doom. There's no middle ground.

In order to "flesh out" the Omegan situation, the rest of this page will contain information from a number of sources. Spelling and grammar have been edited where necessary, but the text is otherwise unaltered. Only the relevant portions of the communications are included.

Section 1: ArKay Messages

This first section contains two Omegan references from ArKay's messages.

Message date: 10/21/1988

To begin, I will address the most feared and debated hazard of the day, the possibility of nuclear warfare. I cannot emphasize too strongly that your people are not entirely responsible for nuclear weaponry. As I stated before, this capability was the dubious "gift" of the Omegan infiltrators who are in such intimate control of your planet. However, your race's seeming love of battle did nothing to impede the swift adoption of nuclear arms into your own arsenals of war.

Unfortunately, you have developed a very efficient application of the fusion process. You have named it the "hydrogen bomb". Here your science was fully culpable. The Omegans provided only the knowledge of the military use of nuclear fission. The H-bomb was your world's "native son". In matters of warfare, you are surely a creative lot.

The principal reason that your scientists have continued to refine these fiercely destructive devices is that the Omegan program is maintaining your world's nations in a constant and unrelenting state of war-readiness. Your invention of the fusion bomb was unanticipated by them, but they found it most encouraging. They would have ultimately provided it themselves, but your ingenuity only reinforced their belief that you are an ideal race to carry out their objectives.

Remember that the Omegans do not create these political or ideological schisms. They merely enhance them. Also be aware that although the Omegans will seek to prevent a major war, they are no longer in a position to prevent such a conflict.

It is perhaps ironic that the Alliance has in one way fostered this greater potential for nuclear war. By our efforts to wrest control of your world from the Omegan infiltrators, we have reduced their ability to prevent a third world war. However, before you judge us harshly, think well on what this represents.

You have an expression, "the cure is worse than the disease", referring to the sometimes violent reactions of people to medications that treat an illness. Yet, for all that reaction, is there anyone who would suggest that the disease is better left unchecked, to spare the victim the adverse response to the medicines?

The Alliance's medication for the Omegan infection is harsh indeed, and one might well object that there is no value in a treatment that might kill as surely as the illness. To this I say that wherever Omegan control is reduced in the governments of the world powers, Alliance influence is put in its place.

Although we have given your people more control of their own destinies, we are also working to lessen the tensions that the Omegans have used to sustain international distrust and hatred. If we have given your leaders more power to initiate nuclear war, it has been balanced by reducing the incentives for doing that unthinkable thing.

We will wean you away from your millenia of violence and blood-lust. We will give you a just and lasting peace with or without your approval.

Message date: 10/25/1988

Whether there was was strategic justification for these attacks is not at issue here. My discussion now deals only with means, not ends. The means expanded in scope and destructiveness, until at last, thanks to the intrusion of the Omegans, your military science "discovered" the atom as a weapon.

In two brief moments in your year of 1945, the awesome power of nuclear fission changed forever the course of war. Man of Earth was given a force capable of destroying civilization in a few hours of exquisite violence.

It is partly due to humanity's continuing horror of that possibility, and partly due to the Omegan's policy of preventing another major war, that your world has not since seen conflict except in a limited capacity. This is the "modus operandi" of the Omegan program -- to keep you at each other's throats, but to hold the reins tightly enough to disallow another world-scale war that might undo everything they hoped to accomplish.

Now, the Omegan grip is being loosened, and more than ever there is a need for a fundamental change in your thinking. The Omegans did not initiate the international hatred and distrust that fosters your wars. They merely manipulated them to their own ends. It is therefore your task to eliminate these progenitors of war before your new freedom endangers life on Earth.

Section 2: From Letters to Gabriel Green

This large section contains comments from Korendian sources sent to Gabriel Green in response to questions that he posed about the Omegans. Again, only the relevant passages are reproduced.

The first is from 21 years earlier than ArKay's information, and there are thus different perspectives in some places.

Message date: 12/23/1967

Kalrans: members of the Kalran Empire of planets (not necessarily from the planet Kalran itself), a group very similar to the Alliance in size and power, but militaristic in nature, and of expansionist intent, mostly expanding without the consent of the planets where such expansion of the Empire transpires. They are a means-to-an-end group, but do show restraint when confronting the Alliance. They are not eager to engage the Alliance in any major manner, realizing the devastation that they could suffer. They are presently operating in this system in order to add it to the ranks, and to use it as a center for their activities in this sector, over which Alliance control is not firmly established.

Omegans: originally ambitious men from Confederation worlds who were exiled when their plot to overthrow the Confederation control of several systems in our sector was uncovered. The group colonized Sirius 3, and has their headquarters there at present. They are remaining within the law in that location, so that the Alliance and the Confederation cannot take action against their operations, despite the fact that their activities are common knowledge.

They enlisted the aid of others of like propensity, and formed a hard core of dangerous operatives numbering in the millions. They returned to our system several centuries ago, achieving control of this planet. Their objective is to use our resources and people as a military arm to attack Confederation worlds in our sector in order to gain the riches and the operational bases that the conquests would afford them.

They are completely ruthless in their approach, seeing death as an expedient to their operations if required or desirable. They at one time approached the Kalrans and offered to join forces with them, but the Kalrans, militant and dangerous as they are, refused to consider the alliance with the Omegans, saying that the Kalran Empire would not resort to Omegan tactics to achieve their ends. For a time, there was a likelihood that the Kalrans would move in and wipe out the Omegans, but informed sources have indicated that such an overthrow would not be in their best interests, and that they would rather wait until Earth was ready to move en masse into space to take over and direct our activities.

That was before the Alliance moved in here, and threw a huge wrench in the gears. Such a takeover, which would have occurred within 20 years, would now be a direct confrontation with an Alliance operation, which could mean total war, which neither wants.

Thus the Kalrans are here in an observational capacity, waiting for an opportunity. The Omegans have control of the Earth and aren't about to relinquish it, even to the extent indicated in their Prime Directive Series, to the effect that if their operations are threatened by imminent collapse due to outside influences, they will initiate World War III, a totally-destructive nuclear holocaust which would leave the Earth barren and useless to anyone for years hence.

This is the difference, then. The Omegans control Earth; the Kalrans would like to do so. Both want this system, for different reasons. The Confederation is sitting on its hands and saying that they will not interfere in Terran affairs, even though outside forces are at work. The Alliance has moved in and has made it clear to both Omegans and Kalrans that they are treading upon dangerous grounds. They have also informed to the Confederation that the alliance thinks the Confederation policies are unrealistic, impractical and counterproductive, and that interference by Confederation sources with Alliance operations here will not be taken lightly.

As a result of this confrontation, there is less cooperation and liaison between the Alliance and the Confederation in this sector, although trade and cultural exchange are still very much active, the two groups not wishing to inflict their differences upon the people by creating an atmosphere of hardship and animosity. The common folk are almost unaware of this high-level friction, which is as it should be.

As I said before, life in space is not all rosy and peaceful, despite the drivel the various contactees are being fed to that effect.

Message date: 10/23/1983

It appears that our little blue world is becoming a focal point for intense galactic interest, and to be sure, it does not bode well for us.

Sirius-3 (Kaldan) was entirely Omegan, and the Alliance had no qualms about moving in and taking over, but Earth is populated by four billion innocent bystanders quite unaware of what's going on.

Ergo, any policy must be centered about the crucial issue of its effect on the human race on Earth. Obviously, a full invasion is out of the question, as would be open warfare against the Omegan influence. Any program that might be undertaken must be formulated on the basis of zero risk to humanity (or as close to zero as is achievable), which leads to a long, stealthy sort of secret war. Compounded by our full awareness of the support the Omegans are receiving from "The Syndicate", and the chance that actions against the Omegans could precipitate a very nasty interstellar conflict endangering literally trillions of lives on many thousands of worlds, the Alliance is faced with an extremely delicate situation here.

They feel that if they were engaged in open warfare by the Syndicate forces they would ultimately be victorious, but the conflict would be long and bloody, and the galaxy would revert to an era of savagery and violence unheard of for hundreds of millennia. As an interesting sidebar, the Federation has stated that should such an awesome thing happen and it appeared that it would spread to Federation-controlled space, they would be willing to commit their full resources in support of the Alliance. This is an almost unheard-of deviation from the usual Federation policy of peace at whatever price.

Sidebar #2: the tragic destruction of Korean Airlines flight 007 was in fact the result of a direct Omegas command from officers within the Soviet military. The article you copied from the Examiner is not too far from reality. The intention was to create a further heightening of international tensions to cover up a number of covert actions they were taking in the Soviet government in order to gain more intimate control of the Kremlin.

Actually, the struggle is not, as you mentioned, for control of Earth per se, since the Omegans have no personal interest in the human race as previously thought, BUT they know that with our four-billion-plus lives to consider, the Alliance cannot deal with them as they did on Kaldan. We are in effect their life insurance. That in combination with the backing of the Syndicate has emboldened them to the point of brazen disregard for Alliance activity. KAL 007 was as much a spit in the face of the Alliance as anything else.

While the world is not under the "rigid control of the negatives", the communications media ARE indirectly under their whip. My contacts have also informed me of fifteen cases this year alone where people have been contacted to one extent or another, and in attempting to tell of it were simply exterminated.

As well, a subtle new tack being undertaken on a trial basis by Omegan forces is to engage in contact with people who have previously met the space people and have told of it, and by presenting themselves as the same ones previously met with, they've then indulged in horrific examples of mental and physical torture which the contactee then attributes to his original contacts. We've found out that in a few cases, they've even proclaimed themselves to be Alliance people, and twice they've called themselves Korendians.

It is for this reason, and the fact that the Kors have stated that they will not contact anyone but me, which leads to the warning that if any contactee finds himself in the presence of space people claiming to be Korendians, he or she is most strongly advised to get the hell out of there FAST.

This is a paramount consideration: if the public ever got wind of the Omegan situation and decided to rise en masse against them the result would be a devastating carnage involving millions of lost lives and wholesale destruction of our civilization.

The Omegans have committed their entire existence to Earth, and sacrificed their Kaldan headquarters in the process. They feel secure in knowing that the Alliance cannot deal with them openly. If they found that the people of Earth were rising against them, and saw their very existence imperiled (without GUARANTEED support from the Syndicate, who might view such an eventuality as proof of the unviability of the Omegan organization) they might view themselves as being backs-against-the-wall and react by taking us all down with them. Their influence is such that they could easily precipitate a full-scale nuclear exchange that would render Earth useless to anyone.

For your consideration, this analysis: the Omegans are an arm of the Syndicate, and they receive their backing, BUT, like Cuba is to the Russians, the Omegans are to the Syndicate. Earth is located almost centrally in the combined region controlled by the Federation and the Alliance, ergo is spatially isolated from the Syndicate-controlled areas.

The Alliance feels that an out-and-out attack on Omegans here might provoke the Syndicate enough to spur them into rash responses that could well develop into the interstellar war I mentioned earlier. The approach must therefore be to deal with the Omegans in such a way as to convince the Syndicate that they aren't worth wasting all that energy and material to bolster them.

The Alliance is capable of creating the necessary impediments to Omegan operations elsewhere in the galaxy, but what must be done on Earth, their headquarters, amounts to guerilla warfare, They must be undermined and their influence abated and ultimately destroyed WITHOUT precipitating a retaliation that would blast Earth back into the stone age.

It is the Alliance's suspicion that the Syndicate will not risk a massive confrontation in which their losses will be as devastating as ours, and that they would probably not win in the end, if the source of the conflict is a far-flung group that cannot demonstrate that it merits such support.

The Omegans are maintaining us in a state of war-readiness and hatred for their own ends, which are primarily to keep us from looking into the deeper reasons for such a state. A nation inflamed with passion does not delve into the motivations of its enemies.

Therefore, it is our duty as citizens of the Earth to resist that with every fiber of our being (not, of course, in such a way as to lay ourselves open to a one-sided action by the Omegan-controlled regimes -- unilateral disarmament is a fatal fallacy). What must be done is to convince the entire planet, Communists, Fascists, and free men alike, of the utter futility of our present course of action, WITHOUT revealing to them the alien nature of the power that maintains this sad state.

I suspect that ultimately the Alliance will recommit vast resources into the hidden struggle against Omegan presence, and more and more evidence will be detected by AWARE people such as we of the activity of our space brethren (I also expect that the Federation will stay out of this one entirely -- they've already indicated their unwillingness to get involved in this covert operation, and have told us that if their own operatives here are endangered, they'll simply be withdrawn outright).

What we as aware people must do is involve ourselves with efforts to initiate this struggle toward a just and lasting world peace. The pressure must be sustained and must build. The Omegans must know that, identified or not, their presence on Earth is not going to be tolerated, and that humanity will ultimately achieve great things at their expense.

Message date: 2/25/1986

As of this writing (2/25/86), the retraining and infiltration of agents is about 20% behind schedule, due to a problem with several Omegan "double agents" that were planted in the ranks of those selected to return to Earth. The term "double" is apt, because the original people were killed, and replaced by cloned duplicates, so nearly perfect that they passed the rigid testing that is given all field agents before assignment. Once in place, they sabotaged major computer sub-systems in the Massachusetts and California bases, the principal re-entry locations.

This was done by modifying several critical programs (and their triplicate back-ups) so that the process of recall became a logistical nightmare. For one, the modifications made subtle changes in the data being relayed to Korendor so that their own computers would misinterpret the information and draw erroneous conclusions concerning the progress of the reinstallation.

For another, it made some sophisticated alterations in the training routines, so that over 70,000 field ops had to be brought back in and reprocessed, to erase "psychological bombs" implanted in their memory patterns that would have rendered them oblivious to or incapable of responding to certain types of overt Omegan activities.

These ops were scheduled for sensitive positions in the governments of America, Russia, China, England, France, Germany, Japan and Egypt. The results could have devastated if not crippled the Alliance ability to react appropriately to Omegan operations. In fact, the detection of the changes was literally an accident.

One of the ops returned to the base for decontamination after being exposed to a highly toxic chlorine-based gas leaking from a storage canister of what the Kors identified as Chemi-Kill 723-DQA, found in an abandoned Omegan office complex in Stockholm. During routine post-treatment psych-scanning, critical areas of the man's training patterns were discovered to have been modified.

The training programs were reviewed immediately, and compared with the three back-ups, each of course agreeing with the other. The consensus was that it might be a random aberration, but to confirm it the Mass. Base contacted California and compared programs. Again, total agreement. The incident was about to be written off as a fluke, until a psychtech decided on his own initiative to compare the man's patterns with those of another operative just out of training. The identical variants were found.

The focus immediately returned to the programming. A fresh copy of the training routines was obtained from Korendor and put through a byte-by-byte comparison with those in use on Earth. Out of the 423.857692 gigabytes of data in the training programs, 3.821979 were changed. Then came the task of tracking down how long this bad data had been in use.

There was no written or recorded notice of modifications as is required after changing so much as one byte of data by proper channels. It was about four days before the original designer of the programs could be found, because as Murphy's Law would have it, he was on vacation in the mountains of Korendor, and left no forwarding address. When finally located, he relayed to Earth that the program itself keeps track of the modification dates, by updating a "clock" in the master software each time the programming is accessed in a "write" mode.

The clock indicated that the defective programming had been in place for 133 days, and in that time, Massachusetts and California had released together 70,855 field ops designated for the high-level government positions worldwide. These were of course immediately brought back and reprocessed, but the delay reduced the number of new ops going through. The setback has been labelled serious, but not critical, and a stepped-up feedthrough rate is catching up on the original target levels.

This is but one indication of the sophistication and thoroughness of the Omegan faction, and the fact that they were able to carry out this ingenious subterfuge under the noses of the best in the Alliance gives us of Earth pause in thinking we're able to combat them by ourselves. In comparison to the Alliance, our abilities are little more than nursery-school.

"Total victory" is just that. The Alliance is locked at this moment in an all-or-nothing struggle with the Omegans and their sponsors in "The Syndicate". There will be no compromise here. If the Alliance wins, the Omegans will be crushed and "The Syndicate" will be served notice that it is unwelcome in this region of the galaxy. If it loses, Earth is lost, and "The Syndicate" will redouble its efforts to recruit renegade organizations throughout the region in an all-out war against the Alliance, the Federation, and the dozens of other interstellar agencies.

Infiltrators have gained access to the Syndicate data banks, and the sheer size and power it represents would make inevitable a pan-galactic conflict that could conceivably render a majority of the inhabited worlds in our galaxy lifeless. This may seem a bit far-fetched, but this galaxy of ours is in universal terms a really small place when dealing with technologies to which interstellar travel is no more than a walk to the corner store.

In short, the future of the Milky Way is being played out in microcosm right here on our besieged little Earth, and we poor denizens of this blue planet are unwitting, unknowing pawns in the most important chess game in history.

My letter of 23 October 1983 outlined the situation and the Alliance approach to it. This is a business of utter delicacy and refinement. Checks and balances are being accommodated that make our most crucial international affairs seem like the games of children.

As to Alliance strategy, the above-cited letter sums it up, but as a refresher, the "Syndicate" is monitoring from afar the Omegan operations on Earth. It is aware that Earth and this system are in a region of space dominated by Alliance and Federation jurisdictions. It is also aware that Earth, being unaligned with any group, is not subject to overt action by its protectors against Omegan activities.

The Omegans are being financed and directed by the Syndicate, but with the understanding that it is not to openly carry out its takeover programs. It must act "undercover" and obtain control of Earth by covert means only. This assures that the Alliance and the Federation will be forced to respond in kind, to avoid involving Earth's people in the conflict. It is thus a test of power against power, skill against skill, cunning against cunning.

The Omegans are historically ruthless and brutal, but the Syndicate has reined this in regards to our planet's populace, and restricted it only to alien operatives. Fettered this way, the Omegans are, so to speak, champing at the bit, and when they have an opportunity to vent their frustrations against an Alliance or Federation agent, their viciousness is amplified a thousand-fold. They have devised torture so exquisitely agonizing that the infamous Dr. Mengele might seem like no more than a cruel little boy pulling the wings off of flies.

Occasionally, they'll send one of their victims back to the Alliance, barely alive, savagely violated, and driven utterly mad from the pain. Apparently, this is the Omegan version of nose-thumbing. In these instances, it is only the Alliance's sense of duty and commitment to its ideals that saves the Omegans from an awesomely vindictive retaliation.

Kalen-Li has said that he has felt shame on these occasions for the ill thoughts he has harbored, and the consuming hatred he has felt. Even Lin-Erri, the embodiment of femininity and gentleness, has described to me things she envisioned being done to Omegans that are the antithesis of all she mirrors. The human frailties of grief, anger and revenge are present even in these advanced beings. We need have no feeling of guilt for showing them in ourselves. We need, however, to embrace their capacity for restraining these faults by inner strength and resoluteness.

The battle for Earth is being waged in the shadows, away from the eyes of Earth's people. The Omegans know that bringing it into the open will violate the conditions under which the Syndicate is backing them, and that they will immediately be abandoned and left to the mercy of the Alliance, which quite probably would have no great incentive to show them any.

The Alliance knows that if it openly attacks the Omegans, the full brunt of the Syndicate would be mustered against them, and the ensuing war would be a cataclysm of unprecedented fury and deadliness.

The only inklings we have of what's going on are those that we find "between the lines" in the news of the day. The AWARE person can see the forces of Light and Darkness at war on this planet. It's not a conflict that will be soon resolved. It may take decades to fully expunge the Omegans, but the Alliance has made that commitment and it will not back down.

The best that we of Earth can do is go on about our business, nodding knowingly at the unfolding drama in the world, and doing our best to influence those around us to adopt the ways outlined so long ago by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we can do our small part to restore to America its lost innocence and morality, we'll have gone a long way toward throwing a king-size wrench in the gears that power the Omegan machine of destruction.

That is the one effective way that our planet has of battling the Omegan invaders, and easing the work of the Korendians and the Alliance. We cannot hope to meet them in combat, but by swaying the people toward love, truth, and the laws of God, we can make their task so difficult that the Omegans will be hard-pressed indeed to handle both the confrontation with the Alliance and the resistance of the Earth's people to the forces of evil.

Message date: 10/16/1987

Updates on the situation:

The Earth situation is still "stabilized", but this isn't true elsewhere. The Mars base has been abandoned and destroyed, and all personnel are reassigned to Copernicus (Mars was a military outpost). The base was determined to be logistically and tactically indefensible against Omegan/Kalran actions. (They have formed a loose coalition in the past several months, with the Kalrans being unaffected by the Syndicate proscriptions against direct action, and having many old scores to settle with the Alliance.)

The Alliance has in its favor this same Kalran non-involvement with the Syndicate, which won't back the Kalrans, thus leaving the Alliance free to respond to attacks as it sees fit. The primary benefit the Kalrans have found is having support from the Omegans for its overt actions against the Alliance, except on Earth, and the Omegans in turn have obtained a large, fearsome military force with few scruples and a lot of blood-lust.

The various "Sector Commands" of the Confederation are ill at ease about this turn of events, and it's very possible that the Alliance will enter into some sort of treaty with the Confederation, who frankly admitted their inability to repulse Kalran operations, and approached the Alliance with proposals.

The Confederation remains firmly committed to exploring every possible avenue to a non-violent solution, and still firmly opposes any intereference or military action in another world's affairs. However, out of necessity and dire reality they're also becoming a bit more pragmatic, and looking toward appropriate means of (to euphemize a bit) covering their tushes. If it means acceding in principle to an Alliance program of direct -- and if need be, violent -- action, then they will forego their high-minded principles and (at least indirectly) support such a policy.

This information will be generally unavailable through the usual Confederation channels to Earth people. They are eager to keep this as quiet as possible, and they realize the dangers of saying too much in a public forum. Ergo, their contacts and channels will be given very little information on the subject, if any. On the surface, at least, everything will be normal and positive.

Message date: 5/9/1988

An update on the situation from Kalen-Li:

"Good evening. I suspect that prior communications have failed to impress upon you the magnitude of Alliance confrontation with Omegan/Syndicate forces. We have not said until now, because we in the Terra team did not know ourselves until recently, that Earth is not the only world where this encounter is taking place. There are 16 other planets in approximately your state of social and scientific development where equivalent events are occuring.

"This information was disseminated 23 days ago as of the date of this communication (note: 8 May 88) by the Council of Elder Masters, after questioning and pressure from what you call "higher realms" could no longer be satisfactorily dealt with by the CEM. Until that time it was felt that maximum effort could be anticipated in the 17 locales only if each group believed that their situation was unique and the deciding factor in this struggle.

"When this knowledge was made available, it caused much confusion and a certain level of consternation and sadness within the 17 involved groups, because the policy in effect assumed that we in the field would do less than our best were we to know we were but one of many. In your terms, our pride was wounded, and the hurt was made more acute with the awareness that our own leaders entertained this lack of trust and faith in us.

"The Council has since apologized profoundly for this lapse of respect and honor for their workers throughout the affected areas. It has been accepted, although there are yet indications that not all have completely forgiven and forgotten. Some pains do not go away at once.

"Nevertheless, the positive must prevail, and armed with the knowledge of these other groups, we have begun to pool our resources and information. We have learned many things that isolated teams could not discern by themselves, and have been told of techniques for combatting the Omegans that in fact we had not suspected. In turn, our own experiences have done much to aid the other groups. It is unfortunate that this combined action was so long delayed by the Council for reasons that should never have been given a moment's thought.

"I mention all this to assure you that your little world is not a special place singled out by the powers that be for these activities. Earth has no particular merits to cause it to be the center of Omegan interest. Rather, it is one of those places where Alliance mettle can be tested other than on the open field of battle, because of its unalignment and lack of formal protectorate status.

"We of the Terra project have treated it with profound interest because our team has been with you for these many years, and we hold your lovely world and its citizens in high favor. The Confederation finds it interesting primarily because this system is deeply within their own sphere of influence and control, whereas the other sixteen planets are in unestablished areas or on the outer fringes away from the central regions of aligned sectors.

"Rest assured that the Terra team will continue to treat you as our sole interest, and we will wage this conflict with every bit as much effort as we would expend were you the only world in all creation in this predicament. To us, you are our only concern. Winning this war will not end the Omegan problem except here on Earth, but to us that is of paramount importance. You shall not have less than our utmost efforts. For now, I bid you love and light."

Message date: 2/24/1989

Are the Omegans practically vanquished? No, but the ground rules are now firm and they've become resigned to having their activities laid bare to the people of Earth. The conditions under which they are operating as imposed by Syndicate dictate prevent them from unprovoked physical hostility toward Terrans, and our mere awareness of their presence is not adequate provocation.

Message date: 3/28/1997

Now, further information on the "contest":

It has been revealed to me that the entire confrontation involving the Alliance, the Confederation, The Omegans and the "Syndicate" is being watched impassively by a highly-advanced intergalactic race some 80 million years older than any other civilization that the Alliance has ever encountered.

Dubbed "The Moderators" (they have offered no formal diplomatic contact or full identification), they have been in control of the local cluster of galaxies for at least 75 million years. Until the onset of this business, they've been content to stand aside and simply observe the activities of the various races and organizations in the galaxies.

They have occasionally left tantalizing traces of their presence, but only recently did they reveal themselves simultaneously to all parties, and establish the ground rules outlined in my last letter. They are serving as judges of the ongoing conflict, and will award governing of this galaxy to whichever side proves victorious.

They have no particular opinion on which side is "good" or "evil". They exist as the long-hypothesized gestalt of pure intellect and energy, and have no physical use for the material universe. We are, to be blunt, little more than bacteria under their microscopes. Our conflicts have no interest to them except as objects of scientific curiosity, much as we might be fascinated by antibodies in the blood fending off invading germs.

Although they are quite able to instantly terminate the Syndicate/Omegan actions in this galaxy, they have no desire to influence the outcome. Their purpose is, rather, to allow the confrontation to continue as a comprehensive study of whether the concept of what we call "good" is indeed more powerful than that which we call "evil". The Moderators have observed this conflict often, but their very advancement has rendered them literally beyond the ability to appreciate the two opposing forces.

They have witnessed good vs evil for millions of years without reaching a definitive conclusion, because until this time there has been no encounter on the scale of what's going on now. Low-level frictions have been about evenly divided as to the victorious side, but this is a battle that could determine the control of this galaxy for millenia and quite possibly result in trillions of lost lives if things get "hot".

This interests The Moderators because it promises to resolve many questions that, for all their great wisdom and understanding, they've been unable to answer. Whichever side is ultimately victorious will be granted control, and the experiment will be allowed to proceed to determine whether that side can maintain the control. In point of fact, this is a close to excitement as The Moderators have known for eons.

The "war" continues unabated, and has begun to take alarming turns. Although the activities on Earth have remained "by the book", the battle elsewhere is growing ever more violent.

The Mars base listed above has repeatedly been attacked by armed spacecrafts of both Omegan and Kalran origin, and remains on a state of Phase One Alert, with disruptor banks having a standing order to destroy any unidentified craft without hesitation. The two lunar bases have been put on Phase Two Alert because of several assaults by infiltrators that have damaged vital computer and life support equipment.

Those are the local problems. Within the core of the Alliance, Highest Alert is fully activated. This was called after simultaneous fusion bomb attacks on Korendor, Arcturia, Aletam, Varen-4 and Remerak left over 185 million unsuspecting citizens dead, and nearly half a billion injured. Astra-Lari lost a sister in one of the blasts, and Kalen-Li's son was a victim of another.

The attackers were traced back to a planet in the system of Taered (an otherwise unidentified 8'th magnitude star in the general direction of Gamma Bootis). A single unmarked carrier was launched, and from 800 million miles out, it teleported anti-matter into the heart of the planet. When it exploded, the entire world became a momentary nova and vanished (we should be seeing it in about 620 years). Alliance mercy is great, but Alliance justice is swift.

All civilian spacecraft now have military escorts with shoot-to-kill orders after a fleet of unarmed "space-liners" were attacked and destroyed by hit-and-run raiders. Avoidable space travel has been pre-empted, and the network of teleportals between Alliance worlds has been expanded fifty-fold to allow continued unrestricted access to those planets.

The less-militarily-ready Confederation has also been assailed by the "dark" forces, and the Alliance has offered its unrestricted aegis, which has not yet been officially accepted, but in all probability will be shortly.

Summation: the Alliance seeks peace at any reasonable price, but it will not surrender, and it is not beyond retaliation for horrific offenses. The Alliance will not initiate a war, but if war is inevitable, then the Alliance will wage it without hesitation or restriction.

As to the "State of the World", the situation has been temporarily "stabilized" (the Kors' word), but no real headway has been made, primarily because the full contingent of Field Ops is not yet in place, and the Alliance program relies heavily on united action from all of them. The Omegans are also reinforcing their own numbers, already estimated at over a million, so the criticality of the situation becomes more apparent almost hour by hour.

Section 3: Internet Bulletin Board Messages

The last section contains information supplied by the Kors for use on an Internet bulletin board, addressing questions that are included below..

Message date: 1/28/2005

Q: I don't know a lot so please forgive any ignorant questions I may ask, but I would to hear as much as I can! I was wondering if the intruders are what we call demons...

What is to follow has been cleared.

The intruders are not demons. The Alliance designates them as "Omegans", which is a reasonably close translation of the Galinguan word, which can't be posted directly because of the lack of a Galinguan font. As for their nature, they are "rebels" from the Confederation.

One commonality everywhere is that there are those who lust for power and control. Because of the Confederation's strict, inflexible policies of non-interference, there have been "splinter groups" within it who rebelled against its authority. The Confederation's policies worked against it in this case, because its non-interference directive and its hesitation to use military force allowed the rebels to act with little opposition and no interference.

Over time, the rebels began to organize and unite their limited forces until they became a signficant presence. However, they lacked an effective military force, and thus did not engage in active attacks on the Confederation. Rather, they spread out throughout this arm of the galaxy in search of non-aligned planets with a history of violence and militarism, coupled with fairly advanced scientific and technological capabilities. The intention is to shape and direct the civilizations' advancement so as to create powerful fighting machines. They have been quite successful on several of the worlds where they infiltrated.

Their methodology is always stealth and subterfuge. By infiltrating governments at the highest levels, they create friction and distrust that keeps the people in a constant state of tension and wariness. Simultaneously they work within the sci-tech circles to "invent" new and more efficient weapons and systems to enhance the world's military power and efficiency.

When the time is right, the technologies for interstellar travel are introduced. The Omegans then stage an attack, allegedly from Confederation forces, on the premise that the world's military power and space-travel capability are viewed as a threat to the Confederation. The attacks always results in major but non-critical damage and a significant loss of life. The Omegans then introduce themselves and enlist the world's aid in combatting the Confederation attackers. The world of course is eager to unite its forces with theirs.

Over the centuries, this tactic has created a formidable military force that has become fearless and aggressive. And it is easy to see the process going on here on our little blue marble. The difference in our case is that this is the first targeted world that is in a system under Confederation jurisdiction. The Omegans have become so bold that they are in effect thumbing their noses and daring the Confederation to do anything. Since Earth is the only inhabited planet (despite what has been claimed by others), this system is not a high-priority consideration within the ruling bodies of the Confederation. They posture and protest, but they have offered only token resistance.

Q: Have they infiltrated our society so much that they can influence the wars around us so that we are killing ourselves instead of them having to do it?

Their control is generalized. They don't direct specific wars or aspects of war, since their purpose is to create another efficient, highly-trained and highly motivated war machine for their future purposes. However, they do manipulate international and internal conditions to maintain the atmosphere necessary to provoke war and enhance the preparations for it.

We will never engage in all-out nuclear war. That's not in the program. They need us alive and eager to fight, ergo they won't let us exterminate ourselves and waste a couple of centuries of effort.

Q: Are we involved now with the final battle between good and evil that all societies and religions think we are?

It's possible, although there is no religious aspect to their program. One could certainly call them "evil", although they wouldn't recognize our concept of it, being totally amoral. Their standards are purely pragmatic, based solely on the results of their actions. If they succeed, that's "good". If they fail, it's "evil". They are physically human, but philosophically and ideologically, they are quite alien to us.

In a subsequent post I'll offer some info on the Alliance and its activities here. Suffice it to say that their interpretation of non-interference is at odds with the Confederation's, and the relationship between the two groups is strictly formal.

Message date: 1/29/2005

Q: It all makes very good sense, the worse part is, how do we fight this...

To be blunt, we can't fight them directly. It would akin to children playing cops and robbers trying to take on a big-city gang. They have the advantages of technology and indifference to life. We would lose.

However, we can impede their efforts indirectly by working to create mindset changes in the people, by what used to be called "passive resistance". In the meantime, Alliance operatives have infiltrated the infiltrators, and are working "behind the scenes" to undermine and ultimately destroy their control. It's not a cold war. There are deaths on both sides. And if even Alliance agents are dying, we stand no chance.

"Resistance groups" might work in Hollywood films and TV shows, but in the real world, fighting against an enemy that is vastly superior in power and unhindered by morality is suicidal.

Q: the way they are doing it we won't know it till it happens...

Exactly, That's the M.O. However, Earth is the first world on which they have encountered opposition that is fully aware of their identity, and that is even more advanced than they are. It's their "test case", if you will. As such, they are expending great effort to maintain and strengthen their hold, without revealing themselves in a way that would lead to massive resistance from humanity. That, unfortunately, would lead to Earth being sent back to the stone age, using our own weapons against us.

It would be a last-ditch move, and an admission of defeat, since it would result in our usefulness to them being erased, and their 200-plus years of operations being rendered null and void. Ergo they are restrained by their need for secrecy. This provides the Alliance with an edge, because they can push harder than would be the case if that consideration were not a factor.

The Omegans are also constrained by the knowledge that should they decide on a direct confrontation with the Alliance here or anywhere, it would result in their being annihilated in a war "out there" on a scale that we cannot begin to imagine. The Alliance is by nature peace-loving and hesitant to engage in war, but unlike the Confederation, they have a formidable military force and the will to use it if becomes necessary. They have done so.

Q: I don't doubt a bit that our government isn't working with the intruders..

That requires a qualification. All governments of international importance are working "for" the Omegans, but they are unaware of it. They are being controlled, but with no knowledge of the existence of the controllers. They truly believe in what they are doing because they are being manipulated with great sophistication.

History has shown that a few persuasive individuals can incite whole nations to hatred and violence. One infamous example comes immediately to mind. Imagine how effective that can be when the inciters have been doing it for a thousand years on many worlds. They have had a lot of practice.

A long time ago, the Roman orator, Cicero, made an observation that is still 100% applicable in our day.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."
-- Marcus Tullius Cicero 42 B.C

The Omegans did not exist in his era, but the principles that he cited are timeless. The enemy within is always more dangerous than the enemy outside the gates.

Q: ...we have become the most powerful nation in the world.

We would have anyway. There have always been nations and empires that dominated others, from the Babylonians to the Romans to the Mongols to the British Empire to the Soviet Union. The US is at the moment THE world superpower, but China is emerging as a strong force in wold politics. This will become a significant factor in maintaining the state of tension that the Omegan operations require. The aware person can see the guiding hands in the arising of the Chinese to world prominence.

Q: We are taking over countries with lies saying we are there to save them..funny..just like what your describing the intruders do when they take over.!!!

Again, they don't direct specific actions. They just maintain the state of affairs that leads to actions.

Q: It give me the chills to think about it...It is the armageddon..!! This is the final battle and no one see's it coming !!

It's all according to the script. The difference is that we have a counterforce in operation here that is upsetting the timetable, so to speak. It is forcing the bad guys to invest far more time, resources and manpower than was necessary on other worlds. It's costing them dearly. And the Alliance is also in very high places around the world, working against the Omegan control.

The problem is that the Omegans have been here since the 18th century, whereas the Alliance began their operations in earnest in the early 1970s. Ergo, the "dark forces" have a lot of momentum built up, and they are deeply entrenched in the important nations. This makes the task considerably more difficult.

Q: They will follow like sheep like Cappy says..we won't ask questions like we should..we will be so happy to see aliens that say they are bringing peace that we will follow like blind sheep.!! OH this is bad !!

If we were on our own, it would indeed be bad, not so much for us as for the largely defenseless worlds that our allegiance to the Omegans would endanger. By the time we were given the ability to wage war "out there", we would have been purged of any moral inhibition against it.

No military power is so deadly as the one that wages war just because.

Q: Is there an alience of humans here on earth trying to stop this???

No, and it would be utterly futile to start one. It would be crushed without mercy as soon as it was discovered. The Alliance is familiar with the enemy and its capabilities. We are not.

Some years ago, a couple of young people in China learned of their presence, purely by accident (details are vague, but it apparently involved some documents that were lost by the person(s) responsible for them). Learning of the power "behind the throne", as it were, they decided to resist. Without describing the nature of the threat (who would have believed it?), they met with other idealistic youths and organized a protest in Tiananmen Square. On April 15, 1989, the protests began and snowballed. On May 4th, 100,000 students and workers amassed to demand democratic reforms. On May 20th, the PRC government declared martial law.

The government (under the guidance of certain people) chose to take a hard-line approach. Troops and tanks from the People's Liberation Army (a cynical misnomer if there ever was one) moved into the area. On June 3rd and 4th, the attacks and the killing began. Tanks ran over tents where people were sleeping. When it was over, according to the Chinese Red Cross, 2600 protesters were dead, and estimates of injuries go as high as 10,000. The pro-democracy movement was crushed (in some cases, literally).

That's what any resistance group that humanity could muster would face. It might not be as direct and open as what happened in Beijing, but the result would be the same. We are useful to the Omegans, but individuals and groups are expendable.

Q: God I hope so, you are not alone talking to them are you ??

I am the only official contact the Alliance has with us, for reasons dating back to 1960, before I knew that they existed. In the 60s they did contact people in authority, but after discovering the Omegan presence here and learning that some of those who were contacted were in fact Omegans, they ceased any direct communication with us. My last publicly-released info was in the March 1969 issue of UFO International, about a year before the Alliance became aware of the Omegan activity. The cessation was unrelated.

BTW, the Confederation officially denied that they were aware of the Omegan presence on Earth. The Alliance officially accepted the denial. However, my associates have stated flatly that there was no way they could not have known, and they therefore lied about it. This issue was never resolved.

Others have claimed contacts with the Korendians subsequent to mine, but they were proven to be liars. There have been no others.

I have been in constant communication with them since then, but it is understood that I have no duty whatever to reveal anything, and most of what I have learned cannot be publicly released in any case. They have even provided me with instructions on using my computer to access their own systems via the encrypted direct dial-in numbers used by their agents. Needless to say, that info will never be released.

So yes, I am alone in talking with them. After 44 years, they trust me.

Q: Please say we at least have someone out there trying to get this word out !!

No, there is no one else, for the reasons outlined earlier. We humans can't possibly resist them, and any attempt to do so would only compromise the Alliance operations.

Q: What can we do?

Nothing in a direct manner. But as I noted in a previous post, we CAN strive to open eyes and hearts to the need for a way of thinking that will render us less susceptible to the mindset that the intruders are seeking to create in mankind. And above all, we must avoid doing things that will only result in deadly consequences. The Alliance can deal directly and effectively with the Omegans. We can't.

Message date: 2/2/2005

Q: How are we going to change the mind set of people if they don't know what is going on ?

They foment distrust, hatred, envy and the other negative emotions. The way to fight it is to work against those emotions. It won't matter whether anyone ever knows of the behind-the-scenes activity. Negativity is dangerous whether or not any outside force is availing itself of it. And don't expect any mass "conversion". This has been going on for a couple of centuries. It won't change overnight.

Q: The problem we have the most is that the people in power have all the money and don't listen.

The power-brokers are the minority. A sea change begins at the bottom and works upward. And it may take a generation or two for humanity to reach a point where the mindset is altered sufficiently that mankind becomes unmanageable for the purposes of the Omegans.


As the culture changes toward the goal of the Omegan operation, the sense of danger will be felt in higher and higher levels of society. And be assured that the Alliance will be working diligently to enhance in every social stratum that awareness of the growing wrongness. They are present in those same high levels. It won't be a matter of a few of us trying to bring about a change of heart on our own.

However, reality demands they we understand that things will grow worse before they improve. It is that deterioration that will be the wake-up call for mankind at every level of society.

This is a long-term struggle. None of us are likely to see the fruits. Indeed, our children may not see more than the beginning of the change. However, their children assuredly will. If that seems like an intolerably long time, remember that the foe has been at work since the late 1700s. That's a lot of generations. What are two generations in comparison to that?

One thing we need to dispense with is the "microwave mentality" that expects instant results. Hollywood has conditioned us to expect miracles in a short time. The real world isn't so obliging. What takes two hours on the big screen might require 30 or 40 or 50 years in the real world. The Alliance is in it for the long haul. We can't expect a new world by tomorrow noon.

Q: They send their children to die in a war that no one believes in..yet they don't believe in killing..

The Omegans are creating a dispassionate, unfeeling military force to wage interstellar war and conquer worlds. Desensitizing mankind to the horrors of war is part of the process. The terrorists of 9/11 had the sort of cold, unfeeling, almost robotic dedication to death and destruction that the Omegans want to instill in us as a species. They might have done it in the name of their religion, but the goal is for mankind to become uncaring machines of violence and conquest devoid of any rationale other than the insatiable thirst for power.

As noted in a previous post, the initial motivation will be vengeance for a feigned attack on Earth by the Confederation. However, our intended destiny is to become a fighting force that wages wars of conquest. Our history shows that we have a predilection for that. Recall the Romans, the Mongols, the Vikings and the other conquerors. It is that very history that made us especially attractive to the Omegans. Their task is made easier when a species is prone to doing the very things that they are seeking.

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