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Data Sheet - Korena & Korendor

For the technically-oriented, here are two tables of physical data on Korendor and its parent star, Korena. Note that in the charts, an "e+" in a number indicates an "exponent" or power of 10 follows it, whereas "(E=1)" means that the value is compared to Earth as a unit standard.

Proper NameKorena
Alliance Reg. No.33-D-73412
Distance (LY)411.0347
Distance (Parsecs)126.0238
Spectral ClassG5
Magnitude (Vis.)7.386
Magnitude (Abs.)1.831
Luminosity (Sun=1)15.403
Diameter (Miles)1.4627e+6
Diameter (Kilometers)2.3535e+6
Diameter (Sun=1)1.693
Mass (Tons)4.694e+27
Mass (Kilograms)4.258e+30
Mass (Sun=1)2.148
Number of Planets12

Proper NameKorendor
Alliance Reg. No.33-D-73412-3
Year (E=1)4.535124
Day (Earth Hours)24h 19m 31.0632s
Day (E=1)1.01633
Diameter (Miles) 
   Mean (E=1)2.7425
Axial Tilt (Deg.)11.9633
Mass (E=1)24.0843
Volume (E=1)20.6909
Density (E=1)1.164
Atmospheric Composition 
   Other gases1.5%
Atm. Pressure (E=1)2.36
Atm. Pressure (PSI)35.33
Surface Land53.7%
Surface Water46.3%
Saline Water91% of total
Maximum Surf. Temp.71.9C/161.4F
Minimum Surf. Temp.-31.6C/-24.8F
Temperate Zone Mean27.3C/81.2F
Vrell City Mean25.8C/78.5F
Vrell City Max.34.8C/94.7F
Vrell City Min.-0.4C/31.3F
Mean Orbit (A.U.)3.53507
Mean orbit (Miles)328,089,846
Perihelion (A.U.)3.507355
Perihelion (Miles)325,517,618
Aphelion (A.U.)3.562785
Aphelion (Miles)330,662,076
Orbit Eccentricity7.8422e-3
Mean Sunlight (E=1)1.2328
Min. Sunlight (E=1)1.2522
Max. Sunlight (E=1)1.2135
Surf. Gravity (E=1)3.19189
Surf. Gravity (FPS)70.7003635
Population (Total)7.9153e+9 (2001)
Capital CityVrell City
Capital Population37,144,900 (2001)
   Amar Period37.66438 days
   Amar Diameter2586.73 miles
   Kalda Period29.81264 days
   Kalda Diameter1855.63 miles
   Renir Period74.66355 days
   Renir Diameter857.62 miles
   Kimar Period2.46618 days R.
   Kimar Diameter61.59 miles

Note: Value for 1 A.U. = 92,955,810 miles
Note: Given orbit values are the radius
Note: Korendian days (1.01633 * Earth); R=Retrograde

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