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Chapter 29: Supplemental Information on Sub-Space

2 March 1964 1900 EST

"Good day, Bob. Orii-Val here. We want to give you a few pieces of information supplementary to previous contacts.

"First, in order to obtain a wider SSR-4D range, we have added a fourth channel called, in terms familiar to you, GAMMA, which will reach the Varn-Lian limit at about 1000 light years [Note: 1076.6831537 -- original text said 100, a typographical error]. Also, the practical length of the time line in Function Omega is about 10,000 light years. I say practical, since in any calculations one might make, it will be quite close. The time remaining after 10,000 light years is in the order of 0.08 seconds, which is insignificant for other than direct use by SSR or Fourth Dimensional equipment.

"Next, the equipment used in our SSR units to enable us to split up SSR distances into parts of a light year operates on pulse counting. In principle, an extremely accurate standard frequency is transmitted by a main transmitter in the Galaxy Division of Standards location in each galaxy. This frequency is 500 teracycles per 0.01 rhek, or kirhek. [Note: a teracycle is 10 or 1 million million cycles.]

"A certain distance corresponds to a certain number of pulses, and when this number of pulses is counted, the ship instantaneously drops into normal space, usually within a few hundredths of a light year of the destination. A short-range jump then brings us quite close to the target.

"When interstellar travel is required, as we said before, a data disk is used in the ship's control system. On this disk are two sets of data. The first is the SSR radio directional finder bearings for use with the beacons. The second is a brief date pulse telling the computer how many cycles of this 500-teracycle standard to count before switching off the 4-D systems.

"This number of cycles is computed to place the ship, which has been following the bearings on the disk, into a dimensional exit. Once in there, the computer switches off the 4-D unit. This pulse counting applies in all four channels, the four being official as of 16 March 1964, 20.00 cendrols.

"Now, since you are at present unemployed, and have much free time, we will come for you Wednesday morning at 0200. Be ready at this time. For now, Orii-Val is clearing from SPC-12."

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