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The following communication was conducted via computer in the afternoon of August 3, 2013.

BR: Good afternoon, my brother. It has been over two years since we last communicated for public dissemination. This question was evoked by a YouTube video featuring Gerard Aartsen, titled, "Space Brothers Here To Help - The UFO Contactee Movement". Are you familiar with that one?

AK: It is known to us, brother, although I won't go into detail about what the gentleman relates. Suffice it to say that some of his views are, as you might say, "off the wall". He presents useful information, but it is colored by the "far out" commentaries.

BR: Okay. That aside, he made a point that the rate of sightings in the past few years has increased noticeably. That point has been verified by the RSS feeds from a couple of UFO update sources. My question: is the Alliance in any way involved in that uptick in sightings?

AK: Our position on public appearances has not changed. We are not involved in the "gee whiz" aspects of the dealings with your people. Colorful displays of lights in the sky would serve no useful purpose in our program. We are aware of who is responsible for those sightings, and we have communicated with them about their rationale. They have provided no solid arguments in favor of such a policy, and we have concluded that they do it just because they can.

In a way, it is the alien equivalent to the flasher who opens his topcoat to startle passers-by with a brief glimpse of his shortcomings. It has no value other than to give "serious" UFOlogists more data for their long, repetitive, and ultimately worthless lists of lights.

In short, no, that alien exhibitionism is not of our doing.

BR: Thank you, good sir. Va i luce.

AK: Va i amas eso luce.

2013 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved