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Chapter 31: Convention Message June 1964

Received May 26, 1964

From master Kalen-Li Retan via RPR

Dear Friends:

I am sincerely sorry that circumstances preclude my presence at this convention, but I hope that you will accept my use of this next-best method of talking to you. Your reader has graciously consented to present this material to you in my absence, for which I am deeply grateful and indebted to him/her.

I shall chatter only briefly, and then we shall be on to the crux of the talk, a message expressly for you attending the convention, sent very thoughtfully by our Korendian Brother, the Master Kalen-Li Retan.

The first thing you might note is that the message is very informal. This is a characteristic that I have noted in all those whom I have met from Korendor, a quality which is unfortunately lacking in the presentations by some other bearers of the word.

Next, you will probably remark at the lack of religious overtones in the message. Religion is fine in its place, but it shouldn't creep into friendly conversation not related to it directly. You will note, however, that there is always a sense of high morality and ethics in the speech.

Finally, the good Master is well-versed in English, so don't be surprised to find idioms scattered throughout the text. Now, with that out of the way, I turn the floor over to Master Kalen-Li.

"Good day, my Terran brothers. I don't suppose that you would expect me, in the course of the next few minutes, to offer you the solutions to all of your planet's problems. This is impossible. However, I'd like to touch upon a few points that I consider important enough to warrant discussion at this type of gathering.

“The first is the 'saucer movement', as you call it. As I sit here, I wonder how many of you, deep down inside, have been saying to yourselves, 'The movement is dying. Lately the papers haven't carried any reports of sightings, there haven't been any new contacts, and the world in general is going to pot.'

"I have news for you, friends. We are more active now than we ever were. Now, however, rather than making public scenes, we have been working quietly and unobtrusively amongst you, infiltrating every mode of your public life, from religion to entertainment to government. Speaking for the Alliance, our underground bases are being completed or have been and are in operation all across the world, pouring out thousands of operatives to work with you in secrecy, gradually changing your pattern of living to meet with the Universal Laws.

"The change has been so gradual that an untrained mind might not even have noticed it. Consider, however, that nothing was ever achieved by an all-out blast, but rather by a long-term program of activity. You will see that in the end we are accomplishing far more this way than if we landed by the thousands and set up schools to teach you the things you need to know. I'm sure that there would be only resentment in the latter case, and our purpose would be lost in animosity and bitterness on your part.

"As to why the news has been scarce about saucers and related topics, the press is being told quietly but firmly to censor this news or else. The higher echelons are pressing their brass thumbs down hard on the news media, and the result is this conspicuous absence of UFO news. Take heart, however. The best is yet to come.

"As we told you a few years ago, and are now telling to an entire convention, we have very definitely scheduled an aerial display for you within three years that will make believers out of the staunchest of skeptics. The time has come when we must return to prominence, and this time we are going to do it on such a grand scale that no amount of official censure will be able to hide us off in a dark file cabinet, stamped 'Top Secret.'

"If you will recall the Washington DC flap in 1952, and imagine that repeated on a much vaster scale WORLDWIDE, you have a fair notion of the show you're due to get. Suffice it to say that when we're finished, friends, one will be either a believer or a fool.

"Once we establish officially that we do in fact exist, we will be able to carry out Phase Two of the program, a few months after the show. For the moment this shall remain secret, but you'll be safe in betting that the world hasn't seen the likes of it in its entire history.

[Note: this plan, which was originated by the Confederation, was scrapped in July of 1964. See the contact of June 12 for further information.]

"Now, I will state that despite the press censorship of saucer news, 1963 was a banner year for sightings. This can be confirmed by any well-known saucer research organization, such as NICAP—which is not too friendly toward contactees—is a central clearing house of sorts for saucer reports. You might ask them about the year 1963. Also, the news commentator, Frank Edwards, has been besieged with reports from all over the country and indeed the world.

"We are very much active, yes, indeed. That we have not been making news lately is irrelevant. What is important is that we're still around stronger than ever, and the best is yet to come, as I have said previously.

"We were very much heartened to hear Mr. Johnson's speech stating that the production of fissionable materials will be cut in the future. This is the second real step to a peaceful world, the first being the test ban treaty, which was hailed in all circles interested in Earth's welfare as a major step of progress.

"Still, there is much to be done on your world in this area. You know that as long as nations possess their own militaries, war is inevitable. What then is the solution here?

"The United Nations is that answer. As of now, the U.N. is weak and impotent. The first step therefore is to strengthen it. IT, not the various war-mongering national governments, must determine the course of international relations. Only this way can war be cut off at the roots. There is a multi-point plan that we offer to effect this world unity through the authority of the United Nations.

"Point 1: ALL nations must be admitted, not just those that the western powers find convenient to acknowledge. Communist China is today an established world power, and no amount of hiding heads in the sand will change that fact one iota. All the time your politicians and patriots are fighting recognition of Communist China, she is increasing her strength, absolutely unchecked and absolutely ignored.

"Do you go to a hospital when you are sick, or do you stay at home and deny that you are ill, hoping the sickness will go away? Most sane people will of course follow the former course. It is the same with a nation such as Communist China, an illness in the world. The hospital is the United Nations, and it is the only place where such a sickness can be put in check and perhaps cured. All the time the 'free' world fails to acknowledge in the United Nations the existence of Communist China, she grows like a malignant disease. It is time to be realistic, my friends. Pretense is lethal in this game.

"Point 2: all nations must abide by U.N. decisions as law, though all nations must be able to question in a World Court any decision that seems to be unjust to that nation - although NOT to its own special interests at the expense of other nations.

"Point 3: the body of the U.N. must be composed of delegates from each nation, elected by that nation, and that, when elected, become INDEPENDENT of that nation and are bound only by duty to the United Nations and the preservation of peace, order, and justice.

"Point 4: assuming that a military is necessary to preserve order until true peace can be established via the vehicles of brotherhood, compassion and love, and also by the establishment of Universal Economics to replace money economics, then such military must be at the disposal of the United Nations alone, and not to vindictive or aggressive individual nations for their own ends.
Naturally, each nation will have a police force to maintain internal order, but these will not be used for international conflict, and such a violation of U.N. rules will be dealt with accordingly in the General Council, if such a name fits, and appropriate corrective measures taken.

"Point 5: no nation or bloc of nations shall dominate the United Nations at any time, nor shall the United Nations favor any nation or bloc of nations, nor be prejudiced against any nation or bloc.

"Point 6: the delegates to the U.N. may be advised by their respective countries, but they are not required to vote as their country wishes if such a vote would be for a special interest or against the common good of the world.

"If I sounded a bit legalistic in my speech, forgive me. However, I don't see how the ideas can be put across except by straight-forward, objective, unfettered language. At any rate, I believe that you are intelligent enough to follow the wording without difficulty.

"I mentioned Universal Economics. Some of you might note that it was originally called Prior Choice Economics. The principle is the same. In essence, the major headache of your times, money, is eliminated. For a full explanation, I suggest you contact Gabriel Green at AFSCA. He has an entire issue of their publication devoted to the non-money system of economics. In general, though, it eliminates poverty, debt, bankruptcy, economic stagnation. It offers lifetime insurance, old-age comfort without worry, wealth that can only increase and a full use of your manufacturing and farm facilities for the improvement of life.

"Your present economics causes wars, both because poor nations have no recourse in some cases, and because certain manufacturers stand to profit from warfare and so promote it. In a system where wealth can be gained without danger of loss, and where consumer use of goods can more than fully occupy all your present industry for years to come, there is no need for war - all are too busy waging peace.

"Naturally, there will be those who oppose this new non-money economics. These oppose everything new and different. Here is where YOUR help is needed, my Terran friends. YOU are commissioned by destiny to spread the word about Universal Economics. YOU are responsible for the peace and security of the world. YOU will reap the rewards of plenty if you work NOW for this grand goal. I say NOW because there might be very little time left for tarrying and procrastinating. The world situation is improving, to be sure, but there is the increasing chance that war might come out of sheer boredom. After all, how long can people go on stagnating. They will need SOME sort of excitement to keep there satiated.

"We are hoping that our overflight will give them this needed change of pace. However, it is still at least a year off, and before then there is a very good chance of a war, possibly starting in some God-forsaken spot as Vietnam and escalating into worldwide holocaust. It is THIS that YOU are to prevent by your good works. We will do all we can short of stepping in and slapping wrists on a worldwide scale, which of course is contrary to laws of Non-Interference.

"Each of you is like a letter in a fantastic alphabet, small in itself but indispensable to the whole. Imagine the letter 'E' removed from the English language. It is a small letter, but how very important it is to your language. Similarly, if you are lax in. your duties, or do not give of yourself in the cause to your fullest extent, then you are a missing letter, and the entire human 'alphabet' will suffer as a result.

"What can you do? First and foremost, LIVE the good life. Love your neighbor, respect him, understand him. Oppose all forms of violence and warfare. Treat all men as equals. Give no sorrow or suffering to your brothers. Help them when they ask for help, and offer your assistance when they need it but are too proud to ask. In short, lead an ethical, moral, and happy life. Radiate the light of a joyous being.

"Next, begin a campaign to bring others into the movement. Organize clubs, hold meetings inviting the public. If possible, get the local news media to carry coverage of events. Interviews on the radio and TV facilities are a tremendous aid in wide-spread publicizing. I might suggest that radio programs at night are best, since it is a fact that radio stations in the broadcast band have mush greater coverage areas after sunset. This will be confirmed by any radio amateur or engineer.

"Find out about Universal Economics from Gabe Green at AFSCA. Once you have a working knowledge of it, carry out an extensive campaign to inform leaders of government, business, commerce and the like, of its potentials and its innumerable improvements over the money system. Especially play up that they cannot possibly lose under UnEc. This appeals greatly to the average businessman or executive, whose main interest is profit.

"Letters to the editor and the afore-mentioned radio and TV interviews will bring UnEc to the populace. It will be received well. Most of you are probably fed up to the ears with money and its multitude of failings, and would eagerly accept any system that promised you only gain in wealth, never loss.

"Pamphlets and leaflets passed out on the street will generate interest in UnEc. Use lots of bright colors, especially red - this is sure to grab attention and hold it, where black and white would be glanced at and discarded.

"Perhaps a printer might print up a few thousand copies of the UnEc literature for sending to the influential people. It should be professional, preferably linotyped. This might be a bit too technical for most of you, but those who know will appreciate the appearance of a linotyped column of print. It is the difference between a typewritten page and the page of a book. It demands readings.

"Perhaps you might think that this is overstressing the economic factors, but if a happy, peaceful world is a body, then a sound, stable economy is its heart. There is no life without it. In fact, you can never hope to achieve lasting peace and brotherhood unless you eliminate this obstacle, money. This must be done FIRST, before anything else is undertaken. Let us be practical. As long as there are those who are poor, hungry, and despairing, do you suppose that you can sell them on a peaceful life? Could you convince a nation whose very existence depends on war that a peaceful world is needed? No, not unless you are offering a means by which the nation will survive without taking by force what it needs.

"Such are the cold, hard facts, my friends. It is good to wish love and compassion for all, but the world runs by more mundane and tangible things than mere emotion. It needs sound physical living conditions before it can develop sound spiritual living. That in fact is why we of Korendor are here. We know that you have been given sound advice for your spiritual existence from other planets. It is OUR goal to deliver to you scientific and economic advice and information, to supplement and complement the spiritualism.

"For the moment, then, I shall leave it hanging here. You have enough to think about to keep you busy for the while. Va i luce, friends of Earth. The Light be with you and in you."

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