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Chapter 36: Conference in Mass. Base Conference Room #2

25 August 1964

The time was 1 AM. As I stood out in the cool August night, I let my mind wander over the past few personal contacts with my Brothers from Korendor. Each time we met, they had something new in store for me, and my thoughts were focused on one central thought: what now? As Orii Val had told me on the radio about a half-hour earlier, this contact was going to be one of strictly information. If that were the case, then why all this bother, when the radio would have served as well? As I was pondering on this, a brief telepathic message struck me-an occurrence that I frankly admit is a novelty to me, so seldom does it occur. It was Orii, and all he told me was, "You question too much. Wait and find out."

I hardly had time to consider that when Orii dropped out of the sky. He was flying his little personal craft, the one I had piloted that fabulous day in August of 1963. As he touched down, the top hissed open, and without hesitation I boarded. It felt good to sit in that beautiful little ship again, reacquainting myself with its many fine details. The top shut, and as we rose, I asked him where we were going. He replied, "To the Massachusetts Base. We have a meeting that you are to attend." Well, that answered all my questions, except one. What kind of meeting? Nothing to do but wait and find out.

We had been airborne for about three minutes when Orii stopped over a spot I had seen before while driving. I was about to ask why we stopped here when the ground gave me the answer, as it opened into a relatively small door, leading down into a lighted passageway. We dropped into it. We went down about thirty feet vertically and arrived at a tunnel over three miles in length. We settled down on a conveyor system and began a short trip at over 60 miles per hour through the passage. It was about twenty feet wide and fifteen feet high. Periodic panels of Lumiglow on the ceiling provided illumination. When we reached the end, Orii inserted his security card into the slot on the device that came out of the wall and stopped next to him. When it was satisfied that all was in order, it went back into its panel, and the door in front of us parted in the middle and slid open.

It revealed a hangar, comparatively small in dimensions, with a number of stalls such as I described in my account of 4 January 1964. We rode along the conveyors and were soon parked in the first empty stall. There were no special positions here. The computer checked to see which stalls were open, and berthed us in the one nearest the door on the far end of the hangar, about a hundred feet away. We exited the vehicle, and when Orii had connected the refueling hose, we walked to the door.

We entered into a reception room of small size. It was empty at the time, but we were being observed by a conspicuous telescreen camera opposite the door. A voice from a loudspeaker intoned, "Greetings, Brothers. You will find a car waiting for you outside the room."

As the voice spoke, a door appeared in the wall next to the camera. It opened into a corridor, and when we went through, a smiling young man greeted us and motioned to us to get into the electric car he was driving. When we had seated ourselves, Orii let me in on the meeting we were to attend. "This is the first in a series of conferences to be held at irregular intervals, by the people involved in controlling and coordinating what we are calling "Project Terra", which, as you can tell by the name, is our program for your planet. You will recognize some of the people you will meet, and others will be total strangers to you. You will be introduced to all of them, of course, and you are free to give their names in your report.

Among them are several masters, and you might be surprised to find four women there. They are specialists in their fields, as you will learn." [Note: that might sound faintly chauvinistic, but at the time of these contacts, most of the women were in fields that had no relationship to the contacts, ergo I was unfamiliar with them.]

We had stopped at a door to an elevator. In reply to a mental question, Orii told me, "No, this is a different one." Its door slid open and we drove in. Three levels lower, we stopped and left the elevator. It was only a short hallway this time, maybe 200 feet long. At about the 150-foot point, we turned off into a side area, and saw a host of these cars parked. We parked in an available space, and Orii and I proceeded to the door down the end of the remaining thirty or so feet, labeled "Conference Room #2". To the right of the door was a security card unit, which Orii activated. When we went through the door, we entered a sort of vestibule with a door at each end. We went through the one on the left.

The conference room will take a lot of description. The first thing that I noticed was its comparatively small dimensions, about 30' x 30' x 10'. Around the walls was a variety of electronic devices. The outstanding feature was the large conference table in the center of the room. It was in the form of a huge ring, twenty feet across, divided into twenty segments. Each section, separated from the neighboring ones by a wall divider of Lumiglow, had a computer terminal, a communication module, and a unique writing surface.

When the person pressed a button, whatever he wrote on this surface would reproduce on every other one on the table, providing an effective means of transferring written ideas to others without time wasted. [Note: graphics-pad technology is familiar to us now, but in 1964, it was unknown.] It could be erased at the touch of another button, or stored in a recorder unit in the far left corner of the room for further use. Also, there were drawers below the table for stationery, writing utensils, and the like; the drawers came out with a button touch.

The table itself was of mahogany-like wood with a mirror finish. Abruptly, I noted that it had no supports of any type. Orii quickly explained. "It is suspended by magnet arrays in the ceiling and floor. There are steel plates laminated into the wood. It is far sturdier than any legs or stand. The field is adjusted thousands of time per second to maintain perfect alignment. You could sit on it without moving it."

At each of the divisions, there was a contoured bucket type chair. They swiveled easily to face in any direction desired. They were upholstered in tufted leather like calfskin, of a light tan color. Above each section of the table, a light in the ceiling flooded the table with a soft, cream-white glow. These could be turned on or off, or dimmed from the table controls. [Note: there were no power or other cables going to the table. I was not told at the time how that worked, but at a later meeting in the 1990s, Orii told me that that power was induced in coils in the table by the same magnetic arrays that suspended it, and all electronic communication was via infrared lasers.]

Directly in the center of the ring-table there was suspended a three-foot-diameter globe of our world, in color and with relief surface, showing mountains, valleys and terrain features. It was not labeled with names or such, and looked like a miniature Earth hanging there. It was illuminated from an unknown source.

Near the door, an L-shaped table displayed a variety of literature. Pamphlets, manuals, maps, and saucer books were among the many pieces. On each side wall, in the center, a very comfortable-looking divan about eight feet long invited our presence. On the far ends of each side wall were the two ten-foot computer units, quiet as the flap of a butterfly's wing. They had one red pilot light each. No other controls could be seen on them. [Note: I learned later that one of them controlled all the magnetic suspension arrays in the room. Its size was due to its being self-contained, with all the power equipment for the arrays included in the cabinet.]

Left to right on the far wall were the recorders, now on standby, and a cabinet with a glass door, in which were stored a number of tape reels [Note: one of the few examples of tape media being used by the Kors]. A very imposing 5' high by 10' long telescreen occupied the upper part of the wall. Next to it was the small, featureless control unit. The communication panel finished the wall off. Along the far wall to the right were the other computer [Note: no description of it was provided], the couch, and another display table. Where there was space between machines, potted plants resembling palms added fragrance and color to the room.

At the head of the table—the Chairman's Post—opposite the telescreen, there was a wide curved electronic console with a myriad of controls, no doubt to run the telescreen, lighting, etc. To either side of it, small cabinets housed electronic equipment associated with the main console. This completed the room's furnishings.

The walls, as I said, were light green, flat in texture. On them were several beautiful landscape photos, all of the three-dimensional type. Directly over the main console, a large, awesome portrait of Ageless Life glowed as if from within the image itself. The ceiling was composed of Lumiglow panels glowing with a soft cream-white color, providing about normal interior lighting intensity. The floor was carpeted in forest green, with a deep pile that felt like an extremely thick lawn underfoot, but with a springy resilience.

As I completed this perusal, the sound of a chime signified that the conference was to begin in one rhek. As its resonating tone was fading away, the conferees began to file into the room through the two doors. I recognized a few of them, but the rest of them were unknown to me.

We took our places around the table and were seated. The Master Kalen-Li Retan was the Chairman for the conference. I was supremely honored to be seated in the chair next to his, on his right. He opened the conference with a salutation in Galinguan as the chime sounded again. He then began the meeting.

"For the benefit of our young guest and everyone else, let us have a brief roll call, to acquaint him with those of you whom he does not know. As well, this being the first such meeting of all divisions, this will benefit those of us who might not be familiar with some of the faces.

"Going in a clockwise direction, we have Lin-Erri, our chief Psychologist, who is well known to Bob; the Master Arno-Kron Terwi, whom he has met on a few occasions; Alec-Baren, our Scientific Coordinator; Lani Eldron, SPC-12's illustrious Captain; Vern-Fero, head of the Anthropodynamics Division; Arel-Lon, our Terratologist; Heri-Kim, head of the Sociology Division; Sen-Kor, head of the Linguists Division, who has a nodding acquaintance with Bob; the venerable Elder Master AKRIM-VESTA ANTIRI of Korendor; Master Veren-Hol Klien, also of Korendor; Master Andra-Kon Forell, of Arcturia; Doctor Astra-Kali, supervisor of the Medical Division; Wendi Voran, second in command in Sociology; Orii-Val, our master mathematician and a frequent contact with Bob; Jene Kelin, head of the Communications Division; Master Astir-Jolen Kero of Korendor; Tedi-Kesta, on assignment from the Alliance Department of Economics; Petra-Dorn, our specialist on Terran Governments; our guest, Bob, our spokesman to the people of Terra; and finally, and most insignificant of all, myself." The comment evoked smiles from those present.

"This meeting is the first of a series, to be held at regular intervals, for the purpose of discussing the progress of our newly-instituted Project Terra. As you all know, up to now, we have concentrated our efforts on completing our underground facilities, rather than on actual work with the Earth people, such that we have not been able to devote our full energies to them. Now that our bases are all in operation, we can begin with the business at hand. This conference will establish a format for Phase One of Project Terra, namely the organization of all the separate divisions in a comprehensive way, and to provide everyone involved with some idea of what is in store.

"This conference is being telescreened to all key personnel in the various bases around the world, and they will be able to join us via the telescreen network.

"Briefly, let me state our purpose in Project Terra. It is of a three-fold nature:

1: scientific and sociological research;
2: education of the Terrans in the Universal Laws;
3: prevention of worldwide warfare, which will invariably be nuclear.

"I'll now turn the floor over to the venerable Akrim-Vesta, the Terra Project Coordinator."

The Elder Master commenced. "Thank you. During the past three months, our bases have processed, educated, and turned out into Terran society literally thousands of operatives, into every endeavor that is of importance to Terran life and culture. These men and women are part of a multi-point program, the first four of which I will list at this time:

Point 1: infiltration of all Earth governments and agencies connected with the governments, including military operations;
Point 2: infiltration of the various public professions, such as religion, entertainment, commerce, industry, education, finance, advertising, and etcetera. These operatives are presently dormant, sleepers, as the Terrans might call them, and merely on standby.
Point 3: strategic placement in the various communities of operatives who will work quietly to bring about increased interest in the movement.
Point 4: placement of operatives in scientific circles to instill this same type of increased interest.

"This covers our operatives. In addition, we have a number of projects in the works, including these:

First: a program of psychprobing of key government people and also certain important private citizens.
Second: increased use of the news media in a constructive way, gradually presenting the Universal Philosophy to the Terrans.
Third: a series of Somnivision operations, providing the Terrans with important formulae, inventions, and knowledge.
Fourth: increased public displays, such as landings, overflights, and very occasionally, contacts. We will not identify ourselves as Korendians in those instances.
Fifth: strong support of Terran peace organizations, both of an open and of an underground nature. We are targeting groups such as SANE, WILPF, AFSC, and so on."

[Note: Point 5 was cancelled after infiltration of the named groups and other similar ones uncovered their political sympathies for communist regimes and against the U.S. The Kors, who were looking for neutral, peace-oriented organizations that favored no ideology or country over any other, found that few if any such groups existed.]

"We also have programs in the works to gradually drive home such things as Universal Economics, repeal of the draft laws, establishment of a powerful world government under United Nations auspices, and a humanistic approach to world problems. In addition, there is a variety of programs that cannot yet be revealed to the Earth's people.

"Next, while we are willing to cooperate with the Confederation, we do not require their assistance, and our operations can be carried on with or without their support. We feel that they will probably disagree with us greatly on our interpretations of the limits imposed by the Laws of Non-Interference, which we must state are for us far broader than they feel is tolerable.

"Our strongest area of disagreement with the Confederation is their questionable policy of giving their contactees misleading, half-truthful, or outright fallacious information; information that conflicts with that given another contactee; or information of no practical value. Later, in our question and answer period, we will no doubt discuss examples of this.

"Now, we are going to show for the first time a short film which was recorded recently over Vietnam, as a prime example of what we face in our Project Terra work. If Master Kalen-Li will start the playback, we shall be about it."

Kalen turned to operate the console. The lights in the room dimmed to a low level. The screen flashed for a second, after which the playback began. The first scene was of a battlefront located deep in a jungle area. The sound track recorded the usual noise of war—guns blasting, shells from mortars gouging craters, and the screams of men in agony. The scene faded on a close-up of a soldier who had just been hit in the face by a charge of shrapnel from hand grenades.

The next scene was apparently a field headquarters. In the center of a clearing, tied between two poles, was a young boy of perhaps sixteen, naked, and being tortured in unspeakable ways by a laughing, jeering group of apparently drunken soldiers. To my everlasting shame, I saw the unmistakable uniform of the US Army. Its wearer was waving a bottle in one hand, occasionally taking belts from it, all the time cursing in the most obscene manner at the terrified youth.

In his other hand he held a steel rod, occasionally putting the end of it into a fire long enough to bring the tip to red heat, and then jabbing the lad in the stomach with its red-hot tip. He apparently delighted in the anguished cries it evoked. Here the Master stopped the playback briefly to say, "This is one time when we directly violated the Laws of Non-Interference. We felt that it was justified in this case."

The scene returned, and began to expand as the ship dropped to land. When it was about fifty feet from the ground, one of the native soldiers either heard noise from the craft or sensed motion in his peripheral vision. He looked up and froze in immobile awe. The others, seeing his odd behavior, looked and reacted identically. A few seconds later, the craft touched down.

Immediately, three spacemen entered the field of the camera. One was carrying an energy sidearm. He fired four quick bursts, and the boy's bonds severed in flashes of light. He ran almost blindly toward the three from the ship. This galvanized the Army man into action. His hand went for the pistol in the holster at his hip. He had it drawn when one of the three raised his hand, pointing it at the Army man. He was thrown thirty feet across the field, as if by a giant hammer blow. He reeled and fell against the water tank they had set up for a shower, and was splashed in water and mud as he stretched out on the ground. A sorry sight, but he deserved it. The rest of the soldiers panicked and ran for the shelter of the trees.

[Note: when editing this report, I asked the Korendians what had happened. They said that the device used was an adaptation of a force field generator that could be focused into a narrow beam and targeted at individuals. It could be lethal, but ordinarily was used in the manner that I had seen, impacting over a broad area, and causing no injury.]

A fourth spacemen appeared with a robe, which he put over the shoulders of the lad. Together they went back to the ship. The Army man had revived and was sitting stunned in the puddle from the shower tank, afraid to move for fear of having a repetition of that experience.

When the five people had entered the ship, the rest of the soldiers came out from hiding and gathered about their "advisor". Together they watched the ship take off and disappear to the North. I was told that after the boy had been treated to heal the wounds and psychprobed to delete the memories of his ordeal, he was returned to his very grateful parents. The next scene was of a ground base for aircrafts. As the saucer hovered overhead, three fighter planes took off, seemingly on a routine flight. The camera swung to a bomber being loaded with weaponry. A quick zoom of the camera brought us a collective shock. The planes were being loaded with napalm and fire bombs capable of wiping out small cities, and radiation instruments on board the saucer indicated the presence of at least one nuclear weapon.

So intent were the Korendians on the bomber that they failed to note that the three planes were making an attack run on their craft. The camera swung around in time to catch the last plane rushing toward the ship with its machine guns blasting away. As the ship departed, the planes were making their second run. It was easy to tell, when the planes shrank into dots, that the saucer was outrunning them with ridiculous ease. The planes, the base, and the ground dissolved into a green mass and the scene ended.

[Note: in subsequent meetings, similar recordings of atrocities being committed by the communist North Vietnamese showed that evil is not confined to one side in a war.]

The lights went back up to normal brightness, and there was a hum of conversation, until the Master began to speak again. The talk stopped instantly, and all attention returned to him.

"We have a few more of that last type of film, showing how we were attacked by Terran aircrafts. One of them, our most important, shows quite clearly a Nike missile being fired at us from Cape Kennedy, which we had been observing for some minutes. We annihilated it with laser fire about five hundred feet from our craft. I imagine they are still discussing that down there.

"This is my personal favorite piece of film, from about three months ago. It is a study in surprised Terrans in a complete state of confusion." The lights went down again, and the screen burst into life. The view was a long shot looking down on the Pentagon.

A few seconds later, the view switched to the ship's interior. A man was standing inside a teleportation cabinet, dressed in a space suit, and carrying in his hand a telescreen camera. A moment later, he vanished. The next image was of a large assembly of military men in a conference room. They were all staring, wide-eyed and slack-jawed, at the figure that had appeared in front of them. Finally, one of them moved. As if on cue, everybody moved at once. There was a general disorder in seconds, with people in each other's way, arms waving frantically, and nobody getting anywhere. Finally, one of them reached the door and called in the MP guard, who, after taking a brief look, put both hands on his head, turned and walked out. One of the lieutenants grabbed his gun, and fired two shots into the ceiling [Note: hopefully not into someone on the next floor up], which restored order very suddenly.

Somebody yelled out, "Who or what the hell are you and how the f*** did you get in here?" The officers stood studying the intruder. He spoke in a soft, gentle, somewhat amused voice, "I am Kelrin-Ardun, from the planet known as Korendor. I teleported in here." One of the officers said, "Hold on a second. Is this the same Korendor that guy in the UFO magazine from California writes about?" [Note: fame of sorts.] The intruder replied tersely, "Yes, the same." The officer's face twisted in an expression of confusion and disbelief. "Do you expect me to swallow that b***s***?"

The visitor countered, "Did I not arrive here in a way that you cannot comprehend? Am I not standing in front of you and conversing with you?"
"But how the hell can that be true? Nobody's ever even heard of Korendor." The answer: "There are countless things of which you've never heard, and countless planets of which you know nothing."

"So you're telling me that what that guy writes is the truth?"
"Every word. You may consider it a reliable source of information about the Alliance, and about Korendor and its people." An Air Force General sounded off. "Now, just a damned minute. What kind of crap is this? We've known for years that flying saucers are just a lot of s***. Prove it!"
"As you will, cynical one." The General abruptly found himself levitated and suspended five feet off the floor, his arms and legs flailing wildly and futilely. "Get me down, damn you!" After he had returned to the floor, he said, in a far less belligerent tone, "Okay, so you're real. What do you want?"
"At this time, we want nothing. This is merely an introduction. Later we will meet again for dealing. Until then, I would suggest keeping this a secret. Nobody will believe it, I am afraid, and you can well imagine the looks and the comments you'll get from your coworkers if a word of this leaks out. Va i luce." He evaporated and reappeared in the saucer. The crew exploded into laughter, and one of them said, "That certainly rattled their cages."

[Note: this is the actual text. The 1964 audience would have found it disturbing, ergo it was "edited for television", so to speak.]

The screen went dark and the lights returned to normal. The Master was smiling broadly. "In the event that you are wondering, Bob, this particular group of officers is heavily involved in high level, top secret UFO investigation. We chose them for that reason. That the officer is aware of your work with Mr. Green is thus not surprising. They were a cynical lot until that visit.

"There is another clip to the same effect, which we don't have at the moment. We sent a three-foot disc through a window into the Senate chambers during one of their closed-door sessions. That one aroused more than a little activity. In fact, it was responsible for several bills calling for an investigation of UFOs. These died, of course, after a few choice speeches and a lot of pressure from the intelligence people."

For the next half hour, the plans for each specific base were detailed—how many operatives, where, and when, etc. I was requested not to reveal any of it, and I shall respect their wishes.

Finally, we went into the question and answer period. The question uppermost in my mind was, "You mentioned briefly the policy of the Confederation to give inaccurate or incorrect information. Could you expand on this, please?" The Master Kalen-Li took up the question.

"Let me offer you a few examples. The most notorious one single thing I can think of now is the nonsense about a cold sun. Several of your contactees were told as fact that the sun is not hot, which is ridiculous at best. Your science is fully aware of just how hot it is.

"Next is the drivel concerning the alleged flying apart of the solar system, which a few of your notable contactees, who shall remain nameless, have allegedly been told. We can tell you this much: the very notion is preposterous by the laws of physics, but even were it so, the rate would be so slow that nobody would be in jeopardy for several million years to come. For all practical purposes, it would not be worth worrying about.

"Then we have those who predict a shift in the Earth's magnetic poles, and foresee incredible disasters as a result. Let us inform you that your poles have reversed eight times since the earth began. The last time was only a few hundred thousand years ago.

"One of your contactees suggests that another sun will move in when the solar system has expanded such that earth is out where Maldek used to be. This is obviously absurd, since another star would wipe out the balance of the system, in reference to such factors as angular momentum vs. centripetal force, gravitational equilibrium, etcetera. And such a star would be easily detectable by the unaided eye.

[Note: a large section of IC has been removed at the Kors' request.]

"Our own policy is one of all truth or nothing at all. We feel that there is no reason to conceal information from you, or to mislead you in any way, and we shall never indulge in it. What we tell you is the entire truth, to our knowledge. In scientific topics, what is told is based upon our own experiments, theories, and discoveries, and our applications thereof.

"With such unpleasantness out of the way, let us return to more fruitful topics. I note that the Elder Master wishes to speak again." All eyes turned to AKRIM-VESTA, and he resumed speaking.

"This conference marks the official beginning of stage two. From this point on, ALL our efforts will be concentrated strictly on our program, and very little time will be available for personal things. You will remain our sole voice to your people. We have no plans to contact anyone else on your world without a paramount reason for doing so, other than as required by stage two, for example, with government and military officials, and for specific purposes. We will have to make brief our contacts to various of your correspondents through you, as time does not permit us to continue our lengthy commentary as we have been doing now for some months.

"All of our bases are complete and in full operation as I speak these words. We will have many thousands of operatives by the end of the year, all of them working in secrecy. You will be kept up-to-date as to our activities, and what you will publicly disseminate is at your discretion. We feel that your better judgment will be a sufficient guide for you on these matters, brother Bob."

At this point, the communicator sounded a chime, and a blue light pulsated. Sen-Kor walked over to the console, and after a brief period of listening, he pressed a button. The small unit on the table in front of the Elder Master Akrim-Vesta sounded, and he took up the conversation. As he spoke, in the musical Korendian tongue, his and the others' faces grew very serious and attentive. Mine grew very puzzled. After a moment, he turned to me directly and told me a piece of information that shocked me to the core.

"Bob, we have received from our Russian operatives official confirmation of something we had suspected for several weeks. It is this: the Soviet Union has perfected a workable Cobalt Bomb." When I had regained my composure, I asked, "Are they planning to TEST it?" He said in reply, "Not yet. They ARE going to use it as a propaganda weapon, not against the West as you might suspect, but against Communist China, using private channels away from the ears of the press. This is to take place sometime within a month.

"They won't call it a Cobalt Bomb as such, but it will be termed a Super-Weapon, and they will make a very strong point of its being capable of annihilating all life in China. Your own government will probably be noncommittal on it, as their own Cobalt Bomb project is nearing completion. We believe that it will be announced by the end of the year, possibly as a counter to the Soviet claim. It will also be identified only as a super-weapon.

"This, my friend, is another headache we have to face. A resumption of atomic tests will give them a very strong impetus to send it out into the high atmosphere and fire it by radio. If the Soviet Union does so, your nation will follow suit shortly thereafter. The results will not be pleasant."

[Note: I was told at this point of the effect of what we now know as EMP, or Electro-Magnetic Pulse, which would play havoc with power, communications, and computer systems. I chose not to include it in my original text to Mr. Green, inasmuch as it would bring up visions of the film, "The Day The Earth Stood Still", and we didn't need that at the time.]

"We are going to cut short this conference to meet with the barrage of work that will be needed as a result of this announcement. On that unpleasant note, I must say va i luce to you, brother Bob. We will keep you in constant close contact, with all developments given you via whatever means are best suited. For now, we must go. Peace and light be with you."

The Elder Master stood up, bowed slightly to the group, and left the room quickly. The others followed, discussing amongst themselves the devastating news. Soon, Orii and I were alone in the room, which was in a state of almost dead silence.

We left quietly, and here I shall end the narration. There is nothing more of importance to relate. Anything I could add would be anticlimactic.

Addendum, 20040418:

What this conference impressed on me more than anything else is that there are numerous barriers that the Korendians and the Alliance are facing in their efforts to bring our world into the interstellar fraternity despite itself. In the nearly 40 years since the meeting, their best-laid plans have been abandoned due to forces beyond anything they imagined four decades ago. This world is indeed a challenge to them. They are up to that challenge, and are here for the "long haul". Only time will tell whether their operations will succeed-and whether we are worth their efforts.

Conference Room #2, from Issue #29 of UFO International, March 1969.

Text proofread and edited for typographical errors and improved wording 20080911.

2008 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved