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Chapter 39: Veteran's Day Message to The People of Earth

11 November 1965, 0200 EST

Speaker: Master Kalen-Li RETAN

"Alen, Brothers of Earth:

"In this day of great crisis on your world, we are speaking to you, our brothers, with the fervent wish that we might offer you hope and comfort for the future.

"We are saddened by the ever-increasing hostility that you show for your fellow man as each day passes. With the rising of the sun, a new morning will begin, and it will find a little more hatred, a little more fear, a little more violence, and a little more death. With its setting, your world will have seen another day of inhumanity between your peoples.

"The stars will shine a little less brightly tonight. The darkness that envelopes your world is draining them of their radiance, concealing their beauty in a cloud of ugliness. For you, the light is fast fading as you drive ever more deeply into the great oblivion of total destruction, heedless of the warnings that visitors from beyond your world have delivered in numbers too great to count.

"It would seem to us, who wish only to help you into the path which leads to glory, that your people are beyond salvation, and that we should better simply retreat and dress our wounds, and take comfort in being a little wiser than before.

"This, my friends, is not the way of Universal Love. We who live by the tenets of love and peace cannot pass by your world saying, 'It is no use. We can do no more.' We do not know the word 'failure'. We do not accept defeat. We cannot be discouraged. Ours is a passionate devotion to truth and justice, an unbreakable tie with the precepts of Universal Law.

"No, brethren, we will not desert you in your hour of great need. We will not allow you to die in vain, in despair, in hopeless submission to the fate that you seem to be unable to control.

"We have chosen this day, Veteran's Day, for its special significance to you. On this day, which you set aside to honor the memory of the countless men and women who have died in your wars, we ask you to contemplate for a moment the futility of war.

"Is it not evident that war only breeds more war, that hatred can only generate hatred, that violence cannot end itself? How many more human beings must perish in the throes of war before your planet's people recognize the hopelessness of continued hostility? How much more sorrow must be caused by your adherence to the myth of might, before you realize that the answer lies not in might, but in light? How long will you suffer under the iron hand of power before you decide to take up the path to peace and happiness? How much more wrong can you withstand before you finally seek the right?

"It is those questions which you should ask yourselves, my brothers. The answers will show you the hope for your future.

"We of other worlds are here on Earth to aid in our own ways. In particular, we of Korendor have done all we can short of direct intervention to help your peoples. We will continue this policy until the results begin to show in your world. We, unlike others more literal-minded, have stretched the laws of non-intervention to the breaking point, and if it happens that it becomes necessary to go that one step beyond, will we not hesitate to do so.

"After many thousands of years of despair and destruction, you are entitled to a better life, free of fear and hatred. Too long have your people been snared like helpless animals in the giant steel trap of war. Too long has the specter of death and violence haunted you in your very dreams. Too long have you lived from minute to minute, expecting the next moment to bring the end of all things on Earth. Too long have your children grown in an air and aura of sadness. It is time to change.

"We are engaged in direct encounter with dark forces that control your nations. We will not at this time name them, but we suspect that you know without being told who they are, what they are, where they are from, and why they are here. As each day passes, and they realize more fully that their days on this Earth are numbered, they show their colors more and more. They are in panic now, my brothers.

"Your days of sorrow are also numbered, dear friends. Soon, very soon, there will begin a vast change in your lives. You will see the horror of war laid to rest; you will see the ghosts of poverty, hunger, and disease exorcised; you will see the fulfillment of your great teachers: predictions.

"We cannot set a time for this now. Many things must be taken into consideration in the final analysis. Be assured, however, that we are not lax in our efforts. We are working with you and for you every second of the year, to deliver unto you the paradise you have suffered so long to achieve.

"Be not despairing, brothers and sisters. You are not alone. We are by your side each step of the agonizing way from the easy path that leads to destruction to the harder path that curves upward toward the stars. Your destiny is ours, friends. We are with you always.

"Va I amare eno nol si unir. Goodbye for now, our dear and beloved friends!"

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