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Chapter 33: The Flying Saucer Movement - A Critique

27 July 1964 - 13.30 hours

Speaker: AKRIM-VESTA ANTIRI, Elder Master of Korendor

[Note: in this text, "we" is a generic term referring to all who are involved in contacting Earth people. The Alliance's only contact was and is Bob Renaud.]

"What I have to say won't take long, and if I step on toes, so be it. I am directing this at all those who feel the saucer movement to be more then just a source of amusement, ego-massaging, or pecuniary reward.

"Ever since we of other worlds began to contact your people with the intent of spreading our word via these people so chosen, we have seen that in many cases our choices were a bit hasty, and in some few cases, actually mistakes.

"Some of these we contacted have lost any interest in philanthropic goals, and have become overbearing, inconsiderate, and greedy. From their original humanitarian beliefs, they have turned to using these contacts as an easy way to make a fast buck, as you say, with minimum work involved.

"Others have lost any semblance of humility or brotherhood and have elevated themselves into self-appointed messengers from Almighty God Himself. Their main purpose in life, in my observation, seems to be the public display of how utterly superior they are to Homo Sap, that groveling mass of collective ignorance upon which they look with ill-concealed contempt.

"The time has arrived when some changes are needed. We can see only two alternatives.

"One, these people can continue their pompous, arrogant attitudes and continue preaching for profit. In this case, I am afraid they will be left by the wayside, as it were. They will be deposited into the wastebasket of futile ventures by the people from other worlds, and we will turn our attentions to more fruitful individuals, who will not let the baser human qualities destroy their usefulness to the cause.

"Two, these individuals—and I am sure they know who I am talking about—can face up to themselves and reflect, 'What have I done to further the work? Have I lived up to the expectations of the space people or have I degenerated into one of those boorish people of whom the Master speaks?'

"Let's face facts. How many of the contactees really live by what they were taught? How many of them practice what they preach? Can they all say without a twinge of conscience that they have done their best? These then are the choices. Those who merely are in the movement for profit, for egotistical reasons, for publicity, or for the sake of perpetrating a hoax, will shortly find themselves dropped from the roster. They will be left behind in the coming resurgence of the movement.

"They are the ones who in a very few years, will become the forgotten ones. Their names will evoke nothing more than a puzzled, 'Who's he?' or, 'Who's she?'

"On the other hand, those who find it in them to truly live as they have learned, and who are willing to work for others as well as for themselves, will find themselves to be integral parts of a growing, dynamic movement, soon to be a major factor in world affairs.

"We of other planets frankly admit that some of our choices were blunders, and we're willing to prove that we have learned by our mistakes. We are going to make up for lost time, my friends. There has been too much delay because of these unwise choices we made.

"Therefore, if they choose to remain as they are now, we will turn to new avenues of activity. There are many who would be very good for our purposes, and we will turn our attention from the old, outdated, and now useless ones to fresh, eager, and dedicated individuals.

"We have a grand message to deliver to you the people of Earth. We are annoyed that it has been lost because of the ways of those to whom we have given the responsibility for this message.

"Instead of gaining a wide following, the childish antics of many of the contactees have heaped ridicule and derision on the movement. The change is near and when it happens, either the old-timers will mend their ways or they will become ineffectual anachronisms.

"You deserve a great and glorious future, brothers of Earth. We intend to see that you get it. Too long you have suffered under the burdens of war, hundreds of diseases, violence, hunger, anger, and hatred. You have borne the yoke of an outdated monetary economics. You have seen millions killed fighting for questionable 'principles' that in reality are direct antitheses of the Universal Order.

"You have seen suffering because of race, religion, and nationality. You see now the world split into antagonistic factions by the so-called nationalists and superpatriots who think that the only good foreigner is a dead one.

"You are about to see the end of all this idiocy. You are all the harbingers of a New Era, a time of peace and plenty, free from the old miseries and sorrows. Say good-bye to this world of wrongs. It is on the way out.

"Think this over, you to whom I have referred. The time is short now. For the moment, va i luce, workers of Light."

[Note: this contact reported the plans of the Alliance as of the date of the contact. Within a few years they realized that the plans were unviable, and they were scrapped. As well, the Federation took care of weeding out a large number of their contacts with no input from the Alliance. This was purely coincidental and in no way reflected an awareness of what the Master said.

As such, like most of the contacts reported in this series, this one is presented purely as a historical record.]

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