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This page is a "Miscellaneous" drawer in the TerraKor file cabinet. It's where factoids and assorted bits and pieces of information go when they don't merit separate pages. It will expand as new tidbits need a home.

Korendian Time-Keeping

One Korendian day = 24h 19m 31.0632s = 87571.063s Earth time

There is a time standard for the Alliance as a whole, listed on the Units page. Each planet has its own time-keeping system, since there are no cases where the Alliance standard matches the needs of an individual world. The planets might use the same terminology as the Alliance system, or have their own set of units. Korendor does use the UWA terminology, but the values are different.

LT is the English equivalent to the Korendian term for the "local time" suffix. It is always written, but is typically omitted for spoken use.

Korendian Time-Keeping
Time UnitAbbreviationValue
Rhek-LTRLT43.7855315 seconds = 1.01365178 Rhek
Karhek-LTKLT100 Rhek-LT
Redaar-LTDLT2000 Rhek-LT; 20 Karhek-LT

There is no AM or PM. Mid-day is 10.00 Karhek-LT or KLT; time is always written and displayed using 4-digits and decimals, e.g., 09.25 or 15.00, but spoken time varies.

Korendian Geography

Korendian circular measure is in Vaeri (vay-ree), 1/1000 of a circle = 0.36 degree. The Korendian version of the map found on the Graphics page would be demarcated in 50-vaeri increments.

Korendor/Earth distance units (rounded)
Thali12.94978 meters = 42.48604 feet
Kathali1294.978 meters = 4248.604 feet = 0.80466 mile
Mile1.24276 kathali

As the map shows, longitudes on Korendor increase in an easterly direction, with 0 deg just east of Vrell City. Latitudes are positive for northern and negative for southern.

Vrell city coordinates (Hall of Korendor)
CoordinateEarth degreesKorendian vaeri
Longitude355.417 deg987.2694 vaeri
Latitude10.682 deg N29.6722 vaeri

The Hall of Korendor is at the geographic center of Vrell City.

Vrell City zones (centered on Hall of Korendor)
VC core area590 sq mi13.75 mi27.5 mi
VC w/urban area1292 sq mi20.30 mi40.6 mi
VC w/suburb-res area5387 sq mi41.482.8 mi

The 13-mile-wide forest belt surrounds the VC suburban area, separating it from the residential zone. It is included in the area total above. It begins at about 23 miles from the geographic center, marking the outer limit of the suburban zone. Many homes are within the belt. Its density decreases as one moves outward, and the outer 8 miles are considered part of the residential zone.

The various zones are defined by convention. Except for the outer perimeter of the suburban zone marked by the forest belt, there is no sharp break from one zone to another.

Landmarks from the 2007 visit to Korendor
Spaceport13.9 sq mi; center 34.4 mi from geog ctr at bearing 90 deg
CI campus1.31 sq mi; center 15.6 mi from geog ctr at bearing 213.5 deg
VCU campus5.62 sq mi; center 18.9 mi from geog ctr at bearing 178.2 deg
"Lovers' Lane"4.65 sq mi; center 38.1 mi from geog ctr at bearing 9.4 deg
Dal-Tren home38.16 mi from geog ctr at bearing 191.3 deg
Kalen-Li home34.95 mi from geog ctr at bearing 184.8 deg
Astra-Lari home22.83 mi from geog ctr at bearing 88.7 deg
The Gardens19.27 mi from geog ctr at bearing 92.3 deg
The "mall"18.31 mi from geog ctr at bearing 81.6 deg

People and Words – Vrell City Tour

This table explains terms that were used in "A Love Written In The Stars".

Vrell City Glossary
Cendrol100 Korendian days
ChronA clock or other time display
Cybernetic (or Cybernetics) Institute (CI)The largest computer and software company on Korendor, and the third largest in the Alliance. CI is in no way affiliated with Terran companies or institutions of that name.
MalimaniNo exact translation; our closest word is "hunk"
MialanaEquivalent to "my sweetheart" or "my darling", but much more intimate; used by women
MialaniSame as mialana, but used by men
Pera tralaA fruit-based drink used for both formal and informal gatherings; six blends; viscosity of vegetable oil or light syrup
Telescreen/VisiscreenTelevision or video display
TranstechTransfer portal technicians – operate and maintain the portal system

This table lists the Korendians identified by name in the VC tour. It is in no particular order. It includes only those who are not found elsewhere on this site. As always, these are not their actual names. They are either phonetic equivalents or names chosen in the usual format for "space brothers" names.

Vrell City People
Dal-TrenAstra's father
Dara-KelAstra's mother
Harel VerikHigh Director of all of Korendor
Karlon-RemiDirector (Mayor) of Vrell City
Kimi-JenAstra's sister
Petra-KrenOwner/manager of The Gardens
Taran-KoraChef of The Gardens
Mara-TeriServer at The Gardens
Marok-VandChief Systems Analyst of CI
Talor-BrelDirector General of CI
Lana-TeriaSoftware intern at CI; guide at VCU
Tara-LaniOne of Astra's neighbors
Teela-BethLittle girl in mall

Korendian Vital Statistics

The following table lists some basic statistics concerning the people of Korendor.

Korendian Vital Statistics
% Population – male49.86
% Population – female50.14
Avg lifespan – male984 Earth years – 217 Kor years
Avg lifespan – female989 Earth years – 218 Kor years
Longest life known1147 Earth years – 253 Kor years
Height - adult male46-48 inches
Height - adult female44-46 inches
Weight - adult male70-82 pounds (on Earth)
Weight - adult female60-70 pounds (on Earth)
Fertility rate2.04
Literacy rate> 99.9%
% pop < 25 Earth years4.97
% pop 25-100 Earth years13.62
% pop > 100 Earth years81.41

Alliance Military Ranks

The following are the United Worlds Alliance military ranks. There are no separate services such as Army or Navy, as found on Earth, although there are divisions that serve specific purposes. There are also no rank names such as we have, e.g., Private, Lieutenant or general. These tables list the ranks and their closest Terran equivalents. For usage in English, the Terran designations are appropriate when available. K, G and E are transliterations of Galinguan letters.

First Tier: Equivalents to non-coms
Rank DesignationEarth Equivalent
K-3 to K-5Sergeant

Second Tier: Lieutenants to Majors
Rank DesignationEarth Equivalent
G-2No equiv
G-5No equiv

Third Tier: Colonels and Generals
Rank DesignationEarth Equivalent
E-1, E-2Colonel
E-3, E-4No equiv
E-5 to E-7General

The account of the Plato tour, Chapter 1, refers to the military ranks applied to Project Terra personnel.

Future Factoids

More to come ...

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