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Inasmuch as The TerraKor Files is a sort-of news site for Korendian/Alliance information, it seems appropriate to have a page for editorializing on whatever calls for it. Onward!

20090601 – On An Uneven Keel

A few years ago, a famous (or infamous, depending on whom one asks) "serious UFOlogist" named John A. Keel wrote a potboiler titled, "Our Haunted Planet". Since I refuse to put even a penny into his pocket, I have not read the book. His past performances in James Moseley's Saucer Smear and its several previous incarnations — e.g., "You are... a boil on the a** of ufology" — did not endear him with many people, yours truly included.

The cited segments are on pages 168 and 169. It was at one time available through Google's Book Search, but it too has gone the way of all Net flesh. It's available from Amazon and via PDF file, for the curious. The following is covered by the fair-use provision of copyright law: it is attributed and the source was provided; it consists of a very small part of the full publication; it is used for review purposes; and it is not used for profit. The "screen grab" of the segment can be viewed here.

The far-off, far-out planet of Korendor checked in on a warm night in July 1961. An eighteen-year-old radio buff, Bob Renaud. was "browsing around the shortwave bands" in his home in a little town in Massachusetts, when "suddenly from the loudspeaker came a very high pitched beep-beep-beep." He was annoyed by it, he said, and tried unsuccessfully to tune it out. "It stopped;" he wrote later. "but was replaced by a soft, warm, crystal clear feminine voice that said, 'Bob, we'd like you to stay on this frequency for a while.'"

Thusfar Keel managed to get it fairly accurate, but he's not one to allow that to continue.

This space lady identified herself as Linn-Erri (like the demons and angels of yesteryear, the space people are fond of names containing double letters).

Evidently, his attention to detail lapsed after the first paragraph, since "Lin-Erri" is cited dozens of times throughout the '60s reports. But then his oh-so-clever comment would have suffered had he gotten the spelling right. By the way, John: what about "Keel"?

Over the months that followed she dictated endless treatises on what was wrong with us and what was right with her world.

Obviously Keel had not read anything beyond a few select paragraphs from the writings of some other equally clueless critic. As this site makes clear, Lin-Erri was but one of my Korendian associates, and she by no means "dictated endless treatises" on any subject, let alone how "wrong" we were. Had she done that, Keel's name would assuredly have appeared at least once in her "endless treatises".

The Renaud story quickly fell into the pattern of all the earlier contactees.

At the time, prior to the real situation that was discovered well after the last published communication, the Korendians were relying extensively on information provided by Confederation sources, and thus reached similar conclusions. And then it hit the fan.

At 2:00 A.M. on the morning of December 22, 1962, a car drove up in front of his house, according to his story, and three rather normal looking men invited him to hop in. They drove him to an isolated field where they demonstrated an antigravity device that lifted a huge boulder a hundred feet in the air. Then they pointed another gadget at it and it disintegrated in a flash.

According to MS Word, that's 71 words. Isn't it amazing how Keel can in so few words summarize a contact that is 3,496 words long on this site? Such talent is wasted on UFOlogy. He has a future writing for fortune cookies.

Later they conducted him on a tour of a secret underground UFO base in Massachusetts and even took him for a little jaunt in a flying saucer.

And the California base, but we shan't quibble. As for "a little jaunt in a flying saucer", maybe he lost count after he ran out of thumbs. In any case, between the "little jaunts" that were published and the ones that weren't, there were at least three dozen in the 60s alone. Still, I can't fault the fellow for not being aware of the unprinted "jaunts", so I'll restrict myself to the eight "little jaunts" that were reported in Mr. Green's magazines.

Following the Korendians' instructions. Renaud claims he rebuilt a TV set so that he could receive outer space TV shows.

Semi-correct, because Keel tried again with his lame attempt at humor rather than sticking to the facts.

When Linn-Erri's face appeared on the screen, she turned out to be a beautiful blonde, 37-22-36. She appeared to be eighteen or nineteen years old but admitted to being seventy-four, "which in our society is the prime of life."

Again he had a momentary spasm of fact that soiled his record of error. Astoundingly, he even cited Lin-Erri's measurements correctly (but that's another story). He quickly atoned for that when he again misspelled her name.

(Renaud's TV set probably operates on the same nonprinciple employed by the celebrated Psionic Machine of Thomas G. Hieronymous that was promoted by Astounding Science Fiction for some years. If the parts are removed from the Psionic Machine, it continues to work anyway because it apparently operates on some psychic force, like Ouija boards and dowsing rods do.)

What is amazing is that Keel writes of "some psychic force, like Ouija boards and dowsing rods", but his foolish little piece was written with exactly zero communication with me, not so much as a postcard. One then wonders whether he used a crystal ball or a Tarot deck to glean all that piffle. He didn't have the slightest grasp of what was done to the TV to render it suitable for their purposes.

Perhaps he should have consulted with a gentleman named Allan Grise. In a Fate Magazine article titled "Waiting For The Space Brothers" (March 1986, Pages 52-54), Jerome Clark (who spelled Lin-Erri correctly but did get her stats wrong) wrote:

On December 3 Renaud was given instructions on how to fix an otherwise-nonfunctioning television so that it could receive their transmissions. Now he would be able actually to see the Korendorians.


Grise visited Renaud at his home and found, as the contactee's writings claimed, a basement room full of electronic equipment, including the television set and the shortwave radio over which the communications supposedly were effected. Grise, an engineer by profession and ham-radio buff by avocation, found that "everything seemed to make sense. The circuits were all appropriate to extend the receiving range." In other words, if he was getting messages from an aerial source, he had the equipment with which to receive them.

We have Allan Grise, an engineer, a ham-radio buff and a real researcher, who actually visited me and saw for himself what was done. And we have John Keel, who from his isolated writing room psychically divined that the TV operated like the "Psionic Machine of Thomas G. Hieronymous" by removing parts. Miss Cleo, move over!

Of the two, which is the more credible? My money is on Mr. Grise.

20090717 – True or False? (Addendum: 20100723)

While surfing the Web looking for various pages about contactees, I happened upon this one:

6.5.2 Contactees -- Charlatans & frauds - false contactees

It is but one of several similar pages dealing with the stuff of a contactee who shall remain unnamed. These two paragraphs are about 3/4 of the way down the page.

Contactees List - true, false & "unknown" contactees - 43.1-12

The following is a partial list of people along with a true, false, or unknown classification regarding their status as being genuine contactees with extraterrestrials: Truman Bethurum - false, Narciso Genovese - false, Karl Michalek - false, George Adamski - false, Dr. George Hunt Williamson - true, Hans Klotzbach - unknown, Howard Menger - false, Bob Renaud - false, Salvador Villanueva Medina - false, Francisco Castillo - false, Fernando Sesma Manzano - unknown, Ing. Reeve - unknown, Cedric Allingham - false, D. Marachi - true, Lawrence W. Vinnther - true, Captain Thomas Mantell - true, Lieutenant George Gorman - true, Stefan Denaerde - unknown, Jeff Greenhaw - unknown, Antonio Villas-Boas - unknown, EEugenio Siragusa - false, Orfeo Angelucci - true, Orfeo Angelucci - false, Emanuel Cihlar - false, Dick Miller - unknown, Richard T. Miller - false, Buck Nelson - false, Alberto Sanmartin - true, Henrique Castillo - unknown, Herbert Nielson - unknown, Carl A. Anderson - true, Carl A. Anderson - false, Igo Etrich - true, P. Leopold - unknown, Frank E. Stranges - false, Reinhold O. Schmidt - false, Haruhiro Tsukamoto (Harushi Tsukamoto) - false, K. Gosta Rehn - unknown, and Joachim Pahl - unknown.

Yours truly is honored to be included in the list of "false" contactees by the unnamed contactee, whose credibility is, to be very kind, debatable. Note the highlighted portion, in which Carl A. Anderson is determined to be both true and false. To quote an obnoxious TV ad, "Isn't that amazing?"

That having been said, note in the list that 12 of the names are classified as "unknown". The implications of that resulted in this disclaimer.

"Unknown" contactees - defined - 43.49-55

Semjase stated that the reason why there are so many people on the list of contactees that are unknown to her is because they either have no contacts with extraterrestrials or the names on the list are not their correct names. It is also possible that they could have had contact previously which she is not aware of. But, those contacts cannot be of importance because she would be informed about them. Another possibility is that their contacts were with entities that are unknown to her, who somehow came through their controls without detection. But this is very unlikely. They could also have contacts with the Gizeh Intelligences, whose dark machinations the Pleiadians are not always able to control.

The creativity of the "contacts" is remarkable, but the excuses don't wash. If they are as advanced as we are told, and as closely integrated into Earth's culture as we're led to believe, it should be a simple matter to do a little basic research to change the "unknown" status. Or, if that is too much like work, delete the "unknown" contactees from the list. As it stands, the inclusions don't give one a warm & fuzzy feeling about the competence of the "Pleiadeans", "Plejarens", or whatever they're calling themselves today.

The veritable worship of "Semjase" is evinced in this statement:

It is also possible that they could have had contact previously which she is not aware of. But, those contacts cannot be of importance because she would be informed about them.

I do hope that this wondrous being will not be distressed when I point out two Great Truths:

1. There is one God.
2. He is not Semjase.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
-- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5

And there are more visitors to Earth, fellow Earthers, than are "approved" by the mystical, magical, magnificent beamship buddies.

Addendum: 20100723

The page cited in the beginning of this section no longer exists. It was one of the casualties of the Geocities shutdown. However, the unnamed contactee's faithful disciples never post anything just once. Basically the same page is found here — if one is willing to wade through a badly formatted page. Scroll down to "Contact 43" (Contactees List - true, false & "unknown" contactees), or do a page search for it to avoid the rest of the crap.

The Contact Reports of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier: a Topical Listing

The same dichotomy exists on that page, with added notes to make it even more ridiculous.

Carl A. Anderson - true, with reservations on added religious thought [1950's, Fullerton, California; "Kumar" & "Verkuender" from Mars]
"Carl A. Anderson" - fake/impersonator, false

Anderson wasn't the only one leading two incompatible lives.

Orfeo Angelucci - true, with reservations on added religious thought: http://home.earthlink.net/~dexxxaa/_wsn/page4.html
"Orfeo Angelucci" - fake/impersonator, false

Evidently, a name enclosed in quotes is not the same person as the name without them. Never let it be said that the mindless minions of the farcical fellow of flying wedding-cake infamy bother to proofread what they parrot.

While we're at it, let's consider one other page that causes the scientifically competent to shake their heads slowly.

More SEMJASE contacts - extracts

Here are a series of remarkable quotes:

  • The Nesar Galaxy
    A race of human life, 173 trillion light years from Earth, visited 967 years ago.

  • The Asap Galaxy
    960 decillion light years from Earth, on a world called DESOM, two different societies live, both human.

  • The Galaxy Nepoti
    In the system called LESA, 700 sextillion light years from Earth...

  • The Galaxy Mara
    30 trillion light years from Earth, in the system Taro...

  • The Galaxy of Deron
    In the system ESES, 480 quadrillion light years from Earth...

  • The Galaxy of Aratorn
    800 trilliard light years from Earth, in the system NEB on a world named KARTAG, we find a world much like ours.

  • The Galaxy of Beberas
    In the system called DRAS, there exists a world called NEBER. It is 380 trilliard light years from Earth.

For the curious, a trilliard is equal to one sextillion (source). Inasmuch as the universe is about 156 to 180 billion light years wide (source), one asks how journeys of "960 decillion light years" are made.

Here's a little number-crunching.

• In "short-scale" countries like the US, 960 decillion is:
• In "long-scale" countries, it is:
• We will use the "short-scale" version. That's preposterous enough.
• The universe, based on the Space.com web page, is as much as 15.5 billion years old.
• Using solar years, 15.5 billion years is 489,132,353,000,000,000 seconds.
• To travel 960 decillion light years in the age of the universe would require a speed of 1,962,658,969,728,792,403 light years per second.
• That is equivalent to 10,903,660 trips from one side of the universe to the other each second for 15.5 billion years.

And "Semjase" is, so we are told, to be taken seriously. But then we're not supposed to ask such inconvenient questions. Oh well.

BTW, the source page for the universe size numbers raises other fascinating questions, such as how it all began with a big bang and expanded to 156-180 billion light years in a mere 13.7-15.8 billion years. That indicates that the expansion rate is 5.7 times the speed of light. It puts the kibosh on "C" as the absolute limit, and brings into question the dogma that interstellar vehicles can't exceed it.

Maybe our science is catching up to theirs.

20140702 – The Oval-Shaped Laser Hole

While surfing around the Web looking for assorted stuff, I came upon an article on that Swiss charlatan re the sooper-dooper Space Patrol laser gun ... oh piffle, they didn't have lasers in the Space Patrol era ... oh well. We'll just call it a generic ray gun.

There has been much controversy around the photographs and story that Meier allegedly put a hole through a tree using a laser pistol loaned to him by the Plejaren, who claimed that it was actually a very old weapon of theirs (see And Still They Fly colour plates some of which are shown below).

The Oval-Shaped Laser Hole

The following photos are from that page.

Meier stated, "I was permitted to photograph a laser pistol with which I shot a hole through the trunk of a dying apple tree that miraculously began to bloom a short time later and bear fruit again ever since, something it had not done for years." No doubt the true believers will swallow that guff without chewing, but for anyone with an IQ numerically higher than the room temperature of a walk-in freezer, it's just more piffle.

From the same page, the caption of the photo showing the hole: "The tree that Billy shot with the laser gun. Note the oval shape which is impossible to accomplish with a drill." Really? Drill in an inch or two, and then move the drill in the desired direction, using the side of the drill bit to elongate the hole. Instant "oval hole". Next "mystery"?

Still, we have the photos as "proof", right? Yep, sure, gotcha. Here are a few things that can be deduced from them.

• Hair stylists are in very short supply on whatever planet "Alena" calls home.

• The "Plejaren" fashion designers left the planet along with the hairdressers.

• More seriously, the "Plejaran" firearms companies obviously have exactly zero acquaintance with safety. Here we are shown four views of a "laser gun" that allegedly had the power to blast a hole through the trunk of an apple tree. In none of the photos is there an indication of a trigger guard, a standard part of every Terran firearm. If a high-power weapon is built without even the most elementary safety features, only a fool would buy it.

Then again, no one expects the Terran manufacturers of toy ray guns such as the one in the photos to fret over such minor details. And no one expects the Swiss guy to know about those things.

By the way, this is one of the unwritten laws of firearms handling: NEVER have one's finger on the trigger of a gun unless one is prepared to use it. It is utterly irresponsible to do so. All four photos show "Alena's" finger on or very close to the trigger. This has categorized the fanciful "Alena" as an ignorant, dangerous idiot. So much for the Swiss fellow's remaining traces of credibility.

Addendum: 20190316

From YouTube comes a bit of piffle from the infamous Michael Horn, one of the Swiss guy's most shameless apologists:

Is Billy Meier the Only UFO Contactee?

In this completely unscripted, unrehearsed presentation, Michael Horn explores the evidence for Billy Meier being the only authentic UFO contactee, as well as the true prophet for the New Age. You'll learn what Billy Meier and the Plejaren say about how important it is that we regain access to what is known as the "secret sciences".

Horn is of course free to say whatever he pleases about whatever he pleases. However, freedom of speech does not negate the freedom to ignore him. And given the arrant drivel that flows from the Swiss guy (of which a few random samples are cited above), the freedom not to listen is a blessing.

Anyone wanting to wallow in Horn's guff can search for it on YouTube. I shan't provide a link. And as for the "secret sciences", given the way the Swiss guy tortures the conventional sciences, I'll pass on the "secret" ones.

20160810 – An Experiment in email

ADDENDUM: 20160810

The reactivation of an email link on this site was agreed upon by my Korendian associates and me, to determine whether there was any change in the way the readers responded to it. There have been no hostile communications, and the messages were all of a positive nature. However, the several incoming messages have uniformly indicated that the intent was to establish a long, complex, detailed interaction, in effect adding to the content of the site on a personal basis.

The TerraKor website exists in its present form purely as an archive of previous communications with our Korendian/Alliance "guardians". At no time was the purpose of the TerraKor site to become "competition" for the outpourings of vapid verbiage from the roster of "exclusive" channeled contacts with mythological Ubermenschen such as Ashtar and his retinue of "light forces" clones.

Our brother ArKay expressed here the Kor/Alliance viewpoint of that twaddle.

The addition of material to the TerraKor site is sporadic and uncommon. We are not in competition with the word tsunamis of the Ashtar-yarn-spinners and the other New-Age fountainheads of that sort of fatuous foolishness. If something becomes important or meaningful enough that the Kors decide that it bears airing here, I will be notified and will add it in an appropriate place. That is a rare thing.

The experiment is completed, and the email links have been removed. The Kors do not ask that I get involved in extensive email interchanges, and indeed they have recommended otherwise. The sort of information requested is beyond the scope of this site, ergo of their program. Thank you to those who have assisted in this test. Va i luce!

20190831 – The "Pleiadian" space girls.

Having nothing better to do for a while, I decided that it's time to give that Swiss fellow one more mention.

Anyone familiar with his specious ramblings is aware of this photograph that he released, allegedly of Asket, a cosmonaut from the Dal Universe, wherever that is.

The next image is, so he tells us, of Asket and Nera, another of his Dal Universe "cosmonauts".

The problem that he and his fawning, grovelling disciples faced is that the two ladies in his deliberately unfocused screenshots were in fact Michelle DellaFave, the blonde, and Susan Lund. They were two of the Golddiggers, a singer-dancer group from the 1965-1974 Dean Martin Variety Show. This was discovered when in the 1990s, VHS recordings of the show were released.

I have the video clip of the show segment from which the screen images were taken. This pic is from that clip.

When that fact was made known, the Swiss guy ranted...

"Unfortunately, during my conversation with Ptaah he revealed that the two women depicted on the photos are not Asket and Nera from the DAL Universe, but two American look-alikes. These photos are malicious hoaxes and were switched upon the order of and in collaboration with the 'Men in Black.'"

His cultist toadies also went ballistic. The rationalizations and hissy fits were epic. "Unfortunately", the affair was just another example of the quasireligious mythology that has been constructed around the Swiss charlatan. Reality is a bee-eye-itch, guys.

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