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AFSCA Convention Message

4 May 1966

The following message was received on May 4, 1966, and was delivered to the AFSCA's Third National Flying Saucer Convention, July 8 to 10, 1966. This text is as it was transmitted by the Korendians. It is NOT as it was received by me. See the addendum for further information.

Note that it was transmitted several years before the Alliance discovered the Omegan presence on Earth. Like so many other communications in the early days of my work with the Korendians and the Alliance, it is presented purely for historical purposes, and has been rendered inoperative by circumstances.

Kalo (Hello), friends. We will get directly to the point of our message to you. Frankly, we are appalled at the state of Earth at present. Despite our constant warnings and even our actual intervention in some instances, the condition upon your planet grows steadily worse.

One subject on everyone's lips these days is Vietnam. From a little civil war, it has grown steadily and inexorably into a full scale conflict between the world's three major powers: the United States, the Soviet Union, and Communist China. Many influential people have used the approach of patriotism and love of God and Country to twist decent human feelings into dangerous channels of thought and action. With their charges of treason and sympathy with the enemy, they have aroused a good portion of the populace to a state of fear, distrust, and hatred of those who seek peace and love. Unfortunately, because some unconventional individuals have been associated with the peace movement, that entire operation has been seriously hindered.

Your government is a military puppet, a mere parrot of the monstrosity that is the Military-Industrial complex. Your senators, except for a few, are robots, speaking what they are told to say.

Your President is, unfortunately, a pawn of their needs and demands. We have contacted him several times concerning the state of affairs, and he has said that he could do nothing to change them, for if he were to speak out against the Asian conflict, he would be removed. This is what happened to the late Mr. Kennedy who, in his great humanitarianism, was reluctant to sacrifice his ideals and his visions for the sake of the Military Industrial octopus. He paid the supreme penalty for his efforts in behalf of humanity.

Make no mistake. Your government is not in the White House or the Congress. It is in the Pentagon, and in the headquarters of the vast "defense"- oriented industries. It is they, not the President or the Congressmen, who run the United States. The facade government is merely to allay undue alarm or suspicion of the people.

Examine another aspect of the Asian war, the economic side. Do you recall that, in the stock reports just recently, the Dow-Jones average. dropped sharply because of a rumor that North Vietnam had made a peace bid? Does the staggering implication of this news evade you? Stock prices suffered a heavy loss because of a rumor that peace might come to pass!

This thought is most distressing. Your economy relies so heavily upon war and destruction that if it were to stop, the United States economy would suffer a massive depression. Your money system would collapse like a house of cards. Millions would be unemployed, sick, hungry and homeless. Tremendous industrial complexes would close their doors.

The utterly appalling fact is this: war is profitable. Highly so! Every major conflict has been accompanied by a strong peak in your monetary prosperity. Peace has usually been economically painful!

After World War 1, the nation coasted for a while upon the fat put on during the boom of the war years. In 1929. the bottom fell out. After the Korean War in the 1950s came another recession. What comes after Vietnam? No one knows, and no one wants to find out. The war in Vietnam is bringing an unheard-of degree of affluence in the United States. Why kill a good thing by ending the war?

The philosophy is this: It is economically expedient to send military forces to Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia in order to wage war, because in doing so, the United States' economy is bolstered and maintained at a high level of prosperity. Human life is secondary to the preservation of economic well-being! It is thus evident that. unless a drastic change is made in the structure of your economy, war will never end. The Military-Industrial complex won't let it!

Many of you fear Communism. Where did that fear come from, I ask you? From within yourself? NO! It was brainwashed into you by the Military Industrial complex. Who controls all your news media? The government and the advertisers. Who, then, is in a position to dictate what shall be printed? The Military-Industrial complex, by opinion-control through the use of psycho-politics (brainwashing by controlled news management).

Consider this: In order to survive, a commercial medium such as a newspaper or magazine requires a set amount of advertising revenue. The subscription fees will not cover the costs. Thus, they depend for their continued existence upon money paid by advertisers. Suppose, then, that the editor of a certain newspaper decides that he is opposed to the Vietnam policy, and says so in his paper. The advertisers simply say to the editor, "Either you toe the mark and print what we want, or we'll withdraw our advertising."

Such pressures are a fact of life. The newsmen are torn between their higher devotion to truth and the lower level of their physical needs. Rather than jeopardize their security and their futures, they of course submit meekly to power. Their actions are fully understandable, and we do not hold them responsible.

We throw the blame directly on the Military-Industrial complex which, by its underhanded dealing, threats of force, and economic pressure and retaliation, has crushed the spirit of American journalism and turned it from a dynamic motivating force in American life into a weak-willed, subservient mouthpiece for the power-masters. We blame them for the death of journalistic freedom and individuality.

One more comment on this topic: May I say that a better economic system is already known to the leaders of the Flying Saucer Movement. It is the system known as Universal Economics. As we have said over and over, it is the non-money economic system which must be applied on your planet before you can start to resolve most of your major problems and thus begin to establish a highly advanced, non-destructive state of existence on Earth, such as we of more advanced planets have enjoyed for so long. Investigate this system to evaluate it for its merit, then act to apply it. Your very survival as a civilization may depend upon it.

Perhaps this is an opportune time to clarify a few questions which have been asked about us.

Do we of Korendor work with the Confederation in our operations? Yes, we do cooperate with them a great deal. However, our work on Earth is independent of the jurisdiction of the Sector Command. We have many times overstepped what is considered to be the limit of interference upheld by the Confederation. This has caused a good deal of debate between them and us. Each time, we have pointed out that we of Korendor are basically pragmatic in nature. Although we do respect the law of self-destiny, we feel also that where stepping in is required to prevent disaster, it is our right and our duty to do so.

We have interfered in such places as the United States, China, Russia, and on a large scale in Vietnam. This has caused no end of consternation in the Sector Command. We are sympathetic to their viewpoint, but we do feel that their policy is limited in its capacity to achieve the desired goals.

It is our opinion that one cannot stand on the sidelines and achieve any noticeable results.

As I have said before, we have infiltrated your planet. We are directly involved in Earth's life. You might say that you have been invaded. That is a strong way of phrasing it, to be sure, but nonetheless factual, since we walk and work amongst you daily.

We have been asked about our physical appearance. We are humanoid, although our dissimilarities are great enough that you would find us unattractive, if not ugly. And we of course would view you with a similar response.

We are able to change our appearance while on Earth through a technical process related to teleportation. Differences in our structure are compensated for by the computer which controls the reproducing process.

Our most common skin color is a little darker than yours, although we have skin colors which vary as yours do all over the Earth. Usually however, would look "tan" to you. We are NOT green, blue, or heliotrope, as has been suggested.

Questions have been asked concerning our language. We generally use one of two tongues and we are fairly familiar with a third. On Korendor itself we speak the native language, Korendian. It is similar in many ways to your own language, since it, like yours, was originally derived from Galingua, one of the two universal tongues. The other is Solex Mal, which is more familiar to you, since it is widely used by the Confederation. It is seldom heard now in our sectors of space, as Galingua has replaced it almost completely.

Unlike your own, however, Korendian/Galinguan speech is very rhythmic, and has few sibilant sounds such as "s" or "z". Some of the sharper sound like "c" and "k" are minimized. It is a beautiful language which is very musical and pleasant to hear.

Perhaps you would be surprised to learn that Latin was liberally taken from Galingua. There are many similarities in the two languages. Even modern English has roots on other worlds!

In concluding my message to you, I say to the people of Earth: open up your minds and your hearts to the world around you. There is so much to be learned, so much to be discovered. Don't waste precious hours and days in bigotry and ignorance, and in senseless fighting and killing. To do so is truly a crime against nature and humanity.

At this stage, where you have the very stars almost in your grasp, how irrational and barbaric it is to spend futile hours warring with your brothers. As an old saying on your world puts it: "As you make your bed, so shall you lie in it." The decision does not seem difficult.

Here are the alternatives: a world living in harmony, justice, security and abundance for all, or a world continuing to reap the bloody harvests that grow from the seeds of hatred and mistrust. If left to their own devices, the majority of mankind will forge onward to a destiny of destruction and annihilation, oblivious to the danger in their actions. They are short-sighted. They care little for the future.

It is you New Age people, dedicated to the welfare of all mankind, and having the vision and understanding of the ways to build the better world of tomorrow, who must lead the way. You have the future in yor hands, if you will but shoulder your responsibilities.

The Flying Saucer Movement, as you call it, belongs to you. Support it in every way possible. Help it to grow until it is influential thoughout your world. Go out into the world and guide the misguided, find the lost, and recover the strays. We are behind you all the way. As we have aid many times before, we will take two steps for every one that you take to help yourselves.

The time has come for nations to "bury the hatchet", to clasp hands, and plunge into the future together - cooperation toward mutual goals.

Look to the heavens and realize that your destiny is not in bleak atomic desolation, but in the magnificent greatness that you can achieve if you will but work for it. Choose the right path and you will soon qualify to join with us in our journeys amongst the stars.

Va i Luce (Go in Light).



From the "Korendians On The Internet" page:

Perfectly 'human' in proportion yet 4-5 ft. tall on the average.

Re the appearance of the Korendians, this is from my unpublished contact of 11-12 July 1987.

"This is your 'new' Korendian body as of your last replica visit to our lovely little world. So, what do you think?" He looked over at me, and apparently noticed my stunned expression, because he leaned back in the seat and just smiled.

I studied that image for a long time. He was right. It was ugly. It was expectedly short, although Orii told me it was somewhat taller than the average, and solidly constructed for their gravity, which is 3.2 times that of Earth. The eyes were about the same size ratio to the head as ours, and placed at about the same location on the face. They were deep blue, almost indigo, with smaller pupils because of Korena's light being about 1/6 brighter at the Korendian surface than our sun's on Earth. There were no discernible eyebrows (or in fact any hair at all). The skull structure over the eyes protruded more than a Terran's, perhaps to shade the eyes from overhead sunlight.

The ears were smaller in relation to the head than ours, lobeless and distinctly peaked at the top. They were pressed almost flat against the head. The nose was small, with slit nostrils. The mouth was slit-like, with lips that were less pronounced than ours, and slightly narrower in proportion to the jaw. It was curled upward in what on Korendor must pass for a smile.

The head was rounded, with a larger cranial cavity (comparatively) than a Terran's, and with concavity in the cheeks that started at the lower jaw and ended in front of the ears. The neck was thick and sinewy, again an effect of higher gravity. The torso was compact and powerfully muscular. The arms and legs were at about the same ratio of length to body height as ours, but were heavier and very well developed.

The hands were proportionate to ours, but with slightly longer fingers and a discernable webbing between the thumb and the rest of the hand. As with the rest of the body, it appeared to be quite strong. The skin was very smooth. It was what we would call "white" in color, but with a "tanned" appearance not unlike what one would see on any California beach.

This description was based on a computerized image of the body that I am given when visiting Korendor. Through frankly grotesque by our standards, we are every bit as ugly and unsettling to them. This might not be overly comforting to Terrans, but we are not the physical standard for the humanoid lifeforms in the universe.

Update 20080712

The cited misinformation was from these two paragraphs:

We have been asked about our physical appearance. We are humanoid, indistinguishable from yourselves. except that in our natural form we average three to four feet in height. Every other dimension is proportionately scaled, so that photographs of us would not reveal our origin in any way.

We are able to increase our height while on Earth through a technical process related to teleportation. It is concerned with recording the atomic and molecular structures of our bodies, and then reproducing them identically on a larger scale. Differences in our internal structure are adjusted by the computer which controls the reproducing process.

The message itself was delivered via a one-way communication that was automatically recorded on tape. The Korendians assume that it was intercepted, edited and then retransmitted to me, I later typed out the text and sent it to Mr. Green without verifying it with the Kors. He then published it the July 1966 issue, to coincide with the Convention. Oddly enough, I forgot about it having been published, since it was not saved in my paper files, and it was in an issue that had no other material from me.

After having encountered several Web pages with the disinfo, I rechecked everything that had been published, and found the message in Issue 24. Kalen checked it for content and found examples of disinformation.

The first section was subtly edited. Kalen used "Confederation" and "Sector command", not "local planets", "Venus, Mars, and other planets", and "the local Tribunal of Planets". The changes were part of the bad science that was routinely being fed to the contactees in order to discredit them.

The quoted paragraphs above are the source of the ubiquitous Web claim about the Kors being identical to us, only smaller. It replaced a brief description similar to the one of 1987. Note that my surprise at the appearance of the Korendians was due not to my thinking that they were miniaturized Terrans, but rather that when in their form, there was no reason to contemplate differences.

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