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Omegans-Syndicate Info

May 9, 1988

This is a copy of a letter sent to the editor of UFO Review in 1988. It provides basic info on the nature of the Omegan situation. It was accurate at that time, but as expected, 20 years have altered the situation and the perceptions.

9 May 88

UFO Review


Inner Light Publications offers among its many items a book entitled "The Boys From Topside", which seems to give the lie to the concept that everything that transpires in space is sweetness and light. In fact, Wilbert Smith's writings failed only in not sounding the actual depth of the problem to which they alluded.

In that Gabriel Green is listed in the masthead of UFO Review as a contributor, I feel that he deems the magazine trustworthy, and its personnel and readers capable of handling less than savory details. Ergo, my associates from the United Worlds Alliance and specifically the planet Korendor (whose communications Gabriel carried in his magazines in the 1960's) have informed me that I am free to offer to UFOReview a limited summation of their activities on Earth and elsewhere in this present day, without preface.

Indeed, there is a conflict of literally interstellar proportions being waged at this very moment. It is not, as suggested by the book, "Danger On The Moon", which is occupied exclusively by the Alliance via its two sub-lunar bases ("entire underground cities" is apt, as my hours in the Plato Complex in July of 1987 drove home most forcefully).

Rather, the confrontation is on 17 planets within this sector of our galaxy. One of them is Earth. The "dark forces" are known as "Omegans", a somewhat inaccurate but contextually adequate translation of the name used by this force. The Omegans are under the watchful eye and occasional aegis of an organization of vast power and resources, known to the Alliance as "The Syndicate". The Korendians adopted the term from English to represent this body (otherwise unidentified), which operates in a manner suggestive of our world's criminal superstructure, ergo the name.

This is not, in our terms, a "hot" war on these 17 unaligned worlds. Rather, it is a protracted test being conducted by the Syndicate to determine if the Omegan forces can wrest control from the Alliance, which, while not officially representing any of these planets, has infiltrated them en masse to repulse the incursions of the Omegan influence. If the Omegans succeed, full Syndicate support is assured, and the results are fearsome to contemplate.

This activity is, per the rigid guidelines established by the Syndicate, to be covert on the 17 planets, although open hostility outside these arenas is sanctioned, and has resulted in a number of "firefights" on a scale that beggars our myopic, parochial understanding of warfare. Should the confrontations on any of these planets become actual war, the Syndicate will withdraw its support, and the Omegans know this would result in immediate extermination at the hands of Alliance military might.

It is problematical whether the Alliance could defeat the Syndicate in full warfare, but the best estimates of Alliance tacticians, and the scant information filtering out of the Syndicate from a small group of agents, suggest that they have no more desire than the Alliance to test their worth in combat. In itself this is considered a plus for the Alliance, because reservation on the part of the "dark forces" is usually interpreted as awareness of internal inadequacies that render a sure victory unlikely.

The Alliance presence on Earth is of heroic proportions, with literally hundreds of thousands of agents and an enormous expenditure of materiel and resources. Their approach, unlike that of other visiting groups, is not to communicate with us but rather to work "underground", so to speak, in clandestine counteraction against the existing Omegan power base.

Indeed, our lack of awareness of their actions is critical to the success of their operations, and they have cautioned repeatedly that any overt large-scale resistance to Omegan control by Terrans would almost certainly initiate a nuclear holocaust that would leave little on Earth worth having.

In fact, it is only in the past few weeks that the Alliance has cleared me to offer even this much information about their activities and the Omegan peril. They feel that there is no longer any substantial merit in continuing to conceal this menace, if such information is disseminated with the over-riding imperative that under no circumstances is it to engender any form of "resistance movement" on our part.

For one, we would have no way of determining what in fact constituted an Omegan operation; for another, if we did inadvertently happen upon one of their "hornets' nests", we have no capacity whatever to oppose them, and it would result in instant death to all involved.

The Omegans are many things. They are not merciful.

The conflict must therefore be waged outside our knowledge. The Alliance has the power to do this. Their goal is to drive the Omegan influence away from these 17 worlds so definitively that the Syndicate must conclude that their support is unwarranted. This is an understanding that has already been reached by the Alliance and the Syndicate -- the galactic version of the Geneva Convention, as it were.

The Syndicate has indicated disinterest in backing the Omegans with military power during the course of this testing process; the Alliance, while expressing its extreme distaste for the Syndicate's presence and policies, has in turn acknowledged that their interests are primarily directed toward erasing the Omegan power structure once and for all.

With this (for lack of a better term) "gentleman's agreement", the Omegan forces are the focus of the conflict. They have in the last year accepted the aid of a second "dark force" known as Kalrans (a long-term foe of the Alliance with even fewer redeeming characteristics than the Omegans). This has created a new and exceedingly dangerous variation in the "game plan".

The Kalrans are not averse to attacking any planet openly and overwhelmingly if they find it militarily justifiable. It was this unholy allegiance that precipitated the bloody battles mentioned earlier. By themselves, the Omegans would probably have avoided the confrontations.

Now, the crucial question: what can we of Earth do to aid in this struggle. The answer is already with us -- the New Age. Although we cannot hope to defeat the Omegans openly, we have non-violent weapons of irresistible power. Light, love, brotherhood, peace, spiritual awareness. These are things that other beings from higher planes and other worlds have impressed upon us countless times, and indeed these communications are delivered with the profound blessings of the Alliance.

This may seem strange from an organization whose presence here is directed toward driving out the Omegans by force, yet it is eminently logical. The Omegans have prospered on Earth by maintaining our people in a constant state of readiness for war, by instilling in us the suspicion and hatred that renders all but impossible an enlightened society committed to peace and love. They manipulate our warrior instincts. Take them away and the Omegan influence loses one of its critical tools. Whom they cannot control, they cannot conquer.

Lastly, the Alliance will not offer verification of Ashtar, Bashar, Tibus, or any other entity. Rather, they recommend that the messages be accepted without thought to the claims about their origins. Many who believe that they are "putting one over" on the gullible are in fact being used as unwitting mouthpieces.

This point bears expansion. There are, as there were in the early years, many who enter the field with every intention of charlatanism, with no more noble goal than peddling snake oil to a world aching from its human woes. The terms used to describe them vary -- hucksters, phonies, liars and so on. They have no honesty in them, no higher awareness, no motivation other than profit at the expense of eager followers.

Our visitors know this, and it makes their use of these cat's-paws deliciously ironic. They relish controlling these people like marionettes, allowing them to live with their delusions that they're "baffling us with b-s" while all the time they're just useful little robots, a parallel to Lenin's "useful idiots", doing the bidding of the very beings that they think they've invented.

Often, "contactees" and "channels" who believe that they have found in the New Age a good source of "fast bucks" by creating far-out tales of disk-riding superhumans, or of ethereal beings living in other planes of existence, are in actuality being psychically imprinted with information that they then assume to be issuing from their own fertile imaginations. Their embellishments are perhaps unfortunate, but the basic messages that they present are not their own, whether they like that or not.

They think they're using the New Age movement. In truth, it's using them.

Thus, the advice: heed the message, not the messenger. The New Age is our one weapon against the "dark forces". Success is vital. Failure is doom. There's no middle ground.

Va i luce. Go in light.

2008 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved