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Chapter 24: Ranger Moon Probes

2 February 1964 - 0300 EST

Alen, Bren. We are speaking now from the moon, specifically Mare Serenitatis, where, as you know, the Ranger space probe was scheduled to take pictures before meeting its death on the surface.

"You will recall that in a brief communication yesterday morning, we told you that the probe was approaching a temporary base that we had set up in this area earlier this year. We told you also that we would be forced to prevent any pictures of this area from being taken, for security reasons.

"Your news reports this morning of course have confirmed that this action was taken. What they do NOT say, because they do not KNOW, is that the probe never hit the surface. It was taken aboard a ship a mile from the lunar surface, and is now under intensive study in our labs here on the moon.

"This may be the required action for the next probe also, unless we can finish our work in Mare Serenitatis and dismantle the base before this next Ranger is sent on its way.

"We suggest that you release this information as soon as possible. It gives much confirmation to the saucer movement's frequent statements that outer space is indeed active and that the moon is very much alive. We will communicate again very soon. Va i luce. Orii-Val for RK-11 on Luna clearing."

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