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Chapter 32: Flaps and Politics

12 June 1964, 0100 EDT

Speaker: Orii-Val

"Kalo, Bob. We'd like to give you a little information concerning the recent flap of landing reports in New Mexico and Montana these last few months.

"This was a rather hastily-conceived operation, sort of a test program set up in March at the advice of a committee whose purpose is to coordinate such activities, to plan them, and to carry them out. It wasn't foreseen that such an early landing might be possible, but conditions warranted it, and the committee decided—almost on the spur of the moment—to try a few for research's sake, and to find out how your people would receive them.

"Needless to say, it was a qualified success. The landings didn't get anywhere near the news coverage we had expected, for unknown reasons. On the East Coast, only a few papers even mentioned the occurrences. Naturally, the saucer groups spread the word quickly, and this is all that is important for the moment-that you in the movement have adequate proof that you are not forgotten by your extraterrestrial brethren.

"Further displays of this type are scheduled now that we know they will be received sanely and without fear. Our planned overflight is still very definitely coming. This will serve to bring us back into the public view with a bang, as it were.

[Note: the program was terminated in July after considering the results of the test described above.]

"We were somewhat distressed that your Barry Goldwater seems to have so much support. His publicly-stated policies are no less than warmongering, and are dangerous to your precarious state of peace. It astonishes us that there are so many who would put their superpatriotism and nationalism above the security and safety of the human race. Your times are such that these two principles could prove disastrous.

"Before you had the mighty machines of destruction you now possess, such misguided beliefs were tolerable, because the world was in no great jeopardy from that. Now that you can kill millions at the push of a button, such emotionalism ceases to be merely a bother. It becomes a real threat to your very existence.

"We both know that there are people in your country who would jump at the chance to bomb the Soviets out of existence, consequences bedamned. You can thank the Infinite One that they aren't in a position to back up their fanaticism with action—yet.

"There is no guarantee, however, that this will continue to be the case. We don't think Mr. Goldwater would go this far, but his very election would encourage the elements so inclined to be more vociferous and overbearing in their campaigns. Once they manage to overcome reason, who knows what will come of it? Your people are unfortunately easily swayed by eloquent oratory. It is without doubt that there are extremely effective speakers and writers in the warmonger faction.

"This can be easily seen by the way Castro and Hitler in the past have held audiences for hours, delivering tirades against everybody who disagrees with them. The same thing can happen in America. Your people can be worked up into a fury by the right combination of personality, delivery, and wording. I needn't expand further on this, as the dangers are obvious.

"Things are a bit rushed, and so we'll sign off for the moment. Va i luce, Bob. Orii-Val out."

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