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ArKay Questions and Answers


The following communication was conducted via computer on July 5, 2009. ArKay took the questions.

BR: Good evening, brother. In looking around at the various Web references to Korendians, I find these two lines.

"Many of the contactees who have allegedly encountered the 'Korendians'..."

"Robert Renaud is one of the main 'Korendian' contactees..."

I've addressed this in passing elsewhere, but would you be so kind as to put the official kibosh on them?

AK: I shall indeed. As of the date of this writing, July 5, 2009, we of Korendor and the United Worlds Alliance have not communicated with any other Terran than Bob Renaud in an "official" capacity, that is to say, as outsiders to your world. There are no other Korendian/Alliance "contactees, although a few have made that claim.

We do frequently interface with your people. We have done so for most of the 48 years since we revealed our presence to our brother Bob. However, with 17 exceptions, it is not nor has it ever been as "aliens". The exceptions were with highest-level government, military or scientific personnel.

BR: Thank you. What's your opinion of the United States space program seemingly going backwards from the shuttle program to glorified space capsules of the kind used in the beginning?

AK: What I am seeing is a waning of interest in scientific competence, research and exploration. When your nation is seriously contemplating a multi-trillion-dollar expenditure on a foolish, futile attempt to alter natural climatic changes, and the advocates of that nonsense attack scientists who actually understand the issue, I fear for the scientific future of your country and your world.

While that supreme folly is being pushed, the real science being done by NASA is in danger of termination because of shortsightedness. Apparently, spending trillions of dollars on tilting at windmills is acceptable, but a few billion invested in programs that have returned practical as well as purely scientic knowledge is now considered wasteful.

A culture beset by that anti-scientific mindset will never advance.

BR: Have you ever spent some time viewing the many UFO and contactee videos on YouTube?

AK: Only to a very limited extent. There are hundreds of them, but they quickly reveal a dreary sameness and a lack of insight. Most of the UFO-related clips are more interested in repeating the same imagery and conspiracy theories than in doing serious investigation. As for the contactee material, I will refrain from critiquing it, inasmuch as my opinions might be construed as uncomplimentary. Suffice it to say that it is in many cases counterproductive, evoking ridicule rather than interest.

We are aware that your policy of avoiding public appearances and interviews has occasionally been described as trying to create a "mystique". I say to your readers that we have always fully supported your decision to stay out of the convention and speaking circuit.

Our operations do not require the support of your people, nor even their awareness that we exist. Our purpose has been and continues to be the physical removal of the Omegan influence from your world. We are not here to initiate "ascension" and alter Earth's "vibration". There is nothing "spiritual" about it. We leave that piffle to those who are interested in it.

YouTube is a good place to find diversion, but one should not expect enlightenment. View the UFO and contactee videos with that in mind.

BR: On the lighter side, this photo is of a taco house in North Hollywood.

Have any of your California crew ever dined there?

AK: Stand by for a few minutes while I research this weighty matter ...... CalCom has just released this official press statement:

While it is not in accordance with standard Alliance protocol to provide references for Terran business establishments, we do confirm that the cited dining facility has been visited on several occasions by both base personnel and field agents with a taste for Mexican cuisine and a desire to patronize openly alien-friendly commercial ventures.

Taren Lora, CalCom Personnel Section

I hope that this has satisfactorily addressed the matter, my brother.

BR: Thank you, good sir. It has been entered into the official record.

Va i luce.

AK: Va i luce.

2009 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved