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Chapter 12: Sub-Space, 4D, and Anti-UFO Politics

9 February 1963


"Orii-Val speaking. Now that you have the circuitry, we will discuss the theory behind the Sub-Space Radio and Fourth Dimensional System.

"Basically, there are three classes of Sub-Space Radio and Four-D. They are called Functions Alpha, Beta, and Omega. We will now Psychvise a drawing of the principle of these, which you will draw for the records. "

At this point, an image impressed itself in my mind with astounding clarity and presence. Obviously they were imprinting directly upon my conscious mind. The enclosed drawings are what I "saw". [Graphics are reproduced at the end of this page.]

"The first diagram is a representation of Functions Alpha and Beta. The curve which we sent to you at the beginning of this contact is the graphic representation of the Fourth Dimension curve, and is a hyperbola; obtaining it is a matter of simple geometry, so we won't treat that for a bit.

"On this diagram, the semicircle or arc represents a section of linear distance in normal space; it's assigned a length depending on the function, Alpha being 1 light year and Beta being 100 light years.

"In normal space travel, the ship starts at origin and runs around the arc until it reaches its destination at some point on the arc. In normal space, the time taken to traverse X distance is X distance divided by Y time-distance, or velocity: up to the velocity of light.

"Over light velocity, the ship, or radiation in SSR, reverts to the Fourth Dimension, as it were, represented by the area within the confines of the arc, This is a 180 degree arc, and the point which is opposite the Origin is called the Limiting Point, or the Functional Breakdown Limit. At this point, the 4-D effect vanishes and the ship reverts to merely faster-than-light, yet is in normal space, not the fourth dimension.

"The line drawn between the Origin and the Limiting Point is the Absolute Time Line, and represents the length of the Varn-Lian Limit, a time calculated to be 7.54663 seconds Earth time.

[Note: the value to the 10th decimal place is 7.5466304886. It was provided subsequent to this contact. It is known to several thousand digits, but after ten digits it becomes meaningless except to the same precision purists who compute PI to a million digits because they can.]

"In Function Alpha, this is the time required to traverse exactly [Note: IC] one light year regardless of velocity when entering 4-D, since velocity is a constant in 4-D - everything, from spaceships to light waves, travels at the same velocity. When this time has passed, the ship or beam drops into normal space. If the ship or beam must go a distance less than one light year, the time in 4-D will vary according to the curve, which graphically represents the length of the time lines at each point up to the Limiting Point.

"For example, assume that the ship had to travel in segments of one-quarter of a light year. Since the entire arc represents one light year, then half of its or 90 degrees, would represent half of a light year. However, you will immediately note that the Time Line is NOT 1/2 of the Absolute Time Line but actually almost 3/4 of it. This is due to the nature of the diagram, and agrees with the Curve, which is based on a transfer of this difference to a linear graph.

"It can thus be seen that the time required to go in steps of 1/4 light-year, is not measured in 1/4 parts of 7.54663 seconds, but rather according to the curve, the top line of which represents the Varn-Lian Limit. The exact point where the curve meets this line is, in Function Alpha, one light year. The line can thus be graduated in whatever increments of 1 light year one might choose. The vertical scale is in seconds. Use it as you would any graph, that is, for finding distance given time and vice versa.

"For Function Beta, the distance is increased to 100 light years, but the principle is exactly the same.

"Now we come to function Omega, the odd one of the bunch. You will first be aware that the diagram for Omega is very different from that of Alpha and Beta. In this diagram, the Origin, while the start of the same arc as in Alpha and Beta, is also the center of a circle whose radius is the diameter of the arc, or the length of the Absolute Time Line, as you prefer.

[Note: in subsequent unpublished communications, it was revealed that the 1 and 100 light year numbers were very rough approximations for the sake of illustration in the contact. Alpha's limit is in fact 0.8944237167 light years, and Beta's limit is 113.6055304873 light years, to the tenth decimal places. They are transcendental numbers with no absolute value. These values were not published since they would serve no purpose. The graphics below were scanned from issue #20 of UFO International, January/February 1964. They are based on the figures cited in the text, not on the actual values. The word "exactly" was IC, intended to cause doubts.]

"Actually, this is not really a circle, but a spiral of infinite length, the end of which is at the end of the Absolute Time Line. All of the sections of the spiral are at some distance or time less than the length of the ATL, although for our purposes, this circle will be sufficient.

"With respect to the arc, the same principle holds true as for Alpha or Beta. It ends here. As I said a moment ago, there is no actual Absolute Time Line, except at infinity, so that a ship or beam once in 4-D, must be deliberately removed, else it would remain there for eternity, coming closer to but never reaching the ATL's end.

"It is in this function, Omega, that all interstellar travel and communication is carried out. We shall discuss each.

"First, spaceship travel in Omega. To begin, we will say that it is completely under computer control, from entry to exit. Before entering into one of the Universal Travel Dimensional Gates, a course is loaded into the ship's computer. This course is a set of bearings for the entire trip, and guides the ship in 4-D. This is done by the RBMs, the Radio Beacon Monitors, and the associated Integrator equipment.

"In positions which are exactly known at all times, there are located millions of beacons transmitting radio signals of absolutely constant frequency. Each transmits a coded set of data pulses peculiar to itself.

"As travel progresses, these coded signals are received by the ship's six RBM antennae. Each of these is tuned to a different beacon and is constantly tracking the signals and relaying their alignments to the computer. The computer compares the inputs from the antennae's Incremental Positioning Sensors with the stored bearings, correcting course if necessary to maintain an exactly equal set of bearings from the stored data and the sensors. Any computed deviation from this equality is related to the guidance computer, which acts to correct the error. This occurs in nanoseconds, and is continually happening. [Note: compare it our GPS System.]

"When the destination is reached, the ship is automatically led to a Dimensional Exit and pops out into normal space, and then to its destination.

"Second, interstellar communication. Here, signals are transmitted in the Fourth Dimension by special circuitry. In it they obey the same time laws as anything else, on the curve. Receivers pick the signal out of the 4-D, convert it to standard electromagnetic energy, and process it by usual means.

"Now - even though the time is only about 7 1/2 seconds for even the the longest of distances, this distance remains intact. Therefore, just as in normal space, the signal loses strength as the inverse square of the distance. In other words, as distance increases, signal strength decreases. If at X distance, a signal has Y strength, then at 2X distance, the strength will have dropped to 1/4Y, and so forth.

"The receivers thus must be just as sensitive in 4-D as in normal space, although there is no 'static' interference, and weak signals are far more easily received. The only advantage is the time. Instead of many years, it amounts to a few seconds, and a person twenty million light years away can listen to the same thing you listen to, for all practical purposes simultaneously.

"With this type of communication, no corner of the universe is isolated. This type of quick messaging has led to great understanding among all people of the universe, Alliance or non-Alliance, since all are aware of everything that occurs anywhere in the inhabited universe where there is SSR.

"On this note of attenuating signal, we might also note that the energy required for a ship to travel X distance in 4-D is the same as for travelling X distance in normal space. Once again, nothing is free, and the only benefit is the time factor.

"An a final on this topic, time passes for those in the ship at exactly the same rate as for those in normal space. If a ship disappears into 4-D here and seven seconds later emerges in the Andromeda galaxy, both those on the ship and those observing from normal space will note the same time passage. This is not a form of time travel, just a shortcut to space travel.

"The entrances and exits are used to allow the standard course data files to be used, minimizing energy expenditures to correct the course to preset specifications. Also, going over the speed of light does not in itself project you into 4-D. Entrance and exit are via electronic equipment too complicated to even begin to explain.

"Let us now turn our topic to less demanding subjects."

At this point we chatted for about half an hour about nothing in particular, but mostly data of personal nature. Finally, in response to a question of mine about government and Air Force policy on UFO's. Orii-Val replied this way.

"Your government knows very well that we are real. We have proved that to them many times, by means of which saucer researchers have never suspected, much less known about. We have contacted all the top military officials and many government personnel in very high places.

We have actually gone so far as to offer them rides in our crafts, but none took up the offers.

"We have communicated with Mr. Kennedy several time, and with other world leaders, including Khrushchev and Mao Tse Tung at least twice each. Only the Communist Chinese leader and the leaders of the bloc adherent to their party line have stolidly disregarded our words with them. Others, such as Mr. Khrushchev, have been greatly impressed, and are gradually coming over to the ways of peace.

"But returning to your question, your government has several official papers which deny the our existence and our crafts, dismissing such sightings as hallucinations, birds or any of the other 'causes', explaining away all our ships away as natural phenomena. The official reason for this is sort of a 'Big Brother will protect you' attitude. It is felt in high circles that if your people are kept ignorant of the facts, they won't have any reason to worry about them.

"The government has therefore initiated a policy of stifling all saucer information. It is noticed particularly in the news media. While our ships are being seen in increasing numbers, the papers, radio, and TV are reporting fewer and fewer of these sightings. This is due to the policy so often mentioned, namely that the media and the press services feeding them are told to play along with the silencing of saucer data, else they will find themselves cut off from any news. Rather than strike out on a crusade, they give in to this official pressure, so that a sighting anywhere, no matter how spectacular, seldom more than the back page, and then only for a day or so.

"Even then it is often tongue-in-cheek reporting, with some asinine headline such as, 'The Little Green Men are Back!'. This hurts the movement more than any other single factor, since the public takes the news media as Bible truth, prophets who can do no wrong. I do believe that if all the news outlets were to start a campaign to call red 'green', within a week you would be called a nut for insisting that red is not green.

"The time is coming, however, when this type of suppression will be unsuitable for the populace. They will want to know the truth about these things that are being seen more and more flying over their heads. The Air Force, and the government in general, will be committed to a final statement from which there will be no backing down.

"They will be forced to open up their files on UFOs, and show to the people facts they never considered in their research. They will then be asked to draw from the files conclusions either affirming our existence or denying it flatly. I assure you that if they deny our existence, they'll be hearing more from us than they would like. I think that they will confirm what has been known all along, if only to save themselves from being labeled blind. This, mind you, is my opinion. There is no way to predict what they will actually do given their past performance.

"If they do confirm our existence, this will do more for the Movement than anything since its conception in 1947. It will be world-shaking when it hits, of that there can be no doubt. Many will wonder why, if the government has so long known of the reality of spaceships from other worlds visiting yours, it has denied it with great vehemence, and then abruptly makes an astonishing reversal of policy. This will cause many controversies.

"We will explore this type of revelation yet further in later contacts. We will however, say this much: if the pilots of your Air Force continue to fire at us, we may be forced to return the assault, as much as it would distress us.

"Such an action would be a last resort, since we know that it might precipitate world war. There is, however, a law that allows such firing. This will not be to kill, mind you. THAT is unthinkable. The volleys will be returned in an effort to drive off any who would attempt to attack. They would be aimed to miss entirely, but highly visible energy blasts would be used to firmly impress upon the pilots that we do not wish to be annoyed. If weaponry is the only language you can understand, then we might speak that tongue for the sheer impact.

"You will think twice if you know that we are capable, although the Infinite One knows, not desirous, of vaporizing Earth. We of course could not seriously consider this type of horror, but the capability is there. That is all you are dealing with in the arms race -- capability. Only a madman would use the weapons you have stockpiled. The Infinite One knows there are a few of them running about loose, but the number is small, and fortunately, not influential."

Other information was discussed which was either not to be revealed or was of no importance to the public.

The following diagrams were scanned from the Jan-Feb 1964 issue #20 of AFSCA's UFO International. They illustrate the principle, but as noted in the text, the cited value of "1 Light Year" was a rough approximation.

For Alpha  0.8944237167 light years
For Beta   113.6055304873 light years
VL Limit   7.5466304886 seconds

Note: these charts are not similar to the one that was psychvized during the contact. However, they agree with the text. Possibly the one derives from the other. My files do not include the originals of these two diagrams.

This is a scan of the hastily drawn image received by psychvision. It is presented for reference purposes. No explanation was offered for it other than that it represented the 4-D "curve". Evidently it is related in some way to the two previous diagrams, and the curve may not be the precise curve that I received, due to the method used to draw it. The Kors have said that it is "close enough".

This refined version of the above hand-drawn image was produced with the Kors' guidance, and is accurate.

Text proofread and edited for typographical errors and improved wording 20080909.

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