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Chapter 9: World Crises and Politics

3 November 1962

"Good Morning, Bob. Lin-Erri on the mike.

"We note with some relief that the Cuban Crisis which brought you so dangerously close to destruction has eased somewhat with the Russian concession. We feared for mankind as never before, from the first word of your President Kennedy's address, monitored by us, and you must have realized how close you were to being annihilated.

"Things like nuclear war don't seem realistic until you are faced with the prospect of one, and you can believe that you never before ventured so far into the region in which there is no hope and no return.

"We hope that the crisis has awakened your world to the dangers of possession of the implements of mass slaughter, and the ever-present shadow of world-wide warfare that swallows all of mankind in its hot breath.

"However, we can warn you now that the USSR, realizing that they have compromised their position, may attempt retaliation in the Berlin situation. Watch for that.

"The Sino-Indian affair is rather a shameful condition that could have been corrected had Communist-controlled China been a part of the UN, instead of the present tendency in the UN to shun it and not permit its membership. One cannot cure a sickness by pretending it doesn't exist.

"In our last contact we informed you of the no doubt startling news that we had replaced your four early Astronauts and Cosmonauts (those that orbited) with operatives. We didn't go into any further detail because we felt it unnecessary to further explain at the time.

"However, reconsideration has shown that much confusion and controversy will reign unless we offer an explanation.

"First, these four men, and those to follow, were all contacted as soon as we were certain that they would make these flights, and the average was about a week before the actual flight. They were shown who we were, along with highly convincing proof of our claim, and were asked if they would like to help mankind. If they had refused, we would simply have erased knowledge of our visit and no one would have known the difference.

"As it came to pass, they all agreed wholeheartedly to our plans. We then outlined exactly how we would effect the switch, the exact time and place, and other relevant information. They were then advised to keep utmost secrecy, and not reveal the contact to anyone.

"We must again emphasize that the switch was purely on a voluntary basis, and at no time did we coerce these men to follow our plan. They all expressed utmost willingness to cooperate.

"We cannot reveal to the general public how we actually made the switch, for obvious reasons, and we request that you keep the material to be given to you on this 'under your hat', as you say."

At this point she explained the exact method of transfer of the Astronaut or Cosmonaut to their craft, and the replacement with their representative. I was awed by the precision required to carry out the operation with such pressing time limits.

Continuing: "The men your world has so far orbited are being given extensive education on Korendor, to be continued for each of them for a period of six months Earth-time. At the end of this time, they will be returned to reassume their place in their countries.

"The representatives now on your world have absolute instructions to reveal their identity to no one, not even one of us. Our operation requires that this be the case. We reveal this to you only because we feel it practical to keep you informed on what is occurring. We don't expect that these revelations will have any profound effect on your world, especially with our operatives denying every word of it.

"These operatives are instructed to deny all you have said, even to the point of branding you a visionary. Expect as much. Some among you may feel that we have overstepped the limits imposed by Universal Law in carrying out this operation. The Law, however, is that we cannot interfere to the point of direct action in the affairs of the planet or its inhabitants without the consent of that planet or person so affected. As stated earlier, we did get full permission and sanction from all the Astronauts, and they were under no obligation except to their brothers on your world. This, we feel, is safely within the interpretation of the Universal Law.

"There are of course precedents being established here, as this is the first time in the history of the Alliance that we have ever needed to go to such lengths for our requirements of data. We hope it will be the last such planet.

[Note: the red text above was omitted in the published report, as was related information in the contact of 1 August 1962, q.v.]

"Now we have what may appear to be a trivial suggestion that might seem non-sequitur here, but nevertheless we question why it has not been done.

"Our suggestion is based on our observations of your aircraft, specifically the landing gear.

"When your large planes land, invariably there is a loud squeal as the tires contact the landing surface. The contact applies a tremendous strain on the tires and the mechanical supports. Would it not be better to equip the landing gear with electric motors to begin wheel rotation before contact?

"The cost of the motor and associated equipment to synchronize the rotation with the landing speed would probably be less than the cost of one tire.

"The wear on the tires, as well as the stress on the gear itself, would then be eliminated. Only a small-horsepower motor is necessary, as the spin-up could be begun when the gear deploys, long before the contact with the runway.

"This might seem to be a trifle as far as these contacts are concerned, but we are here to offer general advice where we see fit, and the trivia are as important in the long run as the paramount.

"The above technique is in general use on our ships, and we feel that it is odd that your engineers have not done so.

"Returning to more imposing matters, it was to our pleasure to see that in this recent Cuban fiasco, the countries involved turned to the United Nations rather than seeing fit to wage war over it. That is a good sign, And an important step in the right direction.

"Perhaps there is yet hope that under UN control, world disarmament can be effected and man can at last realize the fruits of life, free from the fear of war, hatred and intolerance. Admittedly, much effort will be required, and we again say that we unfortunately cannot offer material assistance here. Your people, under the leadership of those who know the value of peace, brotherhood, and the light of universal love, can bring about a world that is safe and secure, and reap the benefits of international trade, culture and most of all understanding. There is no question but that it will require time and concentrated effort on the part of each and every person on your world, but under the guidance of men and women dedicated to the cause, it can be accomplished.

"You as a contactee carry a heavy responsibility on this note. You particularly are involved in this project, since you are more aware than most of your brethren of the pressing need for this peace.

"We offer you our moral support, and will give whatever advice is requested or is apparently needed. We can do no more than this. You are on your own beyond this point.

"We must break now. Our next scheduled contact will be seven days hence, at the same hour. For now, Kalo, Aden Bob. Lin-Erri out."

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