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Notice — 20131103: this was posted several months ago on the Index page, and has been added here in the event that it was missed there.

Because of developments that echo dangerous events of the late 1960s, it is necessary to terminate all communication with correspondents. The email links have been removed and it is unlikely that they will be restored. The "From The Inbox" page will be maintained but will not be updated.

Based on developments since then, it is possible that the links may be restored. However, there is no plan for a quick decision.

20160417 - email link restored on index page for now.

Since the addition to the site of an email link at the bottom of the index page (the "@" button), a few visitors have used it to offer comments and/or ask questions—and other things that won't be addressed here. This page will provide requested information in a public manner. No identification of the sender will be made, since our respect for privacy is unchanged. The question or comment will be in italics, edited for clarity, spelling, grammar et al if necessary. The response will be in standard text.

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How did you actually remember everything in the 2007 Korendor visit?

Needless to say, at the age of 66, my memory is not flawless. However, this is one of the benefits of the implant that I received in 1987. At my request, the implant provided a record of the full period that was stored in an encrypted, passcode-protected file in the Vrell City implant network system. This is an optional but common procedure for visitors to Korendor, and for any other Alliance world or location with implant technology. It can be retrieved at any time for review. Unfortunately, such records are totally incompatible with our computer technology, but having immediate access makes local storage unnecessary.

The Kors have recently put all of their records of my previous communications and contacts with them into their implant-accessible databases. By accessing the records, additional corrections have been made to the TerraKor files.


Is Astra-Lari's body when she is on Earth still the same as it was when you first met her, or has she aged?

Rather than create the impression of a father-daughter duo, the conversion software has a Terran human aging factor for this type of application. Ergo she appears to be in her mid- to late-50s. Her beauty is still there in a mature form.


I'm a dial-up Internet user. Your minimalist site design is appreciated. Most other UFO & flying saucer sites take forever to load.

I understand your situation. I was on dialup (maximum 26.4 Kbps) for years, even as the Internet increasingly ignored those who don't have broadband connections. Were it not for satellite Internet, I would still be on the phone lines. The site is designed to load quickly even with dialup, because I've been there.


Is there any way of identifying a Korendian by sight on a city street?

Since all Alliance operatives on Earth have adapted bodies, it is impossible to tell an Alliance/Korendian operative visually. I won't speak for the Confederation. The Alliance has not shared the adaptation and implant technologies with them. Whether they developed the sciences independently is unknown. The Alliance and the Confederation are not open on such matters.


Based on what I read here, a lot of sites have completely inaccurate information about your contacts. Do you ever bother to correct them?

In a very few cases, I have. But most of the sites use the same cut & paste lists. It's not worth the time and effort to contact them, and it's unlikely that they would correct the misinformation if I did.


Do you really expect us to believe this  CENSORED ?

This site is not intended to proselytize for the "movement". As is pointed out elsewhere, its sole purpose is to serve as a record of almost 48 years of communications and contacts with the people of Korendor and the Alliance. Visitors are free to believe or reject any or all of it. There is no obligation on my part to save the world from itself or to pass on the vague verbiage of assorted godlike beings in "light ships". If this site were taken offline today, the programs of the Alliance would continue without the slightest change.

I created and maintain this website as a place for interested folks to come to for information about the ongoing activities of the Alliance. It's a pastime, not a duty. Thanks for incrementing my hit counter. Va i luce.


Have you considered adding a guestbook to your site?

I contemplated it, but after reading the pros and cons, and seeing for myself the way guest books are abused, adding one to the site was given all the thought that it merited. But then, I initially rejected the idea of adding an email link, and here we are. Who knows?


Are the original printings of your story in Gabriel Green's magazine still available for purchase?

No doubt there are a few folks out there who are selling brother Green's publications for collector prices. Since they have been out of print since the late 1960s, it's highly unlikely that they will be available for what most people would want to pay for them. One day I might get around to uploading scanned copies of them, although easily readable pages will be at least a megabyte per image, which will put a burden on the dial-up visitors.

An alternative would be providing the entire collection (issues #4 to #29—minus #6 which I don't have—on mini-CDs for a few bucks to cover making and mailing them. That will eliminate the size factor. It depends on how much ambition I can muster.


A few years ago, you posted a question to an email list called UFO Updates about facts concerning UFOs. Whatever happened to that?

This was the question:

On Tuesday, June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold sighted nine disk-shaped objects while flying near Mount Rainier, Washington. ... Ergo, the 'modern era' of Ufology is approaching its sixth decade.

My question: ignoring contactees, abductees, Magonia, Phil Klass, etcetera, what 58 scientific facts - one for each year - about UFOs and aliens are known ... that were not known on 24 June 1947? I'm not referring to opinions, hypotheses, assumptions, extrapolations, anecdotal evidence or wild-arsed guesses, but to cold, hard, indisputable facts.

'Serious' Ufology prides itself on its objective, scientific approach to the subject, and that's commendable. But what does it have to show for nearly six decades of research, other than a ton of paperwork, a gazillion fuzzy photos of lights or daylight "disks", and endless internecine bickering and sniping?

IOW, what does Ufology have to offer that would recommend it to the 21st century public? We have seen things on the silver screen that would utterly convince our grandparents that they were real. Anyone with a computer and Photoshop could produce UFO imagery that would be very difficult to discredit as fakes. The people of 2005 have become far more sophisticated about technology and science, and about the ease with which fraud can be perpetrated.

And what does Ufology have to offer? Unprovable reports of people seeing lingering lights over Louisville and darting disks over Dallas. Listfolks, if Ufology is ever going to be taken seriously by the public, it will require something far more substantial and credible than it has offered to date.

So, who has a list of 58 facts?

Bob R

The major result was that the dozen or so regular posters to the list decided that a loathsome contactee asking a straight, objective question of "serious researchers" was heretical. They then proceeded to evade the question by accusing me of not doing my "homework"—translation: not buying their outrageously overpriced books, reading them with awe and amazement, and being converted to True Believer status. That was a stock-in-trade response when anyone asked questions or made points that the elitists couldn't or didn't want to answer. In their closed little world, there was a consensus that tolerated no dissent.

To this date, the challenge has gone unaddressed, although a few lame efforts have been made to present unprovable opinions and assumptions as fact. "The list" has since become subscription only, and given the gaggle of "serious" UFOlogists that haunted the freebie version, it's a non-profit operation.

To said "serious" UFOlogists, I offer Philip J. Klass' UFO Curse, originally published in Saucer Smear, October 10, 1983 (Moseley and Pflock 2002:323-24)..


To ufologists who publicly criticize me ... or who even think unkind thoughts about me in private, I do hereby leave and bequeath:


No matter how long you live, you will never know any more about UFOs than you know today. You will never know any more about what UFOs really are, or where they come from. You will never know any more about what the U.S. Government really knows about UFOs than you know today. As you lie on your own death-bed you will be as mystified about UFOs as you are today. And you will remember this curse.

They in fact do not know one thing more now than they knew in 1947. The major difference between when the challenge was published and today is that their overrated "homework" books are harder to find.


Are you aware that the website Scribd has a PDF file that contains pages from your site? (Link omitted) Did you approve it?

Thank you for that heads-up. It was done without my knowledge, let alone my approval. I went to the linked page, and without using the site's reader (it's rather slow on this machine), I assumed that it was "fair use" quotations for review or comments. I sent a message to the file's creator thanking him for the publicity, and downloaded the entire PDF file to read it offline. It was then that I discovered that a major part of the TerraKor site was copied.

I see no improper intent on the part of the individual. It appears to be an example of inexperienced Web users being unaware of the issues of copyright law and the "fair use" provisions. I'll have the site owners deal with it. Thanks again! Va i luce.

Addendum: after communicating with the individual who posted the file, I decided to allow it to remain as long as it is clearly noted that the material is copyrighted and was used with permission. These wishes were complied with, and it therefore remains intact.


You have been a contactee since the 1960s. Have you ever met any of the others from that period?

Aside from Gabriel Green, I met none of them personally. However, I communicated with several of them over the years via snailmail. We were not friends or even acquaintances, but it was interesting to swap "war stories" with the old-timers. Daniel Fry, George van Tassel, Truman Bethurum and others were gentlemen. The only unfriendly one was George Adamski, who made a point of attacking me during a lecture in March of 1964, relayed to me by a member of his audience. I won't return the favor 45 years later, but his disbelief had precisely zero impact.


How is the computer upgrade going? And do you see Astra often?

The PlatoCom upgrade was completed in July of 2008. It served as the "learning curve" for the rest of them. The CoperCom installation should be online in September of 2009. Work on the MassCom facility will commence in December, with the CalCom changeover starting in November of 2010. Barring unforeseen difficulties, the conversion should be completed by the end of 2011.

The major issues involved are that the bases require uninterrupted computer service, necessitating that the new systems be installed apart from the existing ones. It's not a simple swapover. When the new units are running optimally, then the transition begins, with all of the base systems being transferred, tested and approved for operation. This is considerably more complex than the installation and startup, since the switchovers must be done quickly and flawlessly on a precise timetable. One SNAFU can have a significant impact. But, the teams doing the work are all experts, and thusfar the only complications have been minor.

As for my star lady, she's thoroughly enjoying the project and the long, challenging days. We do see each other fairly frequently, and it will be much more often once she relocates to MassCom in early October. It will be a great Christmas this year!


Your site is very interesting. My question is, wouldn't it be better to have your own domain name rather than your present URL that is useless for search engines and browser server name completion?

I have been contemplating that for several months. Domain names such as "korendor.com" and "korendians.com" are open, and it may well be the next step. There are a few hosts that appeal to me, and this will probably be done within the next few months.

Thanks for your excellent suggestion. Va i luce.


I accept your reasoning for the simplicity of your site design, but are you planning to alter its layout to narrow the width of the text, and perhaps include a menu bar on the left? Long lines of text are harder to read than short, book-style lines.

Thanks for your comments. I'll give them serious consideration. I've been contemplating some style changes, although the rendering of the full-width tables is a major issue. Perhaps a smaller font in the tables will allow a general narrowing of the text area.

Va i luce.


At the end of "A Love Written In The Stars", you indicated that you and Astra-Lari were married on Korendor. Do you plan to add an account of that event?

It's not planned. It was a traditional Korendian ceremony as described by ArKay on this page. Each ceremony differs in minor ways, but ArKay wrote all that needed to be said. It has to be experienced to be appreciated.

There is a sense of awe and wonder as words and rituals that have been unchanged for thousands of years unite two people in one life under the guidance of the Infinite One. It forges a link to Korendor's history that will never be broken.

Va i amas eso luce! (Go in love and light!)


I note that there are very few published messages on this page. Do you receive more than you print?

The ratio is about 4 to 1 — four received for every one included here. That still means very few actually received. This is satisfactory, since we aren't interested in extended email discourses. The only email link is on the main index page. It is not a conspicuous, animated attention-grabber.

This page serves as the evidence that the link is available. Anyone desiring to communicate by email will have to be interested enough to find it.

Va i luce.


This is from an email received on 20100117, which was misfiled at that time. I have recovered it and am including it here.

... I also find it a pity that you will not publish any more personal stories, because those specifically gave me this tangible feeling of respect, love, integrity and cooperation amongst each other. .. So, if you would have any more of those stories, maybe not of you, but of native korendians and their way of life, I would be very happy. Is this a possibility?

Anything is possible, but at the moment, aside from my new life with Astra-Lari, there have been no interactions with the Korendians on a purely personal level. We do meet on occasion, but most of our communications have been via computer or implant. The email has been forwarded to the Kors for consideration, but at the moment there are no plans to add personal stories to the site.

Va i amas eso luce.

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