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Chapter 6: Earthquake Information

17 October 1961

"Bob, this will be very brief. We want to inform you that in 1963 there will be several severe earthquakes, in the midsummer.

"The first, we have located in Europe, around Yugoslavia, in the Southern sector. This will occur in late July or early August, and will be followed by several less violent quakes. There is a wide fault region below the surface in that area, and the tensions and stresses that have been increasing will be released suddenly.

"Also, one will be noted in Peru in early August. It will occur in a sparsely populated area, so no danger to life is foreseen.

"In late 1963, others will be felt in Europe and Asia, mostly small tremors, which will result from the change of forces due to the Yugoslavian quakes.

"When these have settled, no more are predicted that will be of import. Perhaps a slight tremor now and then, but nothing significant. No property damage or loss of life will result from these.

"Take note: there MAY be a quake in western US in late 1963 or early 1964. It will not be very destructive if it DOES occur, but there is some debate on the possibility of its occurrence. If it does occur, it will be in California. Nothing further is known to allow us to be more specific. There are, however, stresses being built up in the central and southern California areas, mostly around the fissure area. We are keeping close observation on that area with stress detectors that measure the forces by the diffraction caused by molecular patterns, upon probe beams of X-ray and sound.

"Also, very sensitive microphones have been buried in that area to detect strain on the rocks by the sounds they make. These are capable of sensing the passing of a car twenty miles away or a train from over 100 miles. This type of wave is self-canceling due to the mike placement and polarization, planned by aerial surveys of the roads and rail lines in the area.

"We go now to a meeting on Saturn. Va i Luce. Orii-Val for RK-11."

[Note: the sentence in red was NOT transmitted by Orii-Val. It was IC, added by the disinformation agents discussed in Notes, to set up the premise for the next spurious "contact" of 11/15/61.]

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