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Chapter 4: The Somnivision Project

28 August 1961, 0100 hours

"Kalo, Bob. Tonight we want to inform you of operations being carried out by the local planets, [Note: IC. The word used by Lin-Erri was "Confederation"] and by our teams on the basis of a pressing need. Your people will probably never hear this from any other source, and we request that you keep it secret until we give a security clearance on it.

"Actually, the operations we will discuss have been going on for hundreds of years. However, only recently has your science advanced sufficiently to receive the information without calling it witchcraft and demonism, or in fact to understand it at all.

"The operation to which we refer is called the Somnivision Project. With it ideas are imprinted into selected people during sleep, which these subjects then credit to themselves.

"In principle, as we will tell you in the next contact, the human mind is form of energy, independent in itself of physical bonds, but in practice, always associated with some form of anthropomorphic medium of expression.

"When in the body, each mind has a distinct frequency of operation, dependent on the particular characteristics of that brain which it inhabits. While we do not completely understand it, we know that it has to do with electromagnetic circuit dimensions within the neurons.

"The instrument used to produce Somnivision, the Omnifrequency Psychprint Unit, is designed to register this characteristic frequency via a probe beam, which is trained on the mind from a unit in a low-flying scout of the three-foot type. This beam then sweeps the frequency range. When its frequency is in resonance with the minds, a blip appears on the monitor screen in the main ship, due to the change of intensity of the teleprobe return beam, which is reflected by the ground.

"This change in intensity is caused by each cycle being either reinforced or weakened by reaction with the mind's own impulses, the particular degree of either being dependent on the phase relationship of the two frequencies. If the beam is phased less than 90 degrees from the mind's waves, the signal is reinforced, and the blip goes above the neutral line.

"If phased between 90 and 270 degrees, the result is weakening, and the blip drops below the neutral line. Between 270 and 360 degrees, it again reinforces. At 90 degrees and again at 270 degrees, the beams neither reinforce nor cancel, but lack of beat frequency pulses in the return beam signifies resonance.

"With the frequency thus determined, the phasing is put on a slow sweep, and at the exact moment when the two frequencies are exactly in phase, that is, when the peaks are simultaneous, the device locks, and the exact phasing is recorded. This will serve for all future work, since the mind's frequency is invariant.

"Be aware that individual brains reacts to these sweeps in different ways, but the experience of the target is seldom considered pleasant. If awake, the impression is of a sudden wave of fear or apprehension, of the feeling of being closely watched. If asleep, the typical result is graphic nightmares. The probe is done in a matter of seconds, but those few seconds are usually very unpleasant. It is unavoidable, but has no lasting effect.

"At such time as SV will be undertaken, a beam is set up from a three-foot scout hovering; over the home of the person, and a relay is begun through it to the mind. Since the frequencies are phased, whatever would be used as modulation on the beam would be considered by the brain as an impulse from the mind itself, and treated as just another thought.

"Depending on the strength of this beam, we can cause anything from merely a vague memory of the 'dream' to a verbatim recording in the brain. This can be compared to a radio feeding a tape recorder. When the incoming signal is weak and distorted, only occasional snatches of the program are intelligible. As the signal strength increases, more is recorded that can be understood, until at a high strength, the tape is an exact duplicate, subject to the usual defects, of the program.

"A number of the great inventions of your time - radio, TV, nuclear power, and the airplane, for example - are a result of this imprinting.

"The reason this is done during sleeping hours is because we find that in a conscious state, the active mind tends to distort the information according to its own experiences, prejudices, and theories, rather than taking it as is. To escape this, we choose a time when both the conscious and subconscious mind can be bypassed. Sleep is that time.

"In certain instances, we use Infraception, or a variation of Somnivision, which imprints on a level of consciousness just below the conscious. This is called 'daydreaming'.

"We could, if desired, override the conscious mind, but this would be forceful intervention. Therefore it is not done.

"For now, we sign out. Va i luce eno nol si unir. Lin-Erri for RK-11."

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