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Chapter 10: Conclave of Elder Masters

17 November 1962

Contents of special contact this morning, 0200, EST. Speaker: Master Kren-Lor from the planet Arcturia.

"In peace, Kalo, brother. This morning we are to inform you of the convening of the Third Conclave of Elder Masters on Arcturia, the reason for this convention, and the possible results thereof.

"First, briefly describing a Conclave is in order here. I mentioned that this was the Third. The first resulted in the Formation Assembly, which in turn effected the unison of a great number of inhabited worlds into the organization now known as the United Galaxy Alliance, also called the United Worlds Alliance, All-Worlds Federation, and the Galactic Unison. [Note: they use only "United Worlds Alliance" in their communications to me. The four variations are all equally accurate translations of the Galinguan term.]

"The second was held 450 of your years after the first, which put it in your year of 1784, and was called to discuss the method of treatment of the Khorellians, who at the time were harassing interstellar crafts, disrupting communications and committing acts of piracy in deep space. We shall tell you what became of them later.

"The Third Conclave was convened yesterday, to last for one cendrol, 100 of your days. The topic: Earth.

"Masters from some 5000 planets are in attendance, including four from your own system [Note: the Mars facility]. Specifically, the discussion will be on the question, 'What shall be done by the Alliance in the event of atomic warfare on planet Earth, and what can be done within the limits of Universal Law to prevent such a catastrophe.'

"The reasons for this are many. First, a nuclear war on your planet will have deleterious effects on other planets in your system. Since they are Alliance members, their security and safety are of concern to us."

"Second, your world is a potentially valuable source of certain minerals and metals in scarce supply on your system's other planets.

"Third, you of Earth are basically good people, and we do not wish that you should be butchered at the hands of a few in control who do not wish to live in peace and love with their Terran brethren, and who believe that differences of opinion must be settled by violence rather than reason.

[Note: red text is IC. The tampering had improved to the point where I didn't sense that it was wrong. As usual, it played on the myth of inhabited local worlds other than Earth that was prevalent at the time.]

"Therefore, we have initiated this Third Conclave in order to determine how far we can go in assisting your planet in its struggle to escape the bonds of unreason and antipathetic treatment of your brothers. We wish to see you one day enter our Alliance as an equal, socially, ethically, culturally, and scientifically. We will offer all assistance within reason in order that you might achieve this end.

"We cannot force you to accept our Alliance if it be your will to reject us. However, as yet we see no evidence that such a negative attitude exists, and no one of us has lost faith in your people.

"All our knowledge is at your disposal, if you can but learn to use it advantageously for the good of all men on Earth. We cannot allow information of benefit to all to be controlled by a minority.

"As part of the Alliance, Earth will take upon itself responsibilities different from any that it has to this day experienced. For example, there are many scientific research projects outstanding, and it is the general belief that your planet and its inhabitants are uniquely suited to carry out many of these. Thus we are leaving them for such time as you are able and ready to undertake them.

"Scientifically, we feel that you are nearly ready for admission into the Alliance. We are watching your work on magnetics and gravitics with much interest. At such time as you have solved these forces to the point of being able to use this knowledge in practical applications, then we feel that your scientific status will be more than sufficient for admission.

"However, socially, culturally and ethically, you are not sufficiently advanced. In fact, we note sadly that your direction in these fields seems to be away from rather than toward the state of peace, love, and brotherhood that is the condition on all Alliance worlds.

"Thus we are offering to you our aid in whatever form is necessary. It is your privilege to accept or reject it. Your future is your own doing. We can only give to you our knowledge, our advice, and our moral support. Beyond that we can do no more. The purpose of this conclave is to see how much we CAN do.

"Please, for the sake of all mankind, listen to the words of those who know the outcome of hatred and militarism from experience. Our knowledge is yours if in good faith we can share it with you. All of us are hoping. Please don't disappoint us.

"Practice love, brotherhood, tolerance and, above all, peace. Profess these truths to all around you. Be not swayed by ridicule or fear. In the words of Master Christ, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.' With those words I leave you. Va I luce, brother."

[Note: The Alliance is commited to Earth becoming an Alliance member. Although this is a primarily a Confederation-controlled sector, they have expressed no interest in Earth becoming a member. Our warrior history unsettles them.]


"By the year 1964, our operatives will have penetrated all your major missile bases, defense sites, test grounds, air bases, and military posts in general. At the same time, others will be employed in high positions in many of your large companies, especially those dealing with the government, and specifically the military.

"In the election of 1964, the president will be one of us, no matter whom your people elect. There will be ten senators and 24 representatives working for us. An operative under our employ will lead the UN. Men and women who will be of us will govern the major churches. We will permeate your entertainment media in all phases. Your next-door neighbor might be one of us.

"You will not notice these changes, as the operatives will not reveal themselves. They are to act as catalysts rather than as reagents. They will prompt, suggest, and motivate. Their purpose will be to stimulate your own people to do things in your behalf. As per Universal Law, they will not directly affect the destiny of your world, country, or people. They will merely assist you. You must act by yourselves.

"Our public landings have been postponed for the present. We feel that in the present tense state of your planet, our presence might initiate warfare, if only by accident or misunderstanding. Thus, We must be content to use operatives for the time being. If world conditions ease a bit, we will reschedule landings.

"The Mariner spacecraft will not reveal what you want about the planet Venus. We cannot afford at this time to allow the discovery of the vast civilization under the cloud cover. The readings will be modulated by us to indicate that life on Venus would be impossible.

"The next probes, however, will be allowed to report actual conditions, and your scientists will have to decide which reports are the correct ones. Mars probes will not be jammed since we feel that you are conditioned to accept life there anyway, and it probably would come as no great news to many of you that the planet is populated by intelligent beings.

[Note: that is IC that follows the predictable pattern. The Omegans knew very well that probes of Venus would show it to be utterly hostile to life.]

"It will soon be necessary for your Air Force to present to the public on the topic of UFOs a statement of position from which there can be no retreat. They will be required when the time comes to either flatly deny our existence or to confirm it. There will be none of the on-the-fence deviousness that is so typical of them."

[Note: the Korendians based that on available information. They were wrong, and they freely admitted it.]


"Your researchers are missing the fundamental connections between gravitation and magnetism. By way of suggestion: Gravitation is in reality the true magnetism. What you call magnetism is a variation.

"Investigate the properties of subatomic energies under the influence of the higher frequencies of radiation. At points, there will be resonance. This can be used either to generate or negate gravitational flux, depending on phasing. Experimentation will show how to control phase angles of magnetism.

"Also investigate the possibility of diamagnetic materials as being diagravitic as well. There are several isotopes that will act as insulators to create a differential of flux, both magnetic and gravitic.

"Bob, the next regular contact is 0200 hours, December 1. Kylen-Rex signing clear."

[Note: the last line was the setup for the spurious contact of 1 Dec 1962. See the Notes file for full information.]

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