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Notes on The TerraKor Files

23 September 2018

The 1960s files are from copies of the texts sent to Mr. Gabriel Green of AFSCA, from which he obtained the material for UFO International and Flying Saucers International issues 18-29. They therefore do not contain the edits that Mr. Green made for the publication. His intention was to "humanize" them in order to appeal to a wider audience.

This excerpt from an August 4, 1967 letter to Mr. Green explains his decision.

I wish to quote you from an early letter - 21 Sept 63, to wit, "I can understand your point of view in not wanting to get overly gushy with so-called non-essential information. But it is exactly those personal emotions, feelings, reactions, etc, that you are omitting that the average reader thrives on and which keeps him reading. Most people can understand human emotions and do expect them in a story..." etc. and so forth ad page-end.

In many cases they helped to "flesh out" the contacts, but they would serve no purpose here.

The texts were created by scanning the carbon copies and (where available) typed copies, and using the Textbridge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program to convert them to editable form. In the process, the inevitable inaccuracies in the OCR output were corrected — the program is excellent, but scans of 1960s-era documents mercilessly abused it. Spelling, typographical and grammatical errors, and clumsy wording due to youthful inexperience in writing, were also amended.

Now that the Korendians have made available via implant technology the full records of all contacts and communications, a comprehensive proofreading of the material is taking place. Errors in transcription resulting from misunderstanding and from long, early-morning hours of typing are being corrected as they are found.

However, the tenor of the 1960s, when the majority of the reports were written, has been maintained, and the contents for the most part say nothing significantly different.

In the places where textual alterations have been made, it was with the approval of the Korendians. Notes are highlighted by italics. Some of the notes were from the original texts, but the majority of them were added to clarify or update information during the conversion process when deemed appropriate, also with the approval of the Korendians.

As well, in a number of places, the early-1960s understanding of Korendian technology has been updated to reflect our vastly greater 21st-century knowledge and language. The modifications are rewordings, not revisions.

It should be noted that enormous social, cultural and scientific changes have occurred since the early 1960s, and much if not most of this information is purely of historical value. The Alliance program has been drastically modified in that time.

One factor negatively impacted the text: on a number of occasions I was fed deliberately false information. This was not done by the Korendians, but rather by a group that is hostile to the Kor-Alliance operations here. Their intent was to put the Korendians in a bad light by providing inaccurate or deceptive information, using a method that led me to believe that it came from the Kors. Since I had no reason to suspect the information, I relayed it to Mr. Green for publication without questioning it.

The following section details one such incident.

Information on file C 19621201

The story behind this is evidence that even in the early days of their work on Earth, the Korendians were under assault by forces that were and still are intractably inimical to them and their purpose.

The last line of the previous contact (November 17, 1962) reads as follows:

"Bob, the next regular contact is 0200 hours, December 1. Kylen-Rex signing clear."

I accepted that at face value, since there was no reason to question it. The "contact" reproduced in the file "C 19621201" occurred at the scheduled time. Because I was an atheist at the time, the startling and unprecedented information that it provided reinforced my own views and was therefore readily accepted. When it was over, the information was typed up and set aside per this instruction at the beginning:

"You have my advice not to reveal this."

The text does not say anywhere that there would be follow-up information. I thus assumed that it was provided for personal reference only, and did not discuss it with the Korendians. I did mention it to Gabriel Green, and after a while sent him a copy of it with the proviso that it was not for public release. After reading it, Mr. Green agreed completely with that restriction.

Nothing further was said of it, and it was forgotten until this project to commit all information to computer files was begun in 2003. When we were correlating the typed records that I had in my files with the Kors' records, we arrived at the contact of December 1, 1962. They informed me that there was no communication on that date, and requested that I relay it to them via the email address of one of their personnel in a nearby city.

I scanned the relevant carbon-copy pages and forwarded them to the agent. An hour later, I received a reply email asking me to log on to their computer system via a local phone number and my browser. I did so and we began an attempt to find out the truth almost 41 years later.

An intensive scan of their records turned up no communications on that date. When I sent them the line from the November 17 contact purporting to be from Kylen-Rex, they verified that he had closed that contact, but not with the line in question. They focused on the data recorded during the contact, and discovered in the communication system log a reference to a very subtle five-second signal anomaly involving a phase-shift between my receiver and their transmitter.

The communication techs studied it and decided that for five seconds I was receiving a signal from another transmitter. It was on the exact frequency, but the signal was about 10 out of phase with theirs, and the circuitry in my receiver transmitted the phase change to them, where it was logged and filed.

The conclusion we quickly reached was that persons unknown were monitoring the Korendian transmission and added the comment from Kylen-Rex in a very close simulation of his voice. The purpose was to set up the parameters for the faked contact of December 1.

We also concluded that the transmission was from a location very close to my home, probably within a few hundred feet, using low power and a highly directional antenna to avoid being detected by anyone else. The logical source was a wooded area across the road from me, which was a vacant lot at the time. It was also within the signal "footprint" of the transmission from the Kors.

Directly behind my home is a steep hill that would serve as a signal absorber to confine the reception to my immediate area. Needless to say, four decades later there is no trace of any such equipment, although everything within a mile radius was thoroughly scanned by a probe disc on the slightest chance that it might have been abandoned.

Lastly, the credibility of the bogus transmission was enhanced by the closing line: "Lin-Erri here. Our next contact will be in person, on the 29th of this month. For now, va i luce. RK-11 clearing." This contact did occur as stated. It was determined that a Kor information message to me on 24 November—short messages for specific purposes, requiring no acknowledgement, were automatically recorded as they arrived—was intercepted, and the info was added to the end of the text to reinforce the perception of its validity. It worked.

The discovery of this fraud led to a thorough checking of all my typed copies and carbons from those years. Two Korendian agents and I studied every line of the hundreds of pages of copies, comparing them with their own records, looking for other erroneous information in my contacts and in my communications with Mr. Green based on them. We discovered a significant number of places where false or altered information had been provided.

It has been asked, "How do you remember long monologues and conversations so clearly?" The answer does not involve photographic memory. My memory is no better than the next person's. Because of that, I made a point of asking them how I would be able to recall lengthy contacts.

I was told that when the time came to commit the information to paper—often weeks or months later—I would "remember" the events and the words spoken by means of "imprinting", a technology that they use to impress information directly into the brain for later recall. There it remained until it was committed to paper, at which point it would fade away like any other memory.

The imprinting was done "after the fact", usually during sleep. Unfortunately, the technique that they used was not exclusive to them, and it provided a method to inject misinformation by "editing" the impressed memories.

In examining my typed copies of the reports, it was determined that some of the information that I "remembered" was not what they had imprinted. In such cases, a note will be added re "IC", for "Imprint Change".

The changes initially were not major, since that would have caused conflict with my own memories of the events. They were subtle, but they played into the mythology of the time, e.g., that most of the planets in the solar system were inhabited, which even at that time was known to be scientifically implausible. As time passed and their sophistication increased, their tampering grew bolder and often involved paragraphs rather than a few words. That can be seen in the later contacts of the series.

The fraudulent information, regardless of the method used to provide it, will be included in the files, since I do not wish to "cleanse" them. However, notes will be added to point it out.

Included in this compilation is a group of five files called "Spurious Contacts". It contains the reports that the Korendians have determined to be substantially or completely the result of disinformation operations. The "contact" in the 12/1/1962 file, mentioned above, is included in that folder. It was wholly fabricated, and does not represent the Korendian or Alliance views on the subjects that it addresses.

A similar fraud was committed in a contact dated 10/15/1964. In this case they appended their lies to the end of an actual communication from Master Kalen-Li. Fortunately, that contact was not published, so the effort had no effect.

See the Info file in the Spurious Contacts folder for more information.

2008 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved