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Chapter 18a: Test Ban Treaty Discussion

8 August 1963 - Addendum

The following text was a discussion that occurred during the personal contact of 6 August 1963. It was recorded by the Korendians for my use.

Participants: Gery-Sol, Orii-Val, Darrin-Sen and me (GS, OV, DS, ME)

ME: I assume you've heard of the recent signing of the test ban treaty by the United States, Russia and England.

OV: Your people have taken a huge step forward. This ban, if it is upheld, will act as a catalyst for improving easy and brotherly east-west relations, and may finally, after centuries of warfare, usher in the first lasting peace for mankind.

GS: Unfortunately, it seems that your people have no faith in each other, for still we see that despite the ban, preparations are being made on both sides of the Iron Curtain for full-scale resumption of atomic testing at the drop of a hat, as it were. It is as bad as no test ban at all, because your people hadn't tested in many months anyway. Where it IS good is that it will be a deterrent to further atmospheric, space or aqueous testing if such might have been planned without the ban.

DS: We note that there are amongst your influential politicians and scientists some who do not want the treaty. In the first case, it is purely political motives that inspire them, to the effect that the Democrats got the ban, therefore by Republican standards, it is not good. Only if the Republicans get it is it good. This would of course be vice versa if the situation were reversed. Politics and politicians are that way.

GS: We must also consider those who may be versed in one form of science and totally ignorant of another. Consider the brilliant physicist Dr. Teller, who unfortunately seems not to be aware of the biological and genetic damage that can result from radiation and fallout. There are those who know and don't care. There are those to whom men are merely numbers on a chart. Finally, there are the sadists and egotists.

The latter might be potentially the most dangerous. The thought of having so many lives in one's hands has led many a man to abuse his position of power.

OV: Many feel that Russia's agreeing to the test ban is a propaganda move on their part. Might it not also be that the US and England signed for the same reason? I think not in any case. All have finally assumed responsible positions in world peace by admitting that continued arms races are dangerous, and that any further war will mean the annihilation of mankind.

GS: What is appalling to us is the incredible number of magazines, comic books and toys available to your children that are quite definitely printed or manufactured by warmongers, to instill into your youth a love of war. In the comics, for example, men are made heroes for killing their brothers, for destroying his possessions, for completely abandoning all reason and sanity. Anyone who can kill another and not feel utter shame and horror is psychotic.

That is not the worst of it. These comics portray a person who does the same thing to the good guys as being treacherous, vicious, animalistic and depraved. This double standard is incomprehensible. What it amounts to is that your society is succumbing to the mentally aberrant, the ignorant, and the sadistic, and laughing at those who would have peace and prosperity through brotherhood.

DS: Yes, this unfortunately is exactly the case. Children are taught to hate, Hate, HATE! Ignore the fact that Russians are people. They are RUSSIANS, which to an American is a crime punishable by death.

OV:Your people supposedly believe in God. How then can they spit in his face by their actions, saying that "Thou shalt not kill" is only meant for the weak? Such a commandment as that is for ALL men, and is not to be ignored by men just because they feel in the mood to kill for the love of killing.

That is what warfare amounts to, of course. There is no other logical reason for it. Certainly it is not economically, socially, ethically or culturally enlightening. It drags men to a level far below the lowest of animals, deprives them of their humanity, and makes them abhorrent to other men and to themselves, and saddening to the Father.

DS: Another question is this: how can men justify war by saying, "Look at all the good it did." What good has it ever done? It serves to instill hatred between countries; it wipes out thousands or millions of innocents; it annihilates irreplaceable works of art and culture; it turns men into something repulsive and odious. It is a very weak or perverse mind that can call this good.

Yes, they say, but look at how war removed Hitler, Mussolini, etc. Did war do that, really? It was only because people were not educated in the ways of peace that these horrors came to be in the first place. Hitler said that he and the Germans were supermen. Ego, greed, and hatred allowed him to exist. He could easily have been removed from power. Why was he not? Simply, the people were listening to the vultures of humanity, the warmongers. They ignored those who were peaceful.

That is how any dictator flourishes. People are kept in ignorance by the idiots who rule them. Your country is approaching that condition. You are being told that war is the only answer to world peace. You spurn the peace marchers, you denigrate Ban the Bomb groups, you glorify the killer factions.

OV:That is all we can say for the moment, but that is important enough. You ought to work to eliminate the sources of material glorifying war, to raise your voices as loud as, as the proponents of savagery, to influence people who can help you as individuals because of their position.

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