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ArKay Questions & Answers


This is the third in an ongoing series of exchanges via computer with ArKay of Korendor. It occured on the morning of March 21, 2009. As usual, the delays between the questions and the replies are omitted.

BR: Good evening, brother ArKay. A few items came to mind as I was perusing the TerraKor Files pages. Are you prepared for the grilling? ;-)

AK: Fire away, brother Bob.

BR: Question #1: whenever person-to-person communications via implants occurs, the recipient always hears the speaking voice of the person on the other end. After 20 years of routine use, it finally dawned on me to ask how that happens.

AK: That was a gem, brother. I never thought about it, either. Tren-Kelar, our implant technologist, provided this information.

The implants are, as is said on Earth, "hardwired" into specific areas of the brain depending on the particular functions. Speaking now of the brains of Earth people, for personal communications via implant, the received signals are sent to the primary auditory cortex [Note: see full information here] in a format that exactly simulates the signals from the auditory nerves. In effect, the recipient "hears" the voices exactly as he or she would through their ears.

The sender's verbal thoughts are processed by the implant and encoded with the vocal characteristics of the person's normal speaking voice. It has its limitations, of course. One cannot shout or whisper via implant, nor can the effects of emotion on one's voice be encoded. However, for the type of communication for which it was designed, it is very effective.

The addition of the "voice" of the sender in the sixth generation of implants added a personal element that was absent in the earlier generations. Those familiar with the voice of HAL 9000 in the film, 2001, understand how the previous generations sounded. The change greatly enhanced their usefulness.

One thing that we insisted upon in the design of this function was that the recipient must be notified prior to the message that it is via implant. The effect of suddenly hearing a voice while alone could be startling.

I assume that your question has been answered, brother.

BR: Thanks. And give my kudos to Tren-Kelar for his concise reply. Question #2 is a bit tougher, my brother. In your communication entitled, "Earth - A World In Peril", dated October 21, 1988, you gave an extended discourse on the dangers of man-induced climate change. Yet 20 years later, Master KALEN-LI RETAN responded to my question about it this way:

Q: What is your opinion of the concept of man-caused global warming?

A: You have a fitting term for it: junk science. Thirty years ago, "scientists" were issuing alarms about an imminent ice age. That never came to pass. And the fearsome scenarios invented by the global-warming alarmists will also fail to come. Your world and your people have "weathered" previous extremes, and they will continue to do so.

AK: May I plead the fifth here, brother? :-) I've just read both items that you are referring to here, and there is definitely a conflict.

KL: If I might join this conversation for a moment, it should be pointed out that our brother ArKay's comments in 1988 were based primarily on what Earth's most vocal advocates of what you call "anthropogenic global warming" were saying at the time. We had done no scientific study of the issue, and thus had no objective data on which to formulate our position. Our assumption at the time was that your scientists were good, impartial researchers, and we trusted their data and their judgment.

As the years passed, it became increasingly obvious that behind the self-styled "environmental movement" was a purely political mindset that rendered the objectivity of the scientists suspect. We also discerned that attempting to base our views on events in Korendian history was at best flawed, and that there was little correlation between our worlds. We therefore initiated an analysis of the available data based solely on our own scientific knowledge.

We have reviewed everything on this subject from both sides of the issue, and our conclusion is that although man's contributions to the "greenhouse gases" have a small effect on global climate, they are overwhelmed by purely natural influences. You cannot cause Earth's climate to change in either direction. Rather than utterly wasting vast amounts of time, effort and expense in "fighting" climate change, you should be preparing to deal with the consequences of any unavoidable shifts in a reasonable, logical manner.

The fact that your activists have all but abandoned the term "global warming" in favor of "climate change", and are now using hyperbolic rhetoric such as calling their opponents "deniers" — a shameful equation with those who deny the Nazi Holocaust — is strong evidence that they are aware that their strident alarmism has been refuted by real science.

There is an axiom that applies here: if you have the law, argue the law; if you have the facts, argue the facts; if you have neither, assail your opponent. When those who question the "science" of global warming are personally attacked and ridiculed for opposing the "consensus", it is unarguable that science has been abandoned in favor of ideology.

Our brother ArKay has long since reached that same conclusion, but since his series of communications to you was never released, there was no need to address it. Now that your website has brought his 1980s messages into the public forum, it is good that this matter was raised so that it can be dealt with in a timely manner. Proceed, gentlemen. Va i luce!

BR: Thank you, Master. Go in love and light.

AK: Indeed! Thank you, Master. Shall we continue, brother Bob?

BR: Here's item #3 on the agenda. This is from my record of the PlatoCom tour of 1987.

If I had the merest shred of doubt that the Alliance was committed to a long-term, all-out campaign to rid us of the Omegan influence, it was being rapidly erased. This spectacular base, the product of millions of man-hours of work and a mind-boggling financial outlay, was but one base out of seventeen in this solar system.

Moving ahead two decades, that Status Report sent to me in 2008 lists a total of 9 bases in this system, six on Earth and three on the moon. What was the disposition of the other 8 bases?

AK: As the Status Report noted, the base under Archimedes was "mothballed", shut down but preserved, with only the transit tube facility left operating as a way station in the Plato-Copernicus system. The base can be reactivated in a few days if required, but thusfar we see no rationale for doing so.

Only MassCom and CalCom remain of the original network of bases. All others were dismantled and returned to the elements, as it were, either flooded if under the ocean or collapsed if under land. They were rendered obsolete as our purpose here was drastically altered to address our rethinking of the Omegan presence. The far-flung base network became unnecessary when our operations were focused on that single activity and your rapid development of computerized networks made our communication tasks far easier. MassCom and PlatoCom now provide all the services and facilities that are needed, and they complement each other. They and the four small bases listed in the Status Report are all we require to carry out our programs.

Lastly, of the 17 bases mentioned, two were small single-purpose facilities on Mars. They have also been dismantled.

BR: On a sort of related note, a number of websites quote or cite this statement on Coast To Coast AM, May 1, 2007 (source), by George Noory to Dr. Michael Salla:

He claims that there are 150,000 human-looking extraterrestrials just here in the country, 30,000 in California.

For the readers of this page, my letter sent to Gabriel Green, dated 28 March 1987, included these tables:



United States           110,000           Master Kalen-Li Retan
Soviet Union            100,000           Master Almin-Kaer Marak
Europe                   85,000           Master Jakon-Ser Terol
Mid-East                 40,000           Master Vadin-Par Somek
Africa                   33,000           Master Warin-Jol Hatom
Asia (except USSR)       64,000           Master Peret-Lon Wilor
All other areas          56,000           Master Komen-Del Galar



Massachusetts           23,700            Temak-Larik
California              31,200            Marel-Selat
Washington, DC           3,800            Lamar-Trel
Europe                  21,300            Elban-Kelit
Soviet Union            28,000            Matek-Pol
China                   18,900            Belar-Robem
Egypt (Mid-East)        10,200            Domik-Tren
Others (sea, etc.)      84,700            Master Hekim-Lett Relam
Plato (Luna-1)          37,000            Master Relda-Kim Trepol
Copernicus (Luna-2)     12,700            Daler-Gerik
Mars                     7,400            Paden-Lektir

The two tables were not related. The 110,000 figure (not 150,000) was for field operatives in the United States. The second table was for permanent and rotating personnel assigned to the subterranean bases around the world. They were entirely separate from the count of field ops. It was unlikely that any of them would be found amongst the people of Earth.

I assume that Mr. Green shared that information with others such as Dr. Salla, but whoever received it was incautious about preserving it.

Getting back to the point, the same letter stated:

The total number of Field Operatives is now expected to be about 488,000 permanent assignments and 50,000 "rotating" agents from the Alliance as observors.

According to the table on page 5 of the Status Report, there were 38,594 operatives assigned as of 12 June 2008, plus 38 other countries with a later-confirmed average of 270 operatives, for an additional 10,260. Thus the full Alliance operative force for that date was 48,854, nearly a 90% drop. How was that achieved?

AK: The decrease was accomplished by several changes in our programs:

• Narrowing the scope of our operations to addressing only Omegan activities;
• Eliminating peripheral operations such as social, educational and business functions;
• Vastly expanding our network of remote surveillance and monitoring units;
• Slowly but steadily increasing the coverage of the implant network;
• Bringing online far more sophisticated methods of communication interception;
• Availing ourselves of the explosive growth of the Internet, and of the Omegans' use of it;
• Exploiting the last two items to increase our disinformation program against entrenched Omegan operations.

As the Status Report indicates, our worldwide operative force has indeed been decreased by about 90%. Despite that, our intelligence gathering and our efficiency have been increased manyfold.

BR: Thank you, my brother. You have been informative as always. Va i luce.

AK: And va i luce to you, brother.

2009 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved