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Chapter 20: The Saucer Movement

12-13 November 1963

"Kalo again, Bob. As we mentioned in an earlier contact, we will now speak of the saucer movement, its responsibilities, problems and goals. I will follow Gabriel's general outline in answering, since he has given a very good sequence of topics.

"Perhaps most important, in this time of trouble, and in any case a most worthy goal, is an established unity of purpose. It seems to us that while there are many who believe in saucers, who have seen them and who have conversed with their occupants, there is an almost total lack of coordination among these people.

"At its worst, one faction calls another a group of crackpots, and the latter retaliates by calling the first group insufferable bigots. At best, it achieves no useful purpose, since an individual without support is one against the world.

"Therefore it behooves all in the movement to align in a worldwide union of forces such as the AFSCA. So far, the groups that crop up here and there are small, uninformed, lacking in financial backing, and more often than not presenting information to a few that should be disseminated internationally to the multitudes.

"Suppose, for example, that a person makes contact with a group from Venus. [Note: IC. He didn't name a planet. He said, "of space people."] He is at a loss as to where he can tell his story. Perhaps he will give it to the press, and after a few tongue-in-cheek headlines about the little men in the flying saucers, they will dispatch him to an 'expert' on psychoceramics, 'crackpots'. This expert will try to determine what this has to do with his childhood frustrations.

"Having thus been daunted, he may retract his story, and the world loses valuable information, not to mention that the movement loses another leader.

"Perhaps he is not so easily defeated. He therefore gathers a group of followers, and they print a few mimeographed pages every few months, and go on in insignificance.

"This is in actuality the pattern over the Earth. Small groups in the hundreds, every one of them laboring under the burden of obscurity and official ridicule by the press, the government, the 'scientists' and the 'intelligentsia'.

"It would be wonderful if all these groups were suddenly to find out that in independence there is no gain, but that in unity there is strength. Such is of course a pipe dream.

"There are several factors that stand in the way of an immediate coalition.

  • First there is ignorance of the need for unity.
  • Second, there is lack of knowledge as to how unity might be accomplished.
  • Third, many of these groups do not even know that in the world there is an AFSCA to form a core for unity.
  • Fourth, there is a fear of ridicule should they assert themselves.
  • Fifth, there is the fact that many contactees conflict on points, and this causes undue friction.
  • Sixth, there are groups that, because their policies and philosophies differ from others, are apathetic or actually hostile to unity.
  • Lastly, there are backstabbing and monumental egos amongst the contactees themselves.

"The fact that a need exists for a combination of all saucer groups into a single large body is self-evident. The problem in this case is locating all these groups and bringing them into the fold, as it were.

"Once all the groups have been located, a form should be sent to all to determine their beliefs and philosophies, in an effort to find an area of common interest on which to base the unison.

"Suppose, for example, that a survey indicates that all groups, despite their other philosophies, are unanimous in their feeling that world peace is the hope of mankind. This should be made the basis for uniting all the groups, even if no other philosophies coincide among the groups.

"Naturally, once the groups have joined ranks, and each set of beliefs is considered by all the others, many areas of common interests will be discovered. Maybe a group's rational philosophy will bring another to drop a radical belief of its own and adopt the new and preferable concept. The others, seeing this change of heart, will reexamine their own opinions on the basis of opposing views. Before long, the entire membership will have agreed upon a master philosophy, and a process of action to be followed. This is the first step in cooperation.

"Once the internal tensions have been laid to rest, the group then begins to reach out to individuals unassociated with any group. This can be done by brochures, sample copies of publications and the ilk. Next, interviews on radio and TV, articles in newspapers and magazines and other forms of exposure to the masses should be undertaken.

"Indeed, there are many individuals who believe, but who don't know where to turn to talk about it. This campaign will show that there is a forum of discussion where they can openly talk about the uncommon and unearthly. These individuals will then increase the membership yet further.

"Next, discussion clubs should be formed in each city, and note made in the papers and on radio and TV of each meeting, inviting public attendance.

"At these meetings, no topic relating to saucers should be left undiscussed, and skeptics should be treated with all due respect, because they had enough interest to come in the first place. Nothing should be forced on anyone. The group's publications should be made available to the skeptic to read at his leisure, and he should be invited to discuss freely the reasons for his doubts and criticisms. It is quite possible that a talk of this type will open up a fault in the program that the believers never noticed, much as the lumberjack who cannot see the forest for the trees.

"If possible, these club meetings should be reported in the papers, to show those who don't attend what goes on in the inner sanctum. Perhaps a local radio station can be persuaded to broadcast a tape of a meeting, to further enlighten the populace.

"When public interest has bean rekindled in saucers, the next step is to sway their opinions about living conditions and their futures. This could easily be accomplished by a publication that could be purchased for a nominal amount, outlining the perils of arms races, militarism and atomic weapon stockpiles. This will offer the alternatives to the destruction that is inevitable under the present course of action.

"Among them will, of course, be discourses on the UN and how it should be strengthened. Messages from the space people concerning patterns of activity for improving life will be used. Letters to the editor columns must be included, along with editorials and columns on various timely topics.

"Once world opinion is with us, petitions will be sent to the public for signatures, and copies delivered personally by leaders in the movement to the world's leaders, political, religious and social.

"Bills will be introduced by lobbying and other legal means, into the various nation's governments, to establish immediate controlled disarmament, adoption of New World Economics, recognition of the existence of saucers, release of government files on them, and the lifting of censorship on the government personnel who have seen saucers and were silenced, enabling them to add their voices to the growing masses.

"Eventually, the United Nations will be made the central force in the world government, according to the principles of Alliance government. With the UN forces taking over international policing, all the money that has been squandered on militarism can be applied to peaceful purposes, if indeed money even exists. At any rate, the manpower that had been employed in warmongering would be relocated in peaceful activities. Medical and scientific research would be given priority.

"Food surpluses would be eliminated by two means: 1. By shipping surpluses to underdeveloped countries on the stipulation that they in turn will contribute to society when they become independent; 2. By efficient management of farmlands and other food-producing facilities, according to needs, keeping only nominal surpluses for emergencies.

"In the more distant future, uniting with the Alliance is likely, as your social, ethical and scientific prowess increases.

"We have noted that of late, various important saucer personalities have been running candidates for public offices, from seats in city government to Senatorships all the way up to the Presidency. This appears to be a drastic step, on the national level. However, anything that will bring about awareness of the movement should be exploited to the fullest, and this includes having men like Mr. Green and Mr. Fry run for the presidential office. While it doesn't seem too likely that the next president will be a saucerite, it will show that the movement is not as dead as some would think, and might even stimulate a little interest.

"As to the Divine Plan, Mr. Adamski and the others have fully outlined that philosophy to you, so I won't dwell on this.

[Note: during the conversion of this file, I asked if this was an official endorsement of George Adamski and other contactees. They said that at the time they were informed by the Confederation that certain of the contactees did have communications with them on a limited basis, and that they were given information on the Divine Plan as understood by the Confederation. However, the Kors neither confirmed nor denied the claims made by the contactees beyond that small point. Even then, there was nothing more than a tensely formal relationship between the Alliance and the Confederation, and information swapping was minimal.]

"In summation, the motive should be one and the same for all of the saucer movement's followers. This is NOT personal esteem, monetary reward, vainglory, popularity, or selfishness. It MUST be world peace, brotherhood and plenty for all mankind.

"Va i luce eno nol si unir. Lin-Erri clearing until 0100 hours Saturday morning."

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