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Chapter 5: "Psychic" Phenomena

15 September 1961

"Kalo, Bob. Lin-Erri here. We wish to discuss in this contact the human mind and the various parapsychic phenomena.

"The mind, as you were told, is an energy form. It has five separate levels of existence, in order: Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious, Ultraconscious, and the Unifying Level.

"The unconscious mind is the part in which dreams and the like are formed. It also serves as the memory bank.

"The subconscious, the next level, is the medium between the conscious mind, where information is stored until such time as it is filed in the unconscious. It also serves to collect information from the unconscious on command from the conscious.

"The conscious mind is the wakened mind, the information gatherer for the whole mind. Through it the five basic senses relay their impressions to the other levels. It is also the control center.

"The ultraconscious is the sixth sense, and the vehicle for parapsychic functions as telepathy, pk, clairaudience, clairvoyance, et al.

"The Unifier, or Unifying Level, is the highest state, the level at which all matter in the universe is in rapport with the combined All-Mind.

"This level is the one in which every existent thing is united with every other. All minds are as one, and the energies forming matter are a part of it likewise. The All-Mind controls the universe to the limits possible. It does not know the future, and cannot cause predestination. While each person is part of the All-Mind, the conscious is the personality and individuality, and is not controlled by the All-Mind to the extent of interference in the conscious mind's affairs. It can suggest, guide, direct - it cannot control. On the contrary, it can be controlled if enough conscious minds unite, since the conscious minds, being the personalities, are inherently stronger in unison than the All-Mind.

"One level that we are to discuss in particular is the Ultraconscious. It is controlled directly by both the Conscious and the All-Mind, and is the Conscious' direct link with the universe, matter and energy.

"This level is the seat of all psychic abilities. We shall discuss each of these briefly.

"First, telepathy, since that is the most common phenomenon. In simple terms, it is mind-to-mind resonance. The mind, as we told you last time, is a form of energy with a set frequency, different from any other.

"While this frequency cannot be changed, there is another, a universal frequency, which can be turned on or off at will by the individual. It is on this frequency that telepathy occurs.

"When the mind is not generating this frequency, it will neither transmit nor receive impulses, and will be impervious to telepathy. When generated, however, it is receptive to messages from throughout the universe. It can select from any of these at will, shutting out all others. When this is done, then an automatic psychic block is im-posed that forbids listening in by others not involved.

"This rapport can be established between any number of minds, but once set, it is impervious to outside probing, by either psychic or electronic means.

"Usually, no one keeps his mind open to calls, and so a form of SSR paging is used to gain the desired party's attention. Then, by either the Visiphon or by telepathy, the communication can commence.

"The people who have developed their telepathic abilities can change the phasing of their transceptor frequency at will, which is usually necessary, since the impulses are almost never synchronised to the extent required.

"You of earth are unfortunately too closed-minded about telepathy and related phenomena to bother developing your latent abilities. Once you arrive at an age of five years or more, it is extremely difficult to stimulate growth of telepathy. It must be cultivated from birth.

"In line with telepathy are clairaudience, or hearing at a distance, and clairvoyance, seeing at a distance, in either case, beyond the range of the normal senses and without electronic help.

"In cases like these, the All Mind is brought in. Since it encompasses all, it is aware of everything that happens anywhere in the universe. If a conscious mind should therefore wish to see at a distance, it need only work through the UC, requesting a view of a scene or such.

"On other occasions, the All-Mind may elect to provide this view unasked, and thus the sudden flashes often heard about, even on your world. This refers only to simultaneously occuring events. For prescience, the All-Mind may project an image of what could very well occur if a certain pattern of events were to continue uninterrupted.

"In more cases than not, nothing much can be done about the sequence, so in effect, the image becomes a prediction.

"Mental teleportation is a fascinating subject, just now in the embryonic stages of research and development. In this case it is merely a matter of calling upon the All-Mind to disassemble one's body one place and rebuild it in another. This can be done by either converting the body to energy which is relayed and reverted, or by simple dissimilation of the body into basic atoms of hydrogen and rebuilding from available atoms at the other end. In either case, it is instantaneous, since the All-Mind knows no time barriers.

"Telekinesis is a variation on this, by which a mind can control matter, either of his own body or of an outside mass, up to the point of teleportation. He can change its form, move it, shatter it, assemble it, recreate it, etc. In this case, the All-Mind is the go-between from the mind to the matter, both of which compose it.

"Spiritualism we won't discuss. It is peculiar to earth, and seems to be an unenlightened misconstruance of the All-Mind and the UC, or Ultraconscious. Fortune-telling is hokum insofar as direct prediction of the future is concerned. Perhaps the All-Mind might work through him to provide a picture of the outcome of an eventual sequence, but to claim one can forsee the future is the height of absurdity.

"Materializations and the like, if genuine, come under either teleportation or telekinesis.

"Witchcraft is superstition influencing the thinking of people concerning psychic phenomena. In the days of old, when such nonsense as the devil and unholy spirits was fostered, it was easy to suppose that anything not explainable by normal means was a manifestation of the residents of the Underworld. Since science has begun to shed light on the real nature of previous generations' silly stories, it has come to pass that witchcraft and demonism are fading into the obscure world of fantasy from whence they emerged, and parapsychic functions have been understood as just that.

"As concerns ghosts, spectres, gremlins, and wee people who wear green hats and have pointed ears, let's just say I don't ever expect too very much to see one. The possibility of the UC manifesting in the material world is always there, but it's uncommon if anything.

"Finally, as a closing topic, we shall consider abnormality of the mind, insanity. In some cases, where voices are heard, the mind has accidently opened the frequency to reception, and cannot be shut off at will, nor is it selective. In most cases, insanity is a disruption, either physical or psychological, of the continuity of current flow in the brain which destroys the coherence of the mind's relationship through the body.

"For now, we must go. We shall contact again in 15 days. Va i luce eno nol si unir. Lin Erri for RK-11 ".

"Psychic" Phenomena Addendum

15 Sept 61, 0300 EDT

"Bob, we missed a short explanation in the contact. We mentioned in the first contact the robot sensors that picked up telepathic impressions along with sound.

"These work on the principle of the probe beams used in Somnivision. They were located in places where only a few people at a time would be near enough, so that the voices could be discriminated. This is done by sensing the word impression first, which is simultaneous with the image the word represents, and passing only the spoken word that corresponds to the mental term.

"They do not probe the mind's telepathic frequencies that are used for communication."

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