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Chapter 38: Statement of Policies

15 October 1964, 0204 EDT

Speaker: Master Kalen-Li Retan

"Good morning, Bob. As of the date of 1 October 1964, Galactic Date 22.00 Cendrols, Galactic Time 00.00, the following policies in reference to the operations of the United Worlds Alliance through the activities of Korendor on the planet Earth were effective. These policies are to remain in force unless superseded by subsequent statements of policy.

"Point 1: you, Bob, are to act strictly in the function of an INFORMATION relay to your people, and are in no way expected to serve beyond this capacity. You will have the function of any news media, only reporting the occurrences without being involved in them except in an indirect way. You will only deliver to your world personal reports of what we of Korendor are doing on your world. It will not be required that you start any sort of group or retain any following, and our eventual success will be independent of Terran support for some time to come. Your help will be appreciated, of course, but you don't really need to burden yourselves with trying to convert all your brethren to the fold. This policy will allow you to act as our spokesman without devoting any unreasonable amount of time to the work, as is required of other contactees who carry on valiantly WITHOUT any outside help, and whose effectiveness directly affects the operation of the planet they represent.

"Point 2: we have overstepped the ordinary limits of the Laws of Noninterference, and this is causing much friction between us and the less liberal policies of the Confederation. This will not be of any immediate consequence, and it is given only as a point of interest.

"Our interpretation of the Laws is as follows: we may NOT DIRECTLY INTERFERE with your people to the point of forcibly changing your society's way of life. We have thus undertaken every means available that can be stretched to be categorized as non-forcible interference.

"We will NOT land on the White House lawn and take over your nation, for example. HOWEVER, we will infiltrate operatives into such positions that our advice and our consent will be required to run the country. We will have men in Congress, the various Departments, the military, and the White House. Our influence will be felt, but NOT by FORCIBLE means. We will NOT run your country, but YOU will not be able to run it WITHOUT us. This is the difference. Such policy is to be carried out worldwide.

"Point 3: we favor immediate admission of Communist China into the United Nations, and recognition of her by the western bloc. This is the only possible way that you can control the nation to some extent. The asinine pretense that your foreign policy shows in denying that Red China exists is bred of nationalistic and pseudopatriotic emotions, and not by reason. Such idealistic ignorance is no longer tolerable.

"Point 4: we favor resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba, as the so-called economic boycott is affecting NOT the government, which is supported by Soviet funds, but the peasants, the vast majority of them being non-Communistic. This boycott is doing irreparable damage to the American image in Cuba, and is fodder for the propaganda mills of the dictatorship of Fidel Castro, which is being used to its fullest advantage to turn the Cubans against all Americans.

"Every day they are told in various ways that the American 'democracy' is so unstable and prejudiced that it cannot tolerate foreign ideologies and political systems, and must crush opposing systems to survive. Your policies toward Cuba certainly do nothing to oppose this propaganda, and indeed serve to augment it. We of Korendor wonder ourselves whether this might not be the truth after all.

"Point 5: we oppose the election of Barry Morris Goldwater to the office of President of the United States, as he has shown himself to be presently and perhaps permanently unqualified for this highest post. We support the candidacy of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who has in his short term of office done a great deal for the United States and for the world in general.

"Point 6: we favor a complete and permanent end to all nuclear tests, especially underground, where the resultant shock waves can well trigger already highly stressed fault areas, resulting in wide-spread earthquakes and massive destruction. Your nation is already living on borrowed time in some sections, as there are quake zones that ought by all logic to have released their energies months if not years ago. When these—located mostly on the West Coast—DO go, there will be massive damage and considerable loss of life. It is unlikely but nevertheless possible that the entire state of California could detach from the continent, and either form an island or sink into the ocean. Much information points to this.

"Point 7: we favor immediate resumption of disarmament talks at the highest levels. We favor yearly or twice-yearly Summit Conferences, with the leaders of these nations present: United States, Russia, Red China, England, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Israel, Arabia, and Mexico. On a smaller and more all-inclusive scale, we favor a similar meeting of South American, European, Asian, and African delegates in non-UN conferences to deal with problems specific to their own areas.

"We also favor immediate strengthening and revitalization of the United Nations. We support making it independent of national interests or national governments, and making all nations subject to it, not just those in vogue with the western powers.

"Point 8: on national and community levels we favor the following points:

"A) A medically-sound and medically-administered form of birth control to underdeveloped and overpopulated nations, sponsored by such as the World health Organization, the United Nations, or a similar body. This can be either a chemical or a surgical operation, the former being preferable. In developed nations, stress should be placed on small families rather than such ridiculous spectacles as twelve or twenty children from a single parent team. This is a form of cruelty, both sadistic and masochistic, as no one can possibly benefit from such exorbitance. We favor a maximum of three children in a family. We also suggest pets where possible, to bring about love and respect for ALL life.

"B) Immediate cessation of all entertainment forms that show war in a favorable light, that encourage violence or lawlessness, or that instill a love of killing or injuring in the children. We do not see any need for the predominance on your toy market of such nonsense as the 'Johny-7' gun, the profusion of tanks, bazookas, bombers, guns, et al, or the abhorrent war comics that we have several times spoken against in contacts.

"All these so-called toys and 'entertainment' serve to perpetuate the myth of military superiority, and bring about yet another generation of well-indoctrinated little warriors ready to go off on some foreign soil and lose their lives because of some idiotic political reason, or international disagreement. How the willingness to die because of the ravings of maniacs in government offices constitutes patriotism escapes us eternally. We are appalled by the sheer foolishness that causes men to feel themselves cowards or traitors if they don't wish to die for some vague and usually absurd cause.

"C) We strongly support civil rights movements, believing that such atrocities as segregation and racial prejudice are immoral and barbarian. We do NOT support race riots, intemperate displays, or the like, but rather calm, civilized steps toward true equality of all men. Events such as the Harlem riots show that it is possible for a good cause to be taken over by rabble-rousers and insurgents who believe in the doctrine that the strong shall rule the world and that everything that can be gotten can best be gotten by force. We believe Martin Luther King is a very fit recipient for the Nobel Peace award.

"Point 9: we will support all further space efforts by both nations. We will no longer vacillate in our approach to your space projects. Our assistance will be given as we see fit. Your people have a glorious future amongst the stars.

"Point 10: we feel that, since your religions seem to be the most influential of all your society's forces, the ball should be taken by the clergy in changing your personal beliefs. They should leave behind the old and stale dogmas, and take on a fresh new look, one that befits a modern society. World conditions have changed tremendously in the past two thousand plus years, and yet the largest religious groups still adhere to ethical and social tenets of the society in which they were created, and which tenets have been obsolete for many hundreds of years.

"Instead of pondering upon the reality of non-reality of such a preposterous notion as hell, they should take sides in the civil rights issue, in the disarmament issue, in the capital punishment issue. The latter we very definitely oppose.

"It is no longer possible to sway men's minds by telling them that if they're good they go to Heaven, if they're bad they go to hell, and if they're so-so, they'll wind up for a abort session of pressure-cooking in Purgatory to cleanse them of their sins, this also being a splendidly overused superstition. The very God you propose to believe in does not exist in the guise you give Him. He does exist as a Universal Force, a sum-total of all Universal Energies. He Is NOT a separate distinct being. He does NOT answer prayers, and he does NOT have the slightest interest in whether or not you go to your place of worship on the day you so elect for this, nor whether you even believe in him or not. This is a strictly human belief, used to suppress free thought and opposition to the iron-banded rule the churches once possessed.

"Your churches should be liberal in philosophy, strong in principle, and sound in construction. Without these requirements, no church deserves to exist, and they seldom last long when they do come to pass. Most of all, no church should retain the old dead beliefs that science has soundly refuted for a thousand years. Such adherence to things past is the sign of immature minds, minds that cannot bear to face the future in a bold, adventurous, and modern way, minds that escape reality by encasing themselves in the shell of an era when things were simpler-in short, minds that have no place in the twentieth century.

"This completes the statement of policy. If we wish to expand on any topic, or add new ones, further statements will be issued. Until such time, this release will remain in effect.

"For now, va I luce. Master Kalen-Li Retan is clearing the channel."

[Note: the red text is spurious. It was NOT transmitted by Master Kalen-Li RETAN or any other Korendian spokesperson. It is assumed to a product of the Omegans, in the same manner as the "contact" of 1 Dec 1962.

Unlike previous messages, this contact was recorded on a new tape recorder that I had bought. Ergo, imprinting was unnecessary. Unfortunately, the ability of the hostile forces to fake transmissions was used again, adding the red text in Kalen-Li's voice, and delaying the signoff until it was completed.

Its evident purpose was to offend all people of faith and thus cause rejection of the real Alliance/Korendian messages. It is therefore presented purely for historical purposes, as evidence of the ongoing propaganda war that the Alliance is facing.

Fortunately, this contact was never published, so the efforts of the counter-intelligence agents were wasted.]

Text proofread and edited for typographical errors and improved wording 20080911.

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