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ArKay — Technology and Korendor


While browsing through some old TerraKor folders, I found an email exchange between brother ArKay and a gentleman from France. It discussed a subject that is not found elsewhere on the site. It is reproduced in full below. The italicized segment is the initial email.

Reply to: Technology and Korendor, 8 Sept 2010

Kalo, brother. I am ArKay. Bob has forwarded your email for our comments. My responses will be at the end of the copy of your message.


Thank you again for making available the information about Korendian way of life. I admire the loving and supporting society that they have created.

One question that puzzles me is: could the Korendians have done this in a non-technological way? Why did they choose to become highly dependent on technology, as opposed to using their own facilities (their brain)? Would you not say that our brain is really a supercomputer, capable of doing so much more than any technologic invention? (Hence the saying that "we only use 10 percent of our brain".) And that if we were to harvest the rest of this potential, we would have capabilities beyond imagination? Do you not feel that every technological device is only a shadowy replacement of an innate capability (every device.. you name it: telephone, communications, transport, spaceships,...)?

Do the Korendians recognise this as well? And why did they choose to develop their technology so well, with the disadvantage that they do not rely on their natural brain so much? What in their evolutionary course set this off? After all, it's "use it, or loose it", if we don't use our innate talents, they will not be developed. Do they feel that they are dependent on these technological systems (even with all the back-up systems)? Or is this technology of theirs just part of their evolutionary course? Is the idea to "wane them off" technology as soon as possible and let their natural capabilities take over again?

Actually, do the Korendians have a evolutionary plan set out for themselves? Have they decided where they will go, what direction they will head in? I'm very curious about how they see the evolutionary "traject" of races, their own race and others. It seems to me that they think that technology is an essential part of this evolution. Should it really be so for ever race? What disturbs me a little is that they encourage Earth to become more technocratic as well. I like low-tech solutions, and I would ideally choose an evolutionary course without technology for the Earth (well: "without" is obviously not possible now, we're too hooked on it, we rely on it too much).

The reason for this is that I believe that the Creator has not meant for us to become dependent on technological solutions, and to "give away our power" to these. It feels like a debasement of ourselves. It helps me to know that the Korendians seek a deep connection with the Creator, that gives me trust that their course is a right one. But maybe this is the difference between Korendor and Earth... Maybe our destinations as humans of planet Earth is different than theirs? What do you think is the difference between our two races? After all, it's logical to think that if we didn't have different purposes, we wouldn't have two
different planets.

Thank you for reading my mail. I would love to know your thoughts on this, and the thoughts from your Korendian friends as well!

From France.

Your questions are intriguing. The fact is that the large majority of worlds have developed technology of some form, first for their own survival, then for their comfort, and then, as they advance in wisdom and civilization, for addressing their thirst for knowing new things.

Are there worlds that developed solely on a spiritual basis? Yes, there are, although they are very uncommon. Typically, such worlds are of two basic categories (many are of both types to some degree):

• They have nearly ideal conditions for life, and there are no significant physical hazards or environmental considerations that mandate creating protective or shielding mechanisms.

• Their planets are poor in the minerals and metals that are required for technological advancements, and thus have no way to develop meaningful technology.

Given that they had no critical need to develop technology, they were free to pursue the spiritual aspects of existence. There are very advanced worlds with beings far beyond our spiritual level. Some are purely spiritual in nature (a rough parallel would be the Organians in the original Star Trek series).

However, spiritual development does not equate to an understanding of the universe and of nature. Their spiritual state can be breathtaking, but their ignorance of the physical aspects of creation is profound.

Because they never developed science, they cannot grasp even the most basic scientific concepts, such as the atomic structure of matter. Their understanding of the nature of their parent stars and the lights in their night skies is essentially non-existent. Usually, they accept that they exist and they make no actual study of them

This is by no means a negative comment, since they have never had a need for nor an interest in such things.

Common to them is an agrarian way of life based on sustenance rather than abundance. Often such worlds have isolated "tribes" that have little or no contact with each other, since the technologies of long-distance communication and transportation do not exist. Communication is primarily oral or telepathic. The process of written communication involves manual transcription using whatever suitable materials are at hand. You might compare it to the writing methods used in your ancient history.

Records of visits to some of the worlds have revealed that the greatest treasures that have been given to the inhabitants is writing paper, pens and ink. Such is the simplicity of life there.

Although structured languages are present in most cases, they are usually dissimilar and not widely known or taught. Reading and writing are confined to the elite members of their cultures. Knowledge and information are taught and shared orally or telepathically. Laboriously preserving them in written form is only for the most important matters.

The rest of their way of life is equally primitive. It is a truth that a world that does not advance scientifically and technologically does not advance at all, its spiritual development notwithstanding.

Your people know that throughout your history, scientific advancement without concomitant spiritual growth can result in great evils. However, we have seen that spirituality without science can suppress and sometimes crush the life out of a civilization. The ideal situation is a simultaneous growth in spirituality and science, with the former serving as the controlling force for the latter. We of Korendor have learned that truth by trial and error in our history.

Can the human mind indeed completely replace technology? No. For all the wonderful things that a highy advanced brain can accomplish, it cannot do those things that make the difference between a world without science and a world with it.

Telepathy is innate in Korendians, but we rely on technology for communication beyond the limited ability of telepathy.

Telekinesis can be mastered by Korendians, but for anything beyond simple, low-mass, short-range movement, only technology will suffice.

It is said that some extremely advanced beings can "beam" their minds and in a few cases their spiritual "bodies". However, there is no known example of a being transporting himself over interplanetary, let alone interstellar distances. No world where the only advancement has been in spirituality has become a space-traveling culture.

The Alliance knows of such worlds, but in agreement with the Confederation, we engage in very limited contact with them. We do not wish to pose to them quandaries that they simply cannot resolve. Visitors from lights in the sky and the technological wonders that they bring are beyond their understanding.

As for the rest of creation, on worlds where the mineral and metal resources are present, and where environmental conditions (e.g., extremes of heat and cold) drive development, science and technology are inevitable. Once the inhabitants of the worlds discover that they can build things to protect themselves from the elements, they are no longer at its mercy and have the time to think about other things than survival.

One thing that is common to all human minds is that its greatest efforts are devoted to making life easier. For example, digging up the soil to plant crops by hand is backbreaking work. However, if a huge, strong, dumb and harmless animal can be harnessed to pull a device that digs the soil quickly while the human just guides it, life gets easier.

In the 21st century Earth, this quest continues. From the comfort of the sofa or the recliner, a little box with buttons controls all the entertainment electronics without getting up to do it by hand. Life gets easier.

Science and technology have made possible the development of simpler, better and easier ways to do things. That is true on Earth, on Korendor, and throughout the known universe.

One thing is certain: to learn things beyond the five human senses requires technology to expand the senses. Our eyes are wonderfully designed by God, but they cannot see infrared or ultraviolet or very small things or very distant things. Science and technology have augmented our sense of sight to make seeing such things commonplace.

Our sense of hearing is remarkable, but science and technology have made it possible to hear things beyond our physical ability to hear, such as ultrasonic or very faint sound.

On and on the examples can go. The point being made is that far from being an impediment to human advancement, science and technology have made it possible. Within the Alliance, the most spiritually mature worlds are the most scientifically and technologically advanced.

We know that the Infinite One has in His unfathomable wisdom given man the minds to seek answers to the mysteries of creation and the skills to create ways to study and understand them. In advancing our science and technology and applying them to the study of creation, we have been endlessly blessed with an ever-deepening appreciation of His power, creativeness, and love.

Our spiritual growth has been enhanced by our science. We would have it no other way.

I trust that this will be useful to you, brother Tom. Va i amas eso luce.

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