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Korendian Language Index


The index below links to several pages on the language spoken by the Korendian people. The lists are by no means exhaustive. They would be adequate for a visitor to Korendor to make his/her way around, if a pressing need for it arose. Two factors work against compiling a comprehensive lexicon.

  1. The Korendians are telepathic, and the spoken language need not be extensive; the written language is more involved, but the need for a visitor to read it is minimal.
  2. Visitors to Korendor are with few exceptions provided with Korendian bodies, which of course include full command of their language.

As such, the lists have no function other than as a matter of interest.

Korendian Language 1
          Rules of Grammar
          12 Modes of Verbal Expansion
          Common Expressions and Phrases
Korendian Language 2
          Verbs concerning the mind
          Verbs concerning the body
          Verbs concerning human action
Korendian Language 3
          Personal Verbs
          Impersonal Verbs
Korendian Language 4
          Supplementary Verbs List
Korendian Language 5
          Common Words and Prepositions
Korendian Language 6
          Nouns - Emotions, Feelings and Behavior
          Nouns - City Areas and Features
          Nouns - Transportation
          Nouns - Nature
          Nouns - Times of Day
          Nouns - Weather
Korendian Language 7
          Nouns - Occupations
          Nouns - Body Parts - External
          Nouns - Body Parts - Internal

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