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Chapter 8: Second Television Contact

1 August 1962, 0245 EDT

[Note: this contact contains several examples of the disinformation technique known as IC used by the Omegans. See the Notes file.]

"Kalo, Bob. Lin-Erri again. Hope you have both our audio and video signals. Please do not transmit this time, as our contact must be as informative for you as possible, and no time can be given now to answer questions. You are asked to take what we say on good faith.

"We have received our new instructions, and have in fact been in the vicinity for several months now. We have waited till now for this contact for reasons later to be revealed.

"What we are going to tell you must be kept in strictest confidence between yourself and Mr. Green of AFSCA until we give you the go-ahead on its release, since such news will cause a storm of controversy, and we cannot as yet afford that.

"As you know, to date your world has orbited four Astronauts and Cosmonauts: Gagarin, Titov, Glenn, and Carpenter. All were successfully retrieved and now work in their respective goverments' space programs.


"We must ask you to take this on faith. While in orbit, we replaced them with 'carbon copies', alike in all ways, except with the added function of acting as our operatives. These four now on your world have spent two years on the study of all traits of your Astronauts and Russia's cosmonauts, to their slightest mannerism and speech characteristics. Their own wives cannot tell these replacements from the original men, who are being educated now on Korendor.

Note: the four were Confederation operatives, not Korendians. They had an ongoing Confederation program to that end for several years before the Korendians arrived here. The Korendians provided the teleport technology, whereas the Confederation intended to intercept the orbiting capsules using scouts. They agreed to send them to Korendor so as to avoid unnecessary compromising of their security. Three years later the Confederation agreed to the Korendian takeover of the program.]

"All future man-in-space operations by your world will result in such swaps. In the future we intend to start replacing earthbound individuals, but for now, the orbiting spacemen are the prime objectives. We will continue this policy until we have a blanket operation in your space research and development centers, your launching sites, your government, and your industries. The same applies to Russia, and later to other nations.

[Note: the red text was omitted in the published report, Issue #19, page 10. Mr. Green noted that with the statement, "Classified information omitted here. Ed."]

"Our purpose is to be in closest possible contact with your space programs, to determine whether they constitute a threat to the peace and security of your immediate neighbors in the solar system, namely Mars and Venus. [Note: this is IC. They originally transmitted "neighbor", singular, referring to the Mars underground facility, and did not mention Venus.]

"Naturally, in keeping with our policy, these replacements will not in any way alter the pattern of events on your world to such an extent as to change the basic conditions thereon. As we have already stated, that is contrary to Universal Law. These men, and later women, will serve merely as first hand channels of information to us. You will still be our voice to your people as these replacements have explicit instructions not to reveal their identity under any circumstances to anyone, not even others sent by us.

"You will be forewarned whenever we make these switches, and you will be given full information on the switch. You can reveal the names of these people if useful, but we doubt that it would be wise at present.

"Next, we want to tell you that you can expect to be personally contacted sometime in late 1962, possibly in December. As yet we cannot allow rides in our crafts, but you will meet two of us in person at a spot to be revealed in a later contact.

"We will now switch you over to Master Kalen-Li in the social room which you saw in the contact of January. With him are Masters Veren-Hol and Exan Der. Only Kalen-Li will speak. The others masters are to serve as Personal Witnesses to his statements as reguired under Section 90442, paragraphs 1 to 7, titled "Revelation of Vital Information", which requires that whenever information of paramount importance is revealed to persons other than those directly involved, the one who reveals this information must be accompanied by two other individuals of equal or superior rank to act as Personal Witnesses to the statements. This requirement is for the sake of accuracy and to insure no false or improper revelation of such information. But enough legalism. I see that Master Kalen-Li is ready, so over now to him."

"In peace Kalo, brother. I have so much to say today and so little time that I shall not dwell on useless patter.

"We note with some dismay that your country and Russia are continuing their senseless testing of nuclear weapons. It seems that our warnings have fallen on deaf ears in your government. However, that is beside the point.

"You know of course the difficulties involved in firing the first high-altitude nuclear blast that were faced by the US. In simplest words, WE ARRANGED THEM.  At the time, we were nearing completion of radiation studies of normal level, high-altitude jet-stream transport of radioactive particles of previous blasts in the surface series of the US.

"The decision by the military officials of your government to fire these blasts in the upper atmosphere caught us off guard due to lack of sufficient operatives in the areas of the governments in which this decision was made.

"We could not rush a project of this type, so it was decided among us that this once, we would have to interfere to a larger extent than proper in your affairs in order to complete our researches. There were many who thought we should just quit the project rather than defy natural and Universal Laws of Noninterference. However, a conclave of Masters and High Masters met on Korendor, and they decided that under this condition, and since the result of causing those postponements would not be anything earthshaking, it would be advisable for our researches for the ultimate benefit of man to continue. The Elder Masters were consulted for final approval, which was granted.

"How we managed to effect control of weather, among other things, we cannot reveal as yet other than to say that all delays were caused by electronic apparatus, It is another of the things that Lin-Erri told you that you must accept on faith. We did just as I have said.

"Now, I mentioned that four Earth bases would be in construction in your country. Due to an advance of orders, they are now complete and in operation. The one in Massachusetts is located underground in a secluded spot, and the main entrance is less than ten miles from your home. We are not at liberty to say where now, but you are indeed much closer to us than you knew.

"The one is California is located 45 miles south of Los Angeles and the main entrance is about 16 miles out in the Pacific ocean. So, Mr. Green is not as isolated from us as he might have thought.

"So far, none of these bases have released any operatives to work among you, because the actual conditioning of these people began less than a week ago, and minimum acclimation time is 46 days.

"Concerning the base in Mass, you may eventually find yourself being shown through its labyrinthine passages and rooms.

"On to other business. First, it has been directed that no probes of planets sent by your world will meet with success until we feel that such information as will be received, invariably including the fact that life exists on them will not cause undue alarm among you. We make no exclusions here. None will be called any more than qualified successes.

[Note: the red text above is IC on a large scale. It didn't seem right when I typed it, but I trusted the imprinting. That has since occasionally proved to be unwise.]

"We give you now a warning. Instruments on our crafts record a level of radioactive junk in your upper atmosphere that could seriously affect life if it were to fall to earth. Further testing will push that level past the critical point, such that it would be lethal to those passing through it, or, were it to precipitate, to those in its fall area.

"In the interest of your own health, if not the sake of world peace, we again urge you to desist all testing of atomic weapons, even those which are called 'clean'. No atomic blast is free of radioactive byproducts, and anything which adds to the already unhealthy level of radiation in your upper atmosphere is nothing but bad.

"Your rockets may not have detected these areas of radiation. They have simply not probed in the right spots. If and when they do, there is no doubt that they will discover these hot spots for themselves. It is there, latent and lethal, and it mush be dissipated before it drops to the ground and contaminates your world. It cannot do so if it is constantly being replenished by the tons of it that go up with every surface test.

"We note with sorrow in our hearts that your people are so cold and callous to you who firmly believe in world peace and brotherhood. We realize fully that to undertake to profess the doctrine of disarmament and love of all is to take upon yourself the most trying task ever faced by Earthmen. We know also that many have fallen under the strain of the ridicule and heartlessness thrust upon them by those whom they choose to help.

"We can only offer you words of courage. Remember that Master Christ was faced with very trying conditions of living. He was ridiculed, scorned, and finally executed by those whom he most loved, and wanted so desperately to enlighten. However, remember also that as a result of this profession of love and its sad consequences, Master Christ has through the centuries gained millions of disciples and followers.

"Unfortunately for our cause, the visit of Master Christ has been grossly misunderstood, and he has been given a completely inaccurate analysis by the leaders of your churches. He did not wish to be called 'God. That was forced upon him by circumstances, and rather than risk the effects of denying this, he silently concurred with their beliefs in order that he might better influence them with his message of love and peace.

"However, as with all like him, there were those among his chosen people who, from fear and apprehension of the powers he demonstrated in his miracles - none of which were any more than the product of a high level of scientific achievement - aroused public anger against him and had him killed."

[Note: the red information was provided to the Korendians by the Confederation, and was simply accepted, since they had no way of verifying it nor time to do a detailed study. It seemed logical on the basis of the Confederation's stronger focus on this aspect of existence. As time passed and they accumulated more information from ancient records, they realized that the man Jesus was vastly more than just a great Master. However, they didn't do much with the information for many years.]

"This serves to demonstrate the influence that a few can have on the multitude, when the multitude are ignorant of the facts and dependent on the few for information. Your country and indeed your world are in this condition today. You may believe that you are well-informed people, but consider that for information you rely on a few people who publish the newspapers, magazines and books, and the few who are responsible for the radio and TV broadcasts. It is on these sources that you depend for information. If these few in control were biased, then the multitudes who take their word as the final authority would be biased.

"We have often discussed the US Air Force policy of deriding the space ships in the mews media that led to wide-spread disbelief that we even exist, not to mention that we have contacted you.

"If these people are told that 'flying saucers' do not exist, then how can they be expected to accept that their brothers have spoken to the people IN these crafts? That is asking a bit much.

"The first step therefore is to convince the public that flying saucers are as real as automobiles and airplanes. This will be the most difficult task of all. Once it IS accomplished then it will be only a short step to convincing them that you are in contact with these beings.

"We can only continue to make ourselves obvious. We cannot force ourselves on you. You must believe in us of your own volition, and not because there is no alternative.

"Your people will see more of us in the next few months in increasing numbers. We will do our part. You must do yours. Point us out to your fellow men, saying, 'There is the hope for mankind.'

"As a note of interest, the X-15 flight film that recorded three objects did indeed see three disc crafts. The earlier Russian Cosmonauts were simply picked up by ships and spirited off (not Gagarin and Titov). Many of your supposed failures in space probes in deep space were caused by our removing them for study. Your scientists will see many more of those occurrences. We feel that you are not ready for the information you would receive, since you have not learned to control the knowledge you do possess.

[Note: when the Korendians speak of "our" in this type of information, it refers to the brothers from space as a group, not this or that specific organization or race. This is made evident by the fact that the Korendians had been here for a little over four years before they began to communicate with us, and most of that time was spent in establishing facilities, with no interaction with us.

The section in red was omitted from the published report, in keeping with the omission of the earlier passage on this subject.]

"We will watch hopefully for a change of heart in your people. We believe that with proper guidance you can achieve peace and brotherhood. We are all in favor of doing what we can for you within the limits of Universal Law, but it is your duty and that of each individual on your world to work for peace, and not leave it up to a crew of war-minded people in the governments to decide who shall be wiped out to obtain peace and democracy.

"Since your planet forms a vital part of this system, we cannot allow it to blast itself into dust, as that would at the very least disturb the gravitational equilibrium of the system. Also, we cannot allow millions or even billions of people to die for some silly ineffectual difference of ideology or opinion. We cannot stop you from killing yourselves if that is your pleasure, but we give you fair warning: you are driving yourselves to oblivion. Please wake up before it is too late.

"We thank you for your commitment to work with us, brother Bob, and you will do whatever we can to make your task easier. Va i luce."

The image went back to the ship.

"Lin-Erri again. You now see the control room of the ship. Its dimensions are 55 feet in diameter and 15 feet floor to ceiling. On the far wall is the computer complex, which includes various analyzers, data coordinators, and simulated intelligence systems. In the upper left is the language analyzer that we spoke of to you in an early contact."

On the screens I could see a panel of lights, constantly moving graphs, and what looked like large rectangular TVs with screens of shifting lines and changing patterns of light, and numerous buttons, switches and knobs. Two women were at a console to its left, apparently feeding it information using what seemed to be typewriters.

[Note: in our time, this would be a typical computer room with displays and keyboards. In 1962, it contained many things that were unknown at the time. As well, the fairly low resolution of the small-screen black & white TV in use for the contacts, even with the modifications to it that greatly improved the image of close objects, made detailed observation of the equipment impossible, since no close shots were given. O for a time machine to bring back a modern hi-res plasma monitor.]

The scene again changed to a long curving console manned by four men and three women. "This is the central control board. All electronic apparatus on the entire ship is controlled from this panel. With it the craft is piloted. With it our Robot Discs are launched. And with it we communicate with you.

"I see that our time is short indeed and we must be going soon. There is much information to be assimilated, and we must be about that else we shall not be allowed to see our Hopalong Cassidy movie tonight.

"Good morning, Bob. Good night, Chet. Good night, David."

As the scene faded, the crew was having an old fashioned bull session triggered by Lin-Erri's totally unexpected comments. It was a shame that I wasn't allowed to see it through.

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